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  1. oh great! yeah that might be a good idea since rein doesnt really loses his offensive stats, i was too obsessed with death blow A skill and made it his "must have" skill and forgot the other it can also gain by +2 stats with S support and again reinhardt usualy 2shot his target anyway so this skill wont even be needed Replacing his moonbow by luna will maximize the damage potential in 2 turn if not dead the first without quickened pulse equiped
  2. Hm yeah i know about windsweep but i implicitly meant it because their mechanics is basically the same skill choice will depend on your unit availability i will not give my only Alm to my reinhardt for obvious reasons hah
  3. ay called it Phoenixmaster1 actually made a small comment about it xD
  4. Yeah obviously lancebreaker is wayyyy better on reinhardt and +atk IVs are also recommended but i never meant this build to be the best but a build idea to anyone wanting to try it out (for fun or to ruin other players arena run)
  5. Well anyway it might be true but it would still be quite a monster to make you run a DEDICATED sacred seal against him which also mean a waste of potential seal place with like uhh distant defense or something like that Julia wont take any damage from reinharst anyway so i dont think it should be a worry xD the main issue is obviously rein + dancer team, usualy you expect rein to kill himself and dancer cant dance him but if he doesnt die he can change target after attacking with his absurd horse mage 5tiles hitbox
  6. So with the new release of sacred seals forge i saw the possiility to forge a "Phantom speed 3" which gives you +10 spd in comparison to another unit so does it make it pretty broken? Imagine a brave weapon user (Reinhardt for example?) with watersweep 3, he have a pityfull speed of 15-21 but with a +spd IV (who will ever do that) so 21spd + Horse buffs (27spd) and the sacred seal utility (+10) he reaches a total of 37spd (or 34 for neutral spd)! (Of course a 40+10 reinhardt is even better) Since watersweep requires only unit spd>1 he can safely poke a lot more of unit with DC or cancel green mages counter attack (like julia's low speed about 38 at her most with L&D3) Anyway it was a build i though of but i dont have the material for it nor want to build it Please tell me if any of you guys tried it, virtually it seems very strong so i would like to know the real results thx PS: -If reinhardt doesnt even oneshot an enemy at his first double strike there might a problem lol, basically i just suggested a useless build -We all know that reinhardt's damage potentiel will be reduced by alot because of magic deflect -This build idea example was set on reinhardt but of course you can use it on other units
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