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  1. K To answer your question @Shinori I don't think a scum would use a reaction test as it would never benefit them. Plus the fact you even asked why I support you is very non scummy. A scum would just take the ally and run with it while a town might ask why they have back up. Plus, correct me if I'm wrong but all the votes for you were either a joke or a prod so I have no case to distrust you.
  2. So I talked to Shinori a bit last night and I'm pretty confident he's town This is our chat log. I think its fairly self explanatory with the reaction test Anyways ##Vote: Green Poet You've been fairly inactive from what I've seen. If you've been on Discord I either don't know your handle or I'm blind. Either way apologies.
  3. Ok so this has become way bigger of a deal than it needed to be. My point was he used part of our convo as an example to prove that people really want to lynch him dispite immediately after me saying I agree making it's use as an example of people wanting to lynch him moot. The conversation then spiraled out of control there. I also don't like the threat or pitty party or whatever that post was. I was on his side before the post and subsequent fiasco but I'm unsure about Eli now. ##Unvote I don't think he should be lynched though.
  4. OK re-red and as you can see talked to Eli. I don't think Eli was inconsistent in his posts. At least not to DB. I want to see Bart's logs before I decide what to do with my vote. Don't do this please it doesn't make you look townly.
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