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  1. Amazing! FlyingNino was in my first green Orb! +Speed -def
  2. This is the Third Time Ryoma lost to a Green Unit in a gauntlet (Soren and NY!Azura in the past). Ryoma, that's not how the Weapon Triangle Works........ Oh well, Team Ike it is Now.
  3. The Wings of Faith banner was probably my luckiest one yet: ~300 orbs spent, 8 FiveStars: 3 Shigure (one with + Atk -HP) 2 Kana (+atk -res, +speed -res) 2 Kinshi Hinoka (ok IVs) 1 Brave Lucina (Aether)
  4. OMG! I got Reinhardt in the First Cycle! +Speed -res. but doesn't matter, it's not -atk.
  5. Spring Kagero came home today (+Atk-def AMAZING)! Also got another 4star Tharja along the way after months of absence. I think I spend around ~250 Orbs in total, but now I can finally move on from this banner. 5 Stars I got from Hares of the Fair: Normal Kagero, Fae, Klein, BunnySharena, BunnyKagero
  6. Oh wow! Rank 6 on Team Chrom! That's a new Record for me! XD
  7. Aww, Takumi lost. Well, I don't have a Bonus character Left and I don't like Celica. My soul belongs to Grima now!
  8. Good. So, since we're up against EvilCelica, I thought I Keep Oboro as my Lead. Should I Change my Sacred Seal from Distant to Close Defense, or not?
  9. We shall do our best! Hmmm, i Think i prefer Nowi, since until Now, I could hardly fight any Match without having a BowLyn as an Enemy.
  10. Yes! Takumi did it! He defeated his inner Betrayal! Also Rank 399. I guess not Sleeping properly payed of.
  11. Glad to hear that^^ She is +Def -Spd and has been my savior in many GHBs and quests (seriously, I would have gone crazy on F!Takumi Infernal without her). I plan on +10 her, but I have not summoned any Oboros in a while. Not even on the Legendary banner, despite me sniping mostly blue -_- (damn you, Desire Sensor!!!)
  12. What's your ID? I'm Team Takumi with DC Oboro as my Lead. @Nanimaalready got your Tiki in the First Match. She is great!
  13. Finally I have been lucky on a legendary banner for once. After around 100 orbs I got: 2x Mia (-HP +Atk) and (-Hp +Spd). Gonna keep the +spd one 1x Dorcas (+res -atk) meh.... at least fierce stance is nice, but I guess i´m using him for a while first. 1x Shiro (neutral) merging my -atk one into this one. 1x Summer Corrin (+def -res) again, merging a -spd one into this one. I got everything I wanted, now back to saving orbs!
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