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  1. LDPlayer stopped working, any update? Error: http://prntscr.com/pn9s3i
  2. Any chance for win7 32bit? I just tried your guide and got this old error: OS 32bit is not compatible.
  3. Ill check it again, cuz the last time i checjed, that lolilop extension required win 64b.
  4. those versions dont support win 32bit right?
  5. Win7 32b, Using MEMU 3.6.7 lolipop and imported FEH 2.0 ova but still got the error: memu/feh unfortunately has stopped.
  6. How to get rid of the "enable" google services at start of the game?
  7. Top 1 Arena just 5.208 points, i thou is about 5.4 lol.
  8. Anyone still use DuOS? I got wreid error after up to 1.8 I need reinstall FEH everytime for play, its only works at first time, after that: auto close.
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