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  1. You're doing great Aethin! I hope all is well! You're a legend, and we all appreciate the hard work, but make sure to give your life outside of work enough attention too!
  2. Just remove Mark, the story is fine as is, and the Lords deserve to be the focus. I do hope they add more consistent dialogue between the entire team though, instead of just supports. Sort of like in the Tear Ring Saga games, just have some scenes where the team is just talking.
  3. Hey Kaga Saga fans! So, I am on Ch.19 of Vestaria Saga and moving onto Ch. 20. I'm playing on the harder difficulty (Orthodox), and I am able to kill the dragon and end the map just as Ravinia arrives. I'm just making sure that its okay to move forward even though she has appeared. Does this ruin any chance of me recruiting her later on? I'm just worried because of the "Conditions will worsen at Turn 40" message. Makes me think that by not completing the map before Turn 40, I am losing my chance of ever recruiting Ravinia. Thanks!
  4. I think we might all want to tone it down. Nobody has said anything offensive, but this is starting to feel like an attack on Etheus instead of a simple response to his opinion. Let's just try and keep it civil, and remember that people prioritize different things in stories.
  5. I am only on Ch.3, but I have never really had any issues with looking past a game's graphics. Thus, I have thoroughly enjoyed it so far. I wish side characters had a bit more say like in Tear Ring Saga, but its only Ch. 3 so I am sure the game will improve. Right now it feels very Shadow Dragon-esque.
  6. Hell yes, Vestaria Saga is out on Steam in English! Woooo! Go Kaga! This topic can act as both a celebration of his new game, but also... I cannot find any way to make the game fullscreen. It's fine if I have to play it windowed I guess, but I'd really rather not. Any ideas? I've tried many of the typical key commands for entering fullscreen, and there are also no settings ingame to access fullscreen. Any help is much appreciated, thanks!
  7. So... your favorite characters are... everyone? lol also geezus why not Dimitri and Dedue... On that note. Dedue is my favorite character in the game and one of my favorite characters in the whole series. I could write a whole lot on him, but I'll just leave it at that. Dorothea is also really great. She is one of the only characters who seems sort of grounded in reality. She's not the same heightened sort of anime/cartoonish character that most 3H peeps are. In a world of characters that feel extremely over-the-top and practically unrealistic, it is a breath of fresh air to have someone like Dorothea who actually seems like a down to earth human being. She's not limited by one or two gimmicks/tropes, and while other characters certainly prove to have 'another side' to their main gimmick, Dorothea goes even further. She's more than a 2D character. Additionally, I really love Linhardt and Sylvain. However, these two don't make it as big as Dorothea and Dedue because of issues I have with the class group "discussions"... if you can call them that. I thought both Sylvain and Lin had amazing supports that really showed the layers of their character, however all of that is just torn apart in the group scenes. Honestly the class dialogue is one of my biggest issues with 3H. Seriously, who did the writing for these sections??? Every single scene follows the same path... the House Leader or 2nd in command (Hubert, Seteth, Dedue...) explains the current happenings in the story and then everyone reacts with extremely unsubtle gimmicky remarks. The dialogue was hardly every even connected to each sequential line... It was just sputtering of tropes and nothing more. Unfortunately, Lin had some of the worst of these. Example: "We've got a big fight tomorrow." - House Leader "Well, at least I'll get to take a nap afterwards." - Linhardt "I will be doing the winning in the battle tomorrow." - Petra There's no reactions to each other's lines or anything. It's just "HEY! HERE'S MY MAIN CHARACTERISTIC! REMEMBER THAT?" Ugh it bothers me. Lin was such a good character, soiled in any story event due to cartoonish writing. Sorry for ranting y'all. I promise I still really enjoyed this game. I'm just super passionate about writing....
  8. I just beat CF with Jeritza. It's really nothing special. Honestly, he wasn't that interesting to me. He just seemed like 'all style and no substance.' Although he is a very versatile unit ingame. In my opinion, I'd just do Verdant Wind and Silver Snow. In the future if you want to come back and do CF again then go ahead, but replaying it now isn't going to be worth it for one character who has two [very mediocre] supports and nothing else to add to the story.
  9. Thanks to the both of you! I remember having to do a few re-reads of these scenes in the script back when I first played TRS, but yeah, I guess I still managed to forget exactly what their motivations were. So thank you both very much! Mm hm, you're correct in saying that it really really does it. To this day it is my favorite game, though Radiant Dawn is a close second. I can't wait to play Berwick Saga and Vestaria Saga later on! I really wish the modern FE games would revert back to Kaga's methods of storytelling, dialogue, and character/world building. It just feels so much more realistic and meaningful! We had characters that were all equally important to the plot and all felt like real people... gosh where did the good days go? I still enjoy the new games but... this was really the best stuff. Now we get avatars who have the slightest bit of character whatsoever, and yet they receive all of the praise for the team's actions. And instead of grounded characters we have people who act in such an odd heightened reality, and they are often simply two sides of a coin: one personality trait or gimmick, but they are also shown to have "another side." But real people aren't just one gimmick and then "another side..." The Kaga Saga characters feel like real fluid people, and that is the most important part of his games to me. Long live the Kaga Saga!!!!
  10. So I played this game quite a while back, and I absolutely adored it! The story is amazing, but what really captivated me was the focus on side characters and their importance in the universe (instead of 1-2 characters being the focus of literally everything). I had a question though... I remember all of the cutscenes featuring Julius, Barker, and Reshe, the children of the Zoan emperor, and I remember their super cool plot to assassinate their own father. That was all extremely interesting! I wish Nintendo would follow Kaga and do more side-plots like that in the future. Anyway... I know their goal was to stop the war as quickly as possible since Emperor Bahanuke had expressed interest in conquering the entire continent. However, what was the reasoning behind Julius defending against Runan's army? I can't quite remember why Julius would not just team up with Runan... can anyone lend me a hand on this? Thanks!
  11. My main reasoning for 3 Houses being better as a live action show instead of an anime has nothing to do with aesthetic or production value or anything. I just think that typically anime tends to be a more heightened reality, while I prefer that Fire Emblem be a more low fantasy with lots of grit (like Game of Thrones). Unfortunately for me, the games have become more lighthearted in tone in the recent titles, but my favorite Fire Emblem games will always be those more centered in a realistic world that just so happens to be inhabited by dragons, magic, and the like. Also, I find that many anime TV shows feature characters that follow the same formula as those in 3 Houses: one (or two) gimmicks/tropes that are constantly reaffirmed thorough the dialogue. Granted, they are often shown to have motives for these tropes, and they usually are shown to have "another side," but in real life people are not just two-sided coins. I wish FE games would feature more complex characters that are all just people instead of just specific tropes that also happen to have "another side." So, yeah I guess an anime makes more sense for 3 Houses because 3 Houses already sort of feels like an anime, but I would simply prefer a more realistic portrayal of the characters in a low fantasy world.
  12. That hurts :L Oh come on I just want a real good grim and gritty Fire Emblem show, i think that'd be great
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