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  1. Mercenaries/heroes, myrmidons/swordmasters, etc. Anything unmounted and with a sword. That's my favorite aesthetic.
  2. Honestly, anything mounted. So pegasus riders, cavaliers and paladins of all sorts, and (to a lesser extent because they're cool as hell) wyvern riders. I just really like foot soldiers. Gotta make that action up close, on the ground, and personal.
  3. I agree 100% about the Dread Fighers. Every other class, in my opinion, looks amazing. However, I just do not think the Dread's design fits characters like Saber and Jesse. It's just... odd... I'd rather them look like super beefy Heroes.
  4. Wow... Um... Interesting opinion. I think it is kind of odd that you say the story is forgettable and generic when most people would say that this game shines solely in the story, however, the story is unbelievably stellar. In fact, I'd say it is probably the most unique/least generic story in the whole series. I am kind of curious what reasons make you detest the story so much?
  5. Best - Blazing Blade/7: Pretty darn great story, amazing characters, extremely memorable maps (even if it was difficult, I will never forget how much fun I had in Battle Before Dawn, that map is the definition of epic) Decent - Sacred Stones: Alright story (had some really great dark moments, Orson's wife, etc.), pretty good characters (I'm not a huge Ephraim or Eirika fan but they get the job done, nor do I like Lyon as the villain, but the side characters are great... I love Forde and Kyle, Gilliam is great, Colm and Neimi, etc. etc. etc.), and the maps were fine too Eh, it was okay - Binding Blade: Story was very typical but still alright I guess, I actually liked the characters a lot in this game (except boring ol' Roy... I swear he has so little actual character it disturbs me... but other characters like Deke, Shin, Fir, Rutger, and Clarine always stood out to me), and the maps were decent I guess
  6. I love them both equally. Neither of these games would be as good as they are without the other one. However, I voted Radiant Dawn because, while Path of Radiance has the better overall story, I will never forget the feeling of playing these two games in a row and beating Radiant Dawn's finale. The ending of Radiant Dawn, after having played Path of Radiance before that, is unlike anything the rest of the Fire Emblem series has ever been able to capture.
  7. The girl playing referred to Mercedes as Mercy which is hilarious considering that Mercedes is a blonde healer... you know... like Mercy from Overwatch... eh?
  8. Oh my, I think you may officially have one of the most controversial opinions of the series. For your own safety, sir, hide yourself! Quickly!
  9. KevinskyHaaz


    Glad to see you're still loving the games! Welcome bud!
  10. All Time Favorite: Path of Radiance & Radiant Dawn (unless Tear Ring Saga is included!!) Amazing: Genealogy of the Holy War, Thracia 776, Blazing Blade, Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, Heroes of Light and Dark Okay: Sacred Stones, Binding Blade, Awakening Eh: Shadow Dragon Ouch: Fates
  11. I couldn't agree more. I like the idea of just normal guys and gals fighting alongside heroes. They're very charming and they bring a stronger sense of... truth (I think that's the word I want?). They feel real.
  12. Haha, yeah I never wanted him in Smash, but I understand why people do want him so badly. He's cool as all hell. Symphonia is easily just one of the best story experiences I have had in my whole JRPG career. It is right up there with Golden Sun for character development and just overall narrative. Simply put: It's amazing. A videogame/cinematic masterpiece in my eyes. However, it is long as hell (two game disks) and somewhat difficult. The gameplay is alot of fun though, same system as Phantasia where you get to control Lloyd like you did Cress and your allies do their own thing (but you choose their spells and such if you want). If you're like me though, than I hope you absolutely adored how real the characters in Phantasia felt. Arche and Claus and Chester, you name em'. They all felt so real with their own goals and lives. Symphonia is the same way except even more extreme. Party members leave you and rejoin at different times because all of them have their own role in the world. The worldbuilding is just incredible. I hope you manage to play it :D
  13. Welcome Spikkle! I saw this right after you replied to my comments on Tales of Phantasia so I figured I'd say happy to have ya here now!
  14. I absolutely adore Tales of Symphonia (Tales of Phantasia is great too). It has one of the longest single player campaigns I have ever played, but it is so worth the haul. One of the best stories ever that makes you care for the characters so much. Tales of Phantasia is pretty darn good as well, but I wouldn't put it on the same level as Symphonia.
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