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  1. Some really cool ideas, but I will admit that I am not a fan of the branching between universes or whatever. When Awakening introduced the time travel and all that stuff, it didn't feel like Fire Emblem anymore. I prefer that every story just stay within their own world.
  2. I gotta go with my boy Pelleas. That dude brings the story from a 7 to a solid 9 and a half. Love that dude.
  3. I'd spare/convert Volcens. Poor dude knew that he messed up even if it was far too late.
  4. Huh, I must be forgetting which scene is tied with her promotion. I can only remember the ceremony for her. Is this the scene where Ward is having trouble bringing himself to congratulate her?
  5. Yeah, sadly I think that is all you get. There is still some solace, though, in knowing that it is almost certain that Ward will approach Christine soon after the ending sequence. In some ways, it sucks that we never got anything concrete, but in other ways, it is quite nice that it remains up to us to imagine the amazing things the two of them will move onto!
  6. There is never actually a scene where the two finally come together and resolve the issues of their past, but certain endings heavily imply that it will happen in due time. If you kept Elbert and Christine alive then you should have viewed everything within each of their arcs. I am curious though, did you use Kramer? His final farewell actually adds a decent bit to Ward's side of the story in regards to his relationship with Christine. As I said above, they still do not actually talk together within the timeline of this game, but Kramer's story especially makes very heavy-handed hints that Ward will try to speak with Christine in the near future (likely just after the game ends and they return to Sinon).
  7. Yeah, haha I understand. I just beat this map for the first time two weeks ago. It was absolute hell lol
  8. That is for Arthur. I'm unsure if you need to unlock his recruitment/promotion to unlock it, but you should have gotten a scene before this mission in which he talks to his mother. Hope that helps!
  9. When you finally realize that there is no such thing as playing too much Fire Emblem.
  10. Hey all! So I am playing through Aethin's amazing translation of Berwick Saga and I am LOVING it! I just had one question. There's a sequence near the very beginning once you reach Navaron, where Ward runs into your office yelling that your horses have been stolen. Reese then commands them to do something about it. I saw this sequence and then went around town visiting all the various places (which btw this is so close to Garreg Mach its almost funny... EVEN THE CEMETARY!!!). Anyway, nothing ever happened after this... Am I supposed to do a mission at some point where we go reclaim our horses??? Or do I just buy new ones??? ALSO: is there any way to view who can talk to who on each map? Like in TRS how you could tell that Character A had a convo with Character B. Can I do that in Berwick Saga?
  11. No, that's what I am saying. Sorry, I guess I was not clear. It would mean having only one ending, but it would not be golden in any way at all. Basically all of the characters would not be good or bad. It would be more grey area for everyone. The outcomes of battles like the one at Gronder Field are already prewritten in the script. So, even though you use EVERYONE for the first half of the game. You play as the side that wins historically at that battle. It would be like Radiant Dawn though where you switch teams multiple times throughout Part 2 of the game based on whoever wins that battle in the actual timeline. It would make the ultimate deaths of major characters that much sadder because you don't really want any of them to lose. In my opinion this would allow the writers to really write a cohesive and realistic story. Also it could easily become 120-150 hours of playtime instead of the 50-60 campaigns that we got in 3H.
  12. I 100% agree and this would make each route infinitely more interesting than they are currently. However, I would even go so far as to say put all 3 (or 4 if you include the DLC) into one route, and have the player control every lord and every character. This would make the eventual battles between the Houses that much more impactful. I've never understood the appeal to having to choose a team and then getting a story that is only 1/3 as long as it could have been in one GIANT route.
  13. Aethin, I hope you realize how much you mean to this community. Take a much needed rest now, bud. THANK YOU
  14. I can attest to this. Every single player of TRS knows the milk moment(s). Oh good lord the milk.
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