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About Me

Hey all. I'm a huge FE fan, been one since around the age of 4-5. I've played through every single game now. I'm pretty laid back. I don't see any competition for Radiant Dawn to be considered the best Fire Emblem, but I don't really mind if you think otherwise. I respect all other opinions, but I'll be slightly disgruntled if your favorite is Fates. 

I also love tons of other games; I play lots on Steam. Um. I'm a cool guy... yup... I try to be as nice as possible to anyone and everyone

Here's my official list from best to worst (including the Kaga Saga games):



Color coding also puts the games in tiers of how much I like them 🙂 

The colors go from top to bottom:

Gold - the best

Silver - the 2nd best

Bronze - 3rd

Blue - pretty damn awesome

Light green - great!

Dark green - decent

Black - mediocre

Brown - 😞 

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