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  1. After about a month, I've collected the poll results and have a decent base scheme for the overall system. Unfortunately I've run into a Technological Crisis and will not be able to start development until sometime mid December. I will start planning the plot and characters in the mean time. I'll post more information around then. I'd like to thank you all for for the responses though. I appreciate it. Lol I'm thinking of making everything from scratch in Visual Studio. I might head to UE4 if it turns out to be simpler that way though.
  2. Yeah I uhm, don't know what to write for this. I made a post in concepts like 2 days ago but other than that I'm not too active at the moment I guess?
  3. Yeah, I planned on that. Already existing characters would be more likely making an appearance in a few chapters to either assist/deter the protagonists group, or something along those lines. Not sure what you mean there. Links for each individual question? As it is now each question is its own poll and they don't have to be answered together.
  4. I was thinking of making a Fan Game with popular characters and I thought what sort of features would be good? I'm thinking of using a lot of modern game play elements such as pair ups, my units, and child units but I also wanted a lot of new interesting stuff to make it sort of unique from other fan games. The plot would probably be pretty basic overall but with the unique game specific characters' personality and growth would be the main focus besides the actual gameplay. I have a link here for feedback on some things but if anyone has any other sorts of ideas or suggestions I'd greatly appreciate them, as well as what already existing characters would people want to see make an appearance? Link: http://www.strawpoll.me/darthax3l
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