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  1. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late!

  2. I have completed SoS a good 7 times now. I have even tasted a little bit of Hard Mode. So I am curious to know what the community thinks is the ideal Hard Mode team in general, and what supports they would have?
  3. He is a reliable prepromoted unit. Good bases and decent supports. Additionally he can further his power in light magic and is excellent in staves. I personally would pick Lute over him because Female Sages = High MAG cap and high LUK LOL. Regardless, Still a good unit.
  4. For all of these Prepromoted units that 6 offers you, Which ones are worth training? Are any even worth using?
  5. Sounds intense. Is it worth playing through(Omitting the unlockables)?
  6. Alright so I've seen a fair amount of vitriol expressed towards SOSHM. I have never played hard mode before,(I've been through normal mode over 6 times) And I have to wonder what makes it so hard? Please enlighten me.
  7. Wow! Excellent answers. Thanks for the insight kind humans. It is my first blind playthrough, And I'm at the second part of the game. I've been through Fire Emblem 1, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. That was simply for quick reference. Honestly, I will make the admission I am finding it quite difficult. It is fun, But can be exasperating for me at times. An example would be on the current chapter I'm in. Chapter 7 I think? Shannan keeps getting raped by DAT RNG. But I am tenacious to complete the older Fire Emblem titles. My knowledge and experience is clearly too diminutive. It's the novelty of playing through a 'new' FE. This game seems quite extolled by people, So I must see for myself. I digress. If you were to offer any advice (omitting spoilers) To and old school FE Neophyte, What would it be?
  8. Hello Serenes Forest! I've been playing through Fire Emblem 4, For the first time. A question crossed my mind pertaining to 4 and Fire Emblem as a whole I wished to express with the community. In your opinion, Where would you place Fire Emblem Seisen no Keifu in your top 5 of Fire Emblem titles in regards to difficulty? Please justify your answers as well. I'm anticipating these answers, Albeit judicious or groundless reasoning. Enlighten me!
  9. Is it possible to use promoting items such as the Hero's crest or a Guiding ring in battle preparation in 6 like in 7 or 8? Same for stat increasing items.
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