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  1. Does anyone have any recolors using FE Recolor with the numbers they used so I can get some ideas on how to color my sprites, i just have the basic in game sprites and i cant make a decent looking recolor to save my life.
  2. Could I put, say, jaffar's portrait in Ephraim's place, and if so is there a tutorial, I'm not sure how to put fe7 mugs into fe8 or if it can even be done.
  3. There is definately an increase in stat growth. An entombed at 45 base HP with a 100% HP growth has 51 HP at lv 5. The growth would have to be over 100 for it gain more than 1 hp per level.
  4. You wouldn't happen to have monster character base stats would you?
  5. I'm just curious as to how much the enemy growth rate is increased in hard mode.
  6. Ok, so I know how each character has base stats and so does each class, and that those two base stats are added together to make the total stats of any specific unit before levels are added in. Now here's my question. Do monsters have just the class stats, or do they also get a character base stat added in? I ask because I'm using nightmare to make the game a little more challenging, and when I edited the monster class stats they were uber strong in the game with absolutely no correlation to what i changed the stats too. Do i need to find the character monster stats too?
  7. It should, the card doesn't change the in-game price, just how much you actually buy the item for.
  8. I got it, opened a new nightmare and it has character base stats. Sorry to bother everyone.
  9. See, this is with the class stats added in, I need the base character stats with no class stats added. That was the first place I looked lol. But thank you for trying to help.
  10. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone had a list or a link to show all the boss characters base stats before class stats are factored in? Thanks in advance.
  11. Ok, first off this is my first forum, so I hope im in the right place, sorry if I'm not. On to the topic. I have nightmare editor, FeRecolor, bspalette assembler, everything, but no matter how hard i look i can't seem to find the palette association editors 1 and 2 in nightmare, they just aren't there. Anything else I can use or something? Again, sorry if I'm in the wrong place.
  12. New here, obviously lol. I'm happy to a part of the community, currently trying my hand at modding sacred stones. Thanks for having me.
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