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  1. We have. It's shch. But it's certainly not Russian not any other Slavic language or even Latin. For me it's gibberish.
  2. Does anybody have access to FE7 player/enemy/allied phase text gfx? I need it for hacking and cannot find it anywhere.
  3. Indeed, what are they? It semms like they're linked woth dragonblood (like in FE4). Both Sothis and Seiros are certainly devine dragons (just look at their hair! - the same as Naga, Nagi, Tiki, Nowi, Nah, Duma and Mila). What is more, the crest of Seiros is eerily similiar to the mark of the exalt (that unsrprisingly gives the ability to use the Falchion). So: Did Sothis blessed Nemiesis and others with her blood (and maybe other dragons as well) to create these crests? What do you think? And how is the crest of flames/fire emblem connected to all this?
  4. I remastered the map. Now it includes more details and landmasses around Elibe proper.
  5. Been working on Bowmaster's animations. They are done now!
  6. An update (waring:spoilers!) Milidain fails miserably at being a king.
  7. Yup, I know i shouldn't mix melee waepons and magic in one class. Is there a way for the unit to display melee (axes) animations propely? It uses ranged ones (for obvious reasons -it thinks that the unit is a magic user). Replacing the ranged animations doesn't fix the problem - since ranged weapons have no dodge animations, these break. Does anybody know if it is a way to fix that? Or,at least circumvent it? If yes, how?
  8. It's common in FE games for deacons to go insane. However have you ever wandered why it happens? What we know about the 'dragon condition': Seems like every dragon eventually goes mad; It's not exclusive to divine dragons, as Anakos goes insane as well (and he was an astral dragon); It's not exclusive to male dragons either. In FE3, Tiki mentiones that she sometimes has an urge to go on a rampage, what can be seen as first simptoms of the condition; Despite his age, Morva from FE8 seems not to be suffering from the illness; Duma did go mad, but Mila and (especially) Naga seem to be completely healthy and sane; There are young dragon around, but they never mention the illness nor seem to suffer from it (exception being probably Tiki, as mentioned before); There is no record of dragons going mad in the previous generations of dragons (for example it is said that they coexisted peacefully with humans on Elibe); Some dragons are aware that they will eventually go mad (Mila, Duma); Dragons can be stopped form going mad by performing certain acts (Azura's song easing Anankos) What is happening here? What is the source of dragon madness and why is it so selective? Does somebody have any ideas?
  9. Brace yourself. You'll wait till Half-Life III is out.
  10. It's growing. I kinda like this. You see how all the families intertwine... Also, Monkeybard and Spoon_Rhytm, if you're reading this, feel credited for having shamelessly being stolen your work.
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