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  1. Almost every time I use my iPhone to access this site it happens. Good thing I’m not the only one then.
  2. This bullshit again? Ah whatever... Currently playing through the Black Eagles route at this point. If Byleth wasn’t a teacher, I definitely would’ve gone with Dorothea. Wasn’t really into her at first but my opinion of her changed drastically after viewing some of her supports about her background and stuff. She’s a really great character for certain. I’m not really into pairing up two characters just cuz they’re considered “cannon” or whatever, hence why I didn’t say Edelgard. Not saying I don’t like her or anything, she’s an amazing character. I just find pairings like those to be rather dull for me. Even if I wanted to S-support her, I can’t seem to do that now cuz of some stupid shit I wasn’t prepared for. That being said, my only candidate right now is Shamir. There’s just something about her that I really like that I can’t seem to figure out.
  3. Too much of a hassle to get all of them in the game. Just the ones that truly matters for me.
  4. Radiant Dawn all the way.
  5. I pre-ordered it instead. I don’t do digital. I’m in no rush to play it though.
  6. 1. Final Fantasy VII Remake - The highlight of E3 for me as a Final Fantasy fan. That game just looks amazing. Definitely day one purchase. Probably going for the deluxe edition. 2. Breath of the Wild sequel - Obviously and I enjoyed Breath of the Wild a lot (still play it sometimes). 3. Trials of Mana - Looks pretty good. Need to play the other Mana games first though. 4. Luigi’s Mansion 3 - I’m a fan of the first two games and this one looks very promising. 5. Astral Chain - I must say that looks promising. 6. Pokemon Sword and Shield - Never thought I would say this but after my experience with Let’s Go Pikachu, I feel...reattached to the Pokemon series. 7. Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Still neutral about it but I am looking forward to it.
  7. Haar and Jill Fizzart for me. I like Minerva too.
  8. It would be nice if Big Boss (as a Snake echo), Celica and another Xenoblade rep (preferably Rex & Pyra/Mythra) made the cut. Other than that, the roster is fine as it is.
  9. True or not, I don't really care. I'm down with anyone appearing in Smash.
  10. Been playing through Spider Man on the PS4. Also have NieR: Automata, which I played like 20 hours of it until I took a break from it to focus more on the former. On the Switch, I started playing Final Fantasy X just cuz I feel like it and I got nothing else to do.
  11. Final Fantasy, which is absolutely above Fire Emblem in many ways.
  12. Lord: Ike or Celica Avatar: Robin Villager/Trainee/Noble: Amelia Cavalier: Stahl Knight: Gatrie Myrmidon/Samurai: Mia or Marissa Mercenary: Saber Fighter/Oni Savage: Dorcas Pirate/Bandit: Don't have one Soldier/Spear Fighter: Nephenee Archer: Innes Nomad/Bow Knight: Astrid Mage/Diviner: Lute Dark Mage/Shaman: Tharja Monk: Don't have one Priest/Cleric: Rhys Troubador: Priscilla or L'Arachel Thief (includes rogues, ninjas, butlers, and maids): Matthew or Kaze Pegasus Knight: Palla Wyvern Rider: Jill or Haar Manakete: Myrrh Beast/Laguz (Royal): Tibarn Beast/Laguz (Non-Royal): Lethe Dancer (includes Bards, Singers, and Herons): Reyson
  13. I wouldn't say I'm excited about it but I will say I'm looking forward to it since it'll likely be my last Fire Emblem game I'll ever play.
  14. Without a doubt, my favorite of the 3 is definitely Echoes. If I had the time, I would definitely play it again.
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