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  1. In no particular order Ike Celica Saber L’Arachel Dorothea Felix Rebecca Tharja Stahl Nephennee Jill Raven Python Felicia Haar
  2. Sylvain is a good example. Saw him as another skirt chaser trying to get all them girls and shit. After seeing some of his supports, such as with Byleth, and the mixed feelings he has towards his bro, I was like “someone give this man a hug”
  3. I recently finished the Blue Lions route and I got Byleth/Dorothea Dimitri/Dedue (which is sad because I wanted to hook Dimitri up with Marianne...) Sylvain/Mercedes Felix/Bernadetta Ingrid/Seteth (I honestly didn't expect this and I don't like it...) Annette/Gilbert Ashe/Petra Catherine/Shamir That's all I got while everyone else went solo. And it's been a while since I finished the Black Eagles (Edelgard's route). I didn't get much from that one, which I got Byleth/Edelgard Hubert/Ferdinand Dorothea/Petra Caspar/Linhardt Lysithea/Hanneman It'll be a long while before I start on the Golden Deer route as I'm taking a break from playing the game.
  4. I don't care, although it would be nice to see Edelgard out there. Honestly, I'm down with either one of them.
  5. I really loved Marianne’s paralogue because it reveals her past and what the deal is with her Crest. Plus she’s an amazing character. I also like Felix’s paralogue just cuz of the interactions between him and his old man.
  6. Once I'm done with my Blue Lions run, I'm taking a long ass break. Three runs in and I'm already getting burned out. Sure the game is amazing and fun and everything but there are other games I have that I want to finish but...this one just keeps getting in the way. Replay value is just too real. And as far as the Wave 3 DLC is concerned, I'll just wait til it comes out, probably sometime afterwards before I can go back to it for my last run.
  7. It wasn't until my Blue Lions run that I started to recruit other students. The ones I recruited were: Dorothea: Simply because I refuse to kill her. It's not right to kill someone who's been through hell. Bernadetta: Didn't really cared for her at first until I viewed some of her supports. And, like Dorothea, I refuse to kill her. Petra: Because I heard she's a pain in the ass to fight. Might as well save myself the trouble from potential stress. Ignatz: I actually didn't plan on bringing him in. It just happened. Marianne: Simply because, like her, I'm not good at starting a conversation with anyone. Hilda: Because she's lazy, which I can relate to sometimes. It was painful to have to kill her during my Black Eagles (Edelgard's route) run. Raphael: Always gotta go with the big man. I plan to recruit the same three of the Black Eagles students for my Golden Deer run along with Ingrid, Felix and probably Sylvain as well.
  8. I wanted to spare her but I had to kill her. I wouldn’t say it was intentional, it was just something that had to be done.
  9. Not exactly who I had in mind but...it is what it is, I guess. What was the point of that Harry Potter question anyway?
  10. The Legend of Zelda Final Fantasy Metal Gear Solid Resident Evil Xenoblade Chronicles Super Smash Bros. Mega Man
  11. A little too early for any of this shit but a remake of Genealogy of the Holy War would be nice.
  12. 1: Wish they kept the soundtrack purely orchestral like the previous games. I don't like the electro dance type music they brought into this. 2: Fodlan Winds takes the cake. 3: I don't have an answer to this because I've yet to play the other two routes. 4: I don't like the one that plays in Shambhala because, again, I don't like dance type music. I don't remember what it's called. 5: While there are still some decent music pieces in the game, Echoes and Tellius games still have the best soundtracks in the series in my opinion.
  13. Looks like I’m gonna start on my Blue Lions run and check these things out. But I’ll pass on the Maddening difficulty.
  14. The characters I've listed as my "top favorites" are those I really like in the game due to their personality, background, dialogue and stuff. They're in no particular order.
  15. What Etheus said sums it up. Forgive me if I wasn’t specific enough. They went too far with those death threats.
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