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  1. Marianne made it to the top 2. That’s all that matters to me.
  2. I’m not really into Lysithea so it’s no surprise to me she did not make the top 3. Once again, Marianne to the very end.
  3. I love Three Houses and is only like the best Fire Emblem game I've ever played since Tellius. Definitely enjoyed it way better than the 3DS games, though I like Echoes as well. It's not exactly my favorite game in the series but it did made it into my top 5. The characters are definitely my favorite part of the game as well. The soundtrack is alright, some great music and a couple of them I'm not really fond of. The addition of Gambits to the gameplay was a nice touch, even though I rarely used it except when fighting monsters. I fail to see what the problem is with exploring the monastery because being able to do different activities and interacting with the characters on my free time while taking a break from the story was something I really enjoyed doing and have no problem doing it again. P.S. I don't miss the child segments that Awakening and Fates had and happy it was not included. As for the future of the series, I...uhh...well, I vowed that after Three Houses, unless it's a port/remaster of a past game, I will never touch a Fire Emblem game again. I'm completely satisfied with how much the game has delivered and exceeded my expectations that I doubt there will ever be a FE game that can top that.
  4. Hmph. Not surprised at the result simply because she’s my least favorite of the Golden Deer crew...and perhaps my least favorite in the game. A shame for those that actually like her, though. Anyways, Marianne still has my vote.
  5. Didn't really have high hopes for any of them prior to launch. Black Eagles (my first house) Blue Lions (my favorite house) Golden Deer Church of Seiros
  6. I'm giving all my votes to Marianne since she's the character that stands out the most of the Golden Deer crew for me, though I also have a soft spot for Hilda as well. Everyone else are all irrelevant...even though I still like some of them.
  7. Not exactly my favorite Blue Lions character but he is my favorite of the three house leaders. This is a good result.
  8. Welp, looks like I’m putting my vote for Dimitri now since he’s my favorite of the house leaders. Sorry, Mercie.
  9. Leaving my house and go to the stores like I always do. I'm surprised the warehouse where I work at is still open despite of it all.
  10. Male simply because I’m a guy. I always pick male in other games that requires me to pick a gender for the protagonist. I never put much thought into this because there’s no reason to.
  11. How could Ingrid be out...? This is unacceptable. Oh well, looks like I’m gonna put my vote for my homeboy Felix this time. Because I got a thing for tsundere-type characters, whom I find the most fascinating.
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