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  1. Nergal is a cool ass villain who sucks... 😭 I cry
  2. That's good! πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—
  3. I love this fucking image. Powerlevels are so stupid too lol. Oh and the "Classic Falcom" image is my phone's home screen image. I resonate with that so much.
  4. Yeah, high Evasion Lloyd is the strat, although it's not super easy to do for a while. Sky 3rd is very fun, but also gets cheesed hard. Kevin's 200 CP Grail Sphere is ridiculously overpowered. You have a lot of other overpowered weapons honestly, and Earth Wall is just as good as ever. However, it is also very very fun, so I give it a pass. Pretty much! Just like I am an FE elitist (not) despite being in the series since 2017! Now, now, Ruben. Men can get pregnant. One just has to keep trying 😎 She's funny sometimes, that's about it.
  5. Unfortunately... I am not even an oldie lol, I played Sky in 2021, it just feels like they spit on the face of the start of the series. Zero I'd agree, but Azure I think is fairly good difficulty wise. Normal is just normal so whatever, but Hard and above is more difficult and your builds have to be well made.
  6. Lol, fair enough too lol. Man I miss the Crossbell gameplay it was so gooooood!
  7. You haven't seen my hair. Well also, you may not agree if you saw it but that be damned, positive self-image is peak! Look, without getting too into it, the situation is QUITE a lot different, me thinks. TRUE Spaniards have zero chill ga damn! If I may be so bold, it's probably to blatantly appeal to anime tropes, without consideration to how it affects or relates to her character. At this point I think they have to soft-reboot the characters every so often because they can't expect to get good sales with the new games and expect the player base to have played the 10 or so previous entries (or 9 in Hajimari's case). Discussion Board (No it's not very long but I want it separate) Good morning btw. It seems I am using my time wisely before work, eh? Haha. It's funny how some words in other languages mean something else, yeah. Hot take (?): Joshua gets pegged in this relationship. It's worth nothing that the Spanish and English pronunciation is vastly different, too. A lot of people don't understand that somehow but it stops being a slur, if you say it the Spanish way. That would be quite a funny weapon.
  8. I'm an absolutely crazy history fan so this is all cool! And yeah, that fish sauce the romans had is reaaaaaaaally weird, but the Romans were really cool so it cancels out! Well, I can't say it's having any effect on me, but I like using emoticons often. Guess it can't hurt to try either lmao. Yeah, I read it from someone's reccomendation. Those are also very cool reccomendations. Thanks! Proceeds to describe the craziest JRPG series! Nah, it's not so crazy, I see. There's a lot of JRPG franchises that I don't think I'm going to try out anytime soon, but they look very cool! I went in thinking it'd be one hour and thirty, but holy hell it was so worth it, unironically! Agreed with everything stated. I think on the 1st point, a lot of time it can be a way of addressing trauma, which is fine! Everyone has a different solution to trauma, it seems. What I don't like is when, sure, making light of it in anime tropes and having it as funny gags may be helpful to some people, but it's not something the anime industry as a whole has to decide for victims in how to handle their trauma. And even then, we know most anime doesn't do those gags for this, it's meant to be a fetish appeal so that it attracts as many people as possible, and other anime fans are so desensitized to it that they don't care. I guess if there's anything I'd correct about my previous posts is saying it makes you think more positively of the subject, instead it desensitizes one to it. Not because they can't distinguish reality from fiction but because every instance and story registers in the brain, and then weights itself with all the other knowledge to alter your view in a varied way (which can also mean, by a degree so insignificant that you successfully "distinguish reality from fiction", which most people do in whichever spectrum of this argument, but after 100s of instances of it, it will make a change, that's how the anime community sees it as something to be expected, and that it is hopefully ignored). I agree with the 2nd point. 3rd point too, I don't think lolicons should be arrested, but the law =/= morality, and no I'm not saying that I think people should be jailed for it either if the law was more moral, I simply think it's morally bad to consume pedophilic media, or create it, for that matter. Also I am sorry you don't feel heard. It sucks πŸ˜”Getting attention as a writer is hard... I've talked about my friend before, despite his treasure trove of stories many people mocked, ridiculed, and ignored them. I am buried under a bunch of reading stuff I want to do, once I'm done with those I'll hit you up on your stuff.
  9. Seriously fuck the loli shit in CS. Fuck CS actually. It is boring, it sucks, it brings nothing of worth to the trails world. EDIT: Ok it probably brought one thing, but it's not enough for the amount of time it wastes.
  10. It's all good πŸ‘ At least we both hate CS, fuck CS.
  11. We are not going to agree, so whatever. I'll think about it, I do change my mind sometimes way after the fact, but I haven't on this topic the several times I've discussed about it. I'm not gonna hold you accountable to do the same lol I could care less. My endgame Heath kicks ass Wish I got him that 12 exp... Oh and this was no Afa's Drops, as I neglected to make a tactician lol... this was also the failed ranked run πŸ’”
  12. Same as with conservative politicians and being gay, I guess. They feel what they are doing is wrong, and thinking violently being public against it is a way for them to atone (erroneously so in the case of gay politicians, and better so for criminals who I guess repent their actions). It doesn't mean that those who don't speak up about it aren't also into it. Like using the gay example again, most gay people don't loudly speak up against being gay, but they are. Therefore I think it stands to reason that there's way more people who silently take in the problematic stuff and are criminals, but we don't hear about it because they're not loud and screaming about it and putting an easy target on their back. Replying to just this because I don't care about the rest to write 5 paragraphs and get two sentences, even though I could. What I am on is that it should be taboo and shunned. I have no clue how them being as old as humanity changes my opinion of that.
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