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  1. The Treehouse of back then =/= the Treehouse of now.
  2. Xenoblade X, Bravely Second, that one DBZ 3DS game, TMS #FE, Fatal Frame 5, and all the exclusive games Europe got that we didn't get all say hi.
  3. Fates was trash and so is it's localization. That, and Treehouse should be chopped down.
  4. So, considering that their respective games have NEVER sold well outside Japan, how did Ike and Lyn become the most popular characters in the series? (outside of Smash) To me, there has to be a reason.
  5. Short and sweet answer? No, it's weeb garbage and IS should have never made it and NoA should have never localized it.
  6. You do realize the stories are a HUGE reason to even play FE to begin with right?
  7. So, a question to all of you, why did you buy this game? You do realize since you all bought the ENG version of the game, that Nintendo is going to have Treehouse localize FE switch now right? And don't use Echoes as an excuse, considering that Treehouse is already localize FE Switch as we speak.
  8. So, out of all localization companies, who would you rather have localize this new game? NoA, 8-4, or some other company that hasn't touched the series yet? My ranking for the companies I'd prefer are as follows from best to worst: 1. Some other company (as long as they don't f*** with the fans and are competent) 2. 8-4 3. Some other company (one that'll probably f*** the fans a little like the P5 controversy a while back) 4. NoA/Treehouse EDIT 10/31/2017: I should also mention this, I don't know much about the P5 controversy from a while back other than there was controversy to begin with. I usually don't keep up with the spin offs and focus mainly on mainline SMT games.
  9. We do have that "leak" posted here on the forums a little while back.
  10. We "argue" that because games selling under a million is generally not profitable.
  11. Why didn't anyone buy this game? Because of you (the people who didn't buy the game reading this) the franchise will die for us veteran fans! You're what's to blame for having FE Switch be waifu emblem 3!
  12. You forgot to include FE Switch into the games we're most likely going to see in the sequel.
  13. Except that it's objectively inferior to the older games. It lacked a number of features the older games had and the characters were really 2 dimensional compared to the older characters.
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