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  1. Pretty amazing so far , but I'm stuck at chapter 5 with the Ballistician doubling everyone and I can't even get use to kill it , I tried using high defense units but they get doubled so theres no point , can anyone tell me how they got through that chapter?
  2. Does that mean there will be *STANDO POWAH* in part 3? (Or at least add an item called "Ice Tea" and give it 4 uses)
  3. Which maps do you think are unfair , too bland or just unpleasant all around? Feel free to mention any game you've played. Yes , even Heroes. Mine will have to be chapter 5 of Binding Blade. (Note that I've stressed some of these points off memory , so if you think I'm being biased or sound stupid , you're probably right.) There is nothing thrilling or engaging , the whole chapter is just guide your units around a wall and a mountain but be sure to put your sword users up front as bandits are 95% of the enemies here. The strategy aspect of usual FE6 maps that let your units multitask by having some buy items , visit villages , tank damage , take out easy targets like archers or stand on terrain so during the enemy phase , the enemy units will have a hard time fighting that unit. This is completely overshadowed by how much easier it is to just put Roy , Rutger , Alan and Lance infront and kick back as the bandits practically give them free exp , even on hard mode. This may be confusing to some but the last chapter of Sacred Stone really pissed me off. While it is satisfying to casually plow through waves of strong enemies with units you trained. Fighting Lyon was a bit too much of a pushover than anything else. It doesn't get better at the Demon King , he is so easy with the sacred twins , it's ridiculous.
  5. Yeah it counts , I guess I should share my own. "Not even Jimmy Fallon would laugh at your jokes."
  6. As the title says , tell me the best roast/insult you've ever heard or come up with that doesn't carry any swear words.
  7. FE7 : Geitz and Harken , they both has B in axes and pretty good skill to hit , so Hector doesn't have to horde all the axes. I don't like to train Dorcas nor Bartre (except Hector mode) so Geitz makes a really good replacement , Harken is great as his stats are only slightly worse than a Hero Raven. Farina , despite being level 12 at about 10 chapters left in the game , she can be a really powerful Falcoknight. FE8 : Hard to say , but maybe Gilliam would be my choice , yes he has bad stats and 4 movement until promotion , that is why I gave him the first boots obtainable in the game and train him in the tower , specifically the first encounter , he can get atleast 3 levels everytime he fights solo there , with his high defence , nothing can stop him.
  8. I've played this hack for a short while , currently at chapter 8. Just noticed there is no set-up/battle preparation screen before each chapter , it just throws you in. Is that intentional or a bug?
  9. Tough question. I'll split my opinion into character and game play. In terms of character , both of them have the same personality change. From caring and kind-hearted to tyrants hungry with greed. Nergal was a father who always looks out for his children. He studied dark magic to revive his deceased wife who he loved very much but was consumed by the pure cruelty of dark arts. He becomes psychotic by corruption , not by his will. Zephiel was an innocent kid until his father tried to kill him then he got emo and wants to rule the continent because he thinks he is right . which is prettty stupid. Obviously Nergal wins here. Next is game play , Nergal is only weak if you properly train your units and give them the legendary weapons , not to mention he uses magic tomes and it is a powerful one too(not as good as Luna).Typically, you have to use the 3 lords and Athos to kill him or else if you use your typical physical units , they will die due to lack of resistance. Zephiel , however , stands a good chance against your legendary weapons (well maybe not the magic tomes). That is until you use the sealed sword , the damn thing has 20 might and it chips away about 50% percent of his health in one hit. Also with the weapons decent crit stat , you THINK he is going to survive? Once again , Nergal wins.
  10. I used it on a translated patch , it works fine. Basically it changes everyone's stats and class to make the game easier and more broken (generally)
  11. Bartre has +15% growth in skill and speed with C rank on Axes. Dorcas can have higher growths on skill , defence and strength. Lyn has +20% in strength and res , also generally higher bases for every stat except speed and skill. A unit I've always wanted to train is Rebecca , so you can +20% extra growths to her expect speed and higher bases to make up for her locked 2 range only. Also Guy's base level increase to 5 then add +2 to all his stats. Same for Raven and Lucius , make them both level 9 then adjust bases to the suitable amount
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