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  1. Yes. The others deny it simply due to an unreasonable hatred of having to pay for additional content.
  2. Woah. I hate his art, but just for this, I kinda want him. Grima might have potential as a villain.
  3. Morrowind, but I just want that remastered in general. Skyrim for Switch gets me hopeful for a Switch version should Morrowind ever be remastered. And any non-3ds FE game.
  4. Personally, I think we should arm teachers. Annual background checks, monthly appointments with therapists to ensure mental well-being, the gun must be concealed. Stuff like that, to keep it out of mind, but there in case of emergency. We can't carry automatic weapons around. Ownership of them is already tightly regulated. In fact, I don't believe it's legal to carry around a semi-auto rifle in most places. What we're capable of owning are civilized variants of weapons, such as the PS90, a civilian P90. (Not trying to start a fight, just informing)
  5. That Heroes map that's just a bunch of breakable walls. Horrid. Also that boat map in SS. Y'know, that one. And the Gaiden map that's just a open plain with a river and a bridge. What the fuck is that shit?
  6. I like how it adds to the atmosphere, but it can be inconvenient. Depends on if they can balance it well.
  7. It's a meh time waster. I got mostly A and S ranks playing on a bus with the sound off, contrary to your claims, it's really not that interesting. Eventually I just decided I didn't give a shit anymore and just kept tapping. I still got my free orb, what's the score matter? Who am I bringing in? Genny, Bartre, Tana and Sigurd. Gonna do it later with a team of one and two star units.
  8. Books I go soley physical. I can't stand reading digital texts for extended periods of time;my mind wanders and I end off elsewhere(hyperlinks are a problem I face daily), but I like to read, so to help my focus, I keep physical. It also feels more authentic and betters my experience. Music is digital only for me, I don't listen to a lot of music anyway. Games really depend when I see/get interested in the game tbh. I might be out at the store and something catches my eye, or maybe I'm browsing the digital marketplace at home and the same happens. I don't watch movies or TV, so neither.
  9. People keep saying Roy and Lilina but I see Eliwood and Ninian...
  10. From the description, it sounds almost like how heartburn feels for me. A burning near my chest and the bottom of my throat. Not sure about the stomach part....sometimes my stomach hurts. But you don't sound to be in pain. Perhaps irritation or jealousy? Lust? Did anything happen recently?
  11. I don't like beast units, I'd prefer if they were absent.
  12. Celica is in one of my favorite classes, she wins by default.
  13. Based on the hype for a mobile Mario Kart, I'm guessing I'm the only one who has emulated Super Circuit on his phone. Oh well, this is neat nonetheless. Probably won't play it much, might check it out if it's F2P. Can't say I'm hyped for the movie, I don't really watch movies to begin with, but Miyamoto as a movie producer? neat.
  14. The best song of all time, clearly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
  15. I almost wouldn't be surprised if every character in the game saw a 'legendary' variant that was just them in their promoted class.
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