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  1. Even though Ayane hadn't let go of her cousin's hand, she hadn't said much after Erephis had left. At least for a few moments. She took a quick sigh as she turned her head toward Ren. "I wish to believe, but...I'll do what I must if it doesn't end well. It's bad enough that Ouka's influence has spread as far as it has because of me..." She looked down. "I refuse to let it continue, no matter the cost..." Her voice was a bit shaky from her slowly rising anger.
  2. Tycho was a friendly sort, always good in Aliza's book. She returned the smile with one of her own. "Thirsty, huh? Well I'll just go ahead and assume that means water might do you, unless you want something specific." She stood up. "Want a burger and fries with that too? Or a shake? Ready to take your order~" She half joked, but her tone could easily pass for a sassy teen working at a fast food joint as a summer job.
  3. In truth, Ayane had hoped there was an easy solution to Suzume's situation. Deep down inside that is, buried past all the honor and duty business she had been raised to uphold above all else. Yet from Erephis' explanation it seemed that was a hope she couldn't afford to hold onto. So with a small sigh to herself she rose her head. "...I understand." Ayane spoke, looking back at Erephis with a determined look, the same one she gave Taliyah. The grim acceptance sort of look. "Then do what you must, but if the situation is as resolute as you say it is then I will do what I must." She bowed her head. "I thank you for giving this endeavor your attention, Erephis."
  4. A spell to reverse her undead body? Ayane was no expert on magic to be sure, perhaps that was one of the reasons why Ouka had her way with the country. Yet if there were a way to save her sister then magic of similar power must certainly be required. All that would be needed on her part was some restraint, should be simple if Ayane found a way to overpower her skill with a blade. But then came one small issue with this plan that the princess certainly did not overlook. "...it may kill her?" She still kept her neutral expression, even in the face of that sudden drop in optimistic news. "...hm..." Ren might notice her hand clench a bit tighter, while she looked away from Erephis with a sigh. "I suppose not all solutions can be flawless, least of all an attempt to drag someone from death's door."
  5. She had to admit it was a bit painful seeing Captain Jessica this way. She wished they had time to interact before this. But seeing her optimism did help Aliza a little bit. So she returned her enthusiastic reply with a smile of her own. "Well one step at a time then. I'm willing to help with whatever you need." And then she turned her attention to Tycho, a little distracted from her talk with the captain. "I hope I wasn't too rough bringing you here, Tycho. How are you feeling now?"
  6. Ayane had been in her corner with Ren, silent as a mouse with her eyes closed and her sheathed katana resting on her shoulder. She seemed deep in thought until a familiar serpent woman had approached them. "Hm?" She opened an eye toward her approach, and then the other when she mentioned her sister. "Aaah, is that so?" She turned her whole head toward her, it seemed Erephis had her attention now. "And you needn't feel intimidated about the subject, I've come to terms with the situation. Please relay what you have found."
  7. Ayane was well on her way along, until her hand was grabbed. Normally, Ayane would shoot a glare at whoever was bold enough to grasp her (rather soft) hand without warning of familiarity. But the person who held it had both, and more. "..." She turned to Ren, and listened intently to his words. She could see the anguish in his face as he spoke his thoughts on Marina and the situation. 'Not mind readers...he is right.' After he said his peace, and stated they had to stick together now more than ever, the oni princess turned aside for a moment. "...then try not to leave my side. But if you do, tell me where and why." If Ren would notice Ayane tightened her grip on Ren's hand before she slipped it out and lead along silently.
  8. "Ah, Captain..." Aliza turned to the tube as the android greeted them. It was amazing that she was still alive, though a little tragic to see her this way. She remembered the first time she met the captain, she gave her a 9. Though even in this state of her's Aliza felt it would be unfair to rate that lower, so she gladly left it. She gave the captain a warm smile and a wave. "That's right. It's been so long since we met, but it's good to speak to you again. I remember taking quite a liking to you..." As those words came out however her eyes widened. "Err I mean...in a respectful sort of way, captain. You carried yourself in such a confident, commanding manner during our first meeting. Yes..." The heart on her sleeve never leaves her.
  9. Well....as one would put it, "that happened". Ayane's mind had been miles away for a little while, as she pondered on her next move and Marina's in fact. Then, without warning, shouting brought her back to reality. Ren and Gabriela's voices against Bladen's. Why? What was going on? Well her eyes had shot over to the zombie, as the crumbling prisoner before them had turned into dust her spirit had latched onto Jade. A last ditch effort at life? Either way, she had to agree with Bladen. She knew leaving the enemy alive would be dangerous, and now she's let this happen a second time. 'Again...no. If only my eyes kept on her then...' She clenched her fist, as her blood boiled in frustration. But for once, Ayane's anger was suddenly eclipsed by another. The anger of the hero herself, Marina. She turned to hear her words directed toward Bladen. Words that were sharper than edges. She could hear the loss of emotion in the words, yet behind them held tremendous anger. Ayane had known all too well what it was like. Knowing comfort in victory, yet it only takes one moment to let it all instantly change. The two seemed hell bent on getting away from the group, perhaps even with Lavinia's sharp words to clear the fighting. Ayane took a sigh to herself, along with a quick shake of the head. "If my mind hadn't been preoccupied I would have beheaded that witch long before...dammit..." She mumbled quietly to herself as she looked toward Ren. "...I'm going to Tepel then. If you need a moment then take it, either way I'll go on ahead." With nothing else to say, Ayane walked off. It was enough to deal with her own burdens, but now she felt partially responsible for something that could have been prevented.
  10. A last wish, hm? Well it was only appropriate. Prisoners of war with severe sentences tend to have a last rite before the end comes, as Ayane had learned from the history books of her homeland. It was of course beyond her own call, but Marina seemed to have made the right one in her opinion. Still, even in her current state the oni princess couldn't take her eyes off her. On the off chance she had one more trick up her sleeve. While it's highly unlikely that is the case, Ouka had proven that a cornered tiger is at their most dangerous.
  11. Aliza watched at Tycho moved himself toward the bed. "Uh, you sure you-" And then came the almost complete crash, which made the Italian gasp and rush toward his bedside. "Geez, Tycho. Take it easy please, for my sake and your's." She rubbed her head for a minute. "Well, at least you made it in one piece, I guess. Still, lemme know if you need any help with anything alright?"
  12. With the battle done the oni princess quickly wiped her blade across her sleeve and sheathed it. With a small sigh her eyes trailed once again back toward a certain hero. It was brief, but Ayane noticed her fall in battle. Such a misstep could have cost Marina her life, but here she stands whole, if worn down a little. 'Was it divine intervention that saved her life? Or is she just that lucky...' With narrowed eyes she approached her cousin. Despite having so much thought on the situation no words were spoke, she just stood aside with a silence gaze out on the battlefield.
  13. The battle seemed to be coming close to it's climax, but Ayane's blood still craved combat. So when the nearest ghoul reared it's unlucky head the oni princess took her iron blade out and lunged out at the monster with a great desire to behead it! Ayane brandishes her Iron Blade, moves toward 22-10 and swings out at Ghoul number 3.
  14. The defeated bone walker had Ayane feeling quite good. With that taken care of she moved forward. Ayane moves 22,9.
  15. Some time and a brisk walk later, Aliza continued to pull the poor injured Tycho off to the infirmary, which happened to be very close now. "I'm sure you can walk by yourself, but I'm kinda worried the blood loss might make you lose your balance." She looked back with a smile. "Besides, you should be happy. Being escorted around a ship you don't know very well by a cute ragazza like me? Sounds like a lucky day I'd love to have!" She certainly had that winning smile about her as she confidently spoke out. But before he could retort (or even ask what ragazza meant) the Italian girl opened the door to the sick bay and took a look around. "Is anyone here? I have an injured pilot in need of assistance."
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