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  1. Ayane was happy to be in a smaller company, even if this fox was sly. At least Bladen seemed like an honest type. When they got to Asami's room she was presented with options. "What you know of Ouka." She swiftly answered, she knew what she wanted alright. That being said, she turned to Bladen as she leaned against the wall. "Is that suitable to you? Or did you want another option?"
  2. "Enough." She spoke in a slightly irritated tone toward Gabriela and turned her gaze to her. "....ah." But she stopped herself and turned back to Asami and Bladen with a small shake of the head. "Sorry..." She followed the fox and her friend off to her room, curious about answers. 'I can't stay. If this blood goes out of control I...' She balled her hand into a fist as she walked. 'I'll never forgive her for this.'
  3. She answered the zombie. "I had come because I assumed Asami would know where Ouka is. But now it appears I've gotten involved in military affairs in this land." She rubbed her head a bit, overwhelmed at the unwelcome attention. After a moment she simply nodded at Gabriela, acknowledging her greeting. "Pleasure...hm." She looked over at Lavina. "Me joining you isn't the best of ideas. I am an oni now, a monster known for causing chaos. I may have the judgement of a human about me for now, but eventually I...I may..." She narrowed her eyes, it wasn't a situation she wanted to think on truth be told. "I'd rather simply find Ouka and behead her as soon as possible...still." She turned to Asami. "It appears you still have more to say, so lead on." She wasn't keen on staying and being involved in a war here, things might get complex. But it appears that simply running out and beheading that damned witch isn't as simple as she had hoped it would be.
  4. As soon as Ayane got too close to Asami she was approached by several of her friends. She recognized one of them as the general she heard before from Xalrei, the other a brief glance from the same arena. They were all one big group, how interesting. But Asami managed to reassure them that she was invited. Before she could start explaining she gestured over to Marina, and by gestured she more or less called her out and told her to pay attention. Then she started introducing Ayane...which was supposed to be her move. She even knew she was a princess, and that Ouka had finally done it. This fox woman knew so much, perhaps even more than Ayane. "...you know far more than I expected..." She mumbled, in a fairly upset tone. "It's quite uncomfortable knowing that someone knew about Ouka's plans and didn't warn the capital as far as I was aware...but what's done is done." She took in the rest of her explanation with closed eyes. "You say it's her problem now, the problem of Xensat and Vaia?" She shook her head. "I'm afraid the fault rests on my shoulders that I could not take her head. This is my problem and mine alone, I will deal with i-" But before she could finish it appeared that Nessraya spoke up and questioned her, along with Marina introducing herself. Not to mention another one asking if she would join their group and that they will handle the issue. It seems they were insistent on this. "..." She didn't buy that Ouka could raise an army so quickly, it hadn't been that long since she left Nanbu with the princess on her tail...was it? "...I am uncertain how far she got but..." She held up a red, sorta spiky gourd with the face of a demon on it. "She transformed my people with cursed sake. She has the ability to poison alcohol, and those who drink it are cursed to walk the path of the oni. Just like me. This is also the very thing that keeps me in check oddly enough." She lowered the sake. "Also please do not call me princess. My kingdom is dead."
  5. "To the right? Thank you, good sir." She didn't pay any other word of his any mind, she got what she wanted. With that she quickly turned to the right and approached the dining area. In a hurry too. She quickly (and roughly I might add) opened the doors to the group, and after she did she scanned the area. It was certainly a colorful group, she recognized some of the faces here too. But the only one that mattered to her was the fox. Speaking of... "...there." She spotted Asami and quickly approached her. The oni was certainly on a mission.
  6. As soon as dusk fell Ayane made her way to the inn. She had just arrived into town, so she didn't have a place to stay. Fitting that the meeting place was an inn, she can kill two birds with one stone. "...hm." She took a good look at the door of the establishment, worried about what that fox girl had in mind. But despite that she had moved toward the door with confidence. If she didn't move forward the souls of her family wouldn't be able to rest. She opened the door and approached the desk. "Greetings. I am looking for a fox girl dressed similarly to me, she told me to meet her here. Do I have the right place?"
  7. Aliza casts Focus, and fires her Beam Crossbow on Deimos 1 She uses Hit and Away to reach 9,14
  8. "That's why you ran away?" She echoed. "Why? How do you know Ouka? Just what is going on?" Then Bladen stepped in with his proposition. "A date?" She looked back at Asami. She wasn't sure about this "date", mostly because she hadn't really been on one herself. Most of her life was training and combat, and days in the court of course. Still, she could tell this news did stagger the fox girl a little. It didn't seem like she wanted to talk, still she couldn't let her get away so... "...very well." She answered back. "Out of respect for your politeness I will withhold my questioning good sir, as important as my mission is." She relaxed herself a little. "Still I want answers. So please don't skip town...I don't wish to play hide and seek."
  9. Her gaze turned to the man, a rather handsome red haired man with...wings on the back? They were so small though, Decoration? Either way he was quite nice, and polite. He also seemed to keep the girl here, which was perfect. This one also seemed to know Nessraya, the general succubus from before. She simply gave a nod to her as she left. How big was this group she wondered. She didn't have much time to ponder that, Asami had come up with her response. A rather bold one. She knew words familiar to Ayane right off the bat: Oni, Nanbu, and... "...Ouka you say?" Her eyes narrowed and they almost flickered into full red. But they went back to normal quickly. "My name is Ayane Kusanagi, and no I do not work for that damned witch. In fact I have come to take her head clean off her drunken body as repayment for this curse she laid upon me." She balled a fist as she spoke out, her tone was a little intense.
  10. She noticed the girl tense up just from locking eyes with her. How curious. Not only was she dressed like she was from Izuna she also seemed to know Ayane. Or at the very least she knew what she was. She had no leads so far, it was very frustrating. Even if it was just a small one she refused to let it get away. So... "A moment please." She stepped up to Asami and Bladen's group with a cleared voice and a polite tone. "I don't mean to interrupt whatever you have here, I was simply curious. You see I'm not from around these lands, there's a lot of different kinds of people I have only recently met during my time here." She kept her eye on Asami. "However you seem to dress as though you are from my homeland. May I ask where you are from miss?"
  11. Ayane made her way to the exit, but managed to stay in the hall to watch Taliyah's battles. Her movement was quite good, about as quick footed as her. Her blows were quite precise as well. Though sadly when the elven warrior stepped out none of it mattered, it was over in a few short moments. Clearly this man was first class. Despite that, she was impressed by Taliyah's performance. Xalrei had rushed out to her friend's side, but not before Ayane returned the wave at least. "Hm..." She watched her tend to her friend, just for a moment though. She turned to leave. 'Good battles...but I must be off on my mission.' The oni girl had left the arena after she collected her earnings, it was sure to help her push forward on her journey. However before she continued on her way she noticed something from the corner of her eye: Nessraya. The woman those two girls called general was it? Well there she was, approaching a pair of interesting individuals. One of which wore an outfit that seemed familiar to Ayane, and those ears...kitsune? "...." She stopped for a moment and let her eyes gaze at the woman curiously, studying her. Was she from her homeland as well?
  12. The oni had entered the arena, a little bit miffed. They had taken away her beloved Orochinagi and given her a long iron stick of a sword. It didn't feel right in her hands, but a blade was a blade and she knew how to handle one. So she accepted it. "..." Her blood rose as her eyes gave off a very faint red sheen. It was time for battle! The first opponent was an armored dwarf. Quite an interesting first opponent, but her battle tendency didn't discriminate. As long as the opponent has a weapon and the will to fight it was good enough for her. The dwarf's attacks were easy to predict, and his slow movement and short reached put him at a severe disadvantage vs Ayane's speed and precision. It was simply a matter of finding the perfect place to strike when an opening presented itself, which she did. A few quick strikes floored him quickly. "...next." The next opponent had appeared, a vampire. A hunter of some sort she assumed. He seemed a bit more of a threat than the dwarf, but his weapon of choice was his downfall. Ayane had a ninja companion once, they trained to the point where she can just about predict the shurikens path. His technique, while rougher, was still somewhat similar to her training. She dodged the blade and saw a perfect chance to strike him down. It was over soon after her strikes. "...next." The third had arrived, a warewolf with a gun. Now this was different from the opponents she had faced before. Guns were a bit rare in Izuna. Nevertheless she kept her wits about her, and was on high alert when he pulled it out. Mccloud had pulled the trigger, his shot was accurate. But Ayane rose the blade in defense, just barely forcing it to deflect into the ground. While he reloaded she jumped in and did a powerful slice. The gunman was floored. "...next!" Her final opponent had appeared. A handsome elf with a sword Ayane could only describe as "impractical", moreso given his build. Yet here he was, hefting it as if it were a feather. Ayane sensed this opponent was in a whole new level compared to the rest. "..." With a breath she had rushed in to meet with the man, trading blow for blow as the sound of steel echoed through the arena. He was certainly impressive. At some point during their clashes he got serious. The man took a step back with his blade raised on high, and with a powerful leap he brought it down quite bravely. The swing broke through Ayane's defenses and dealt quite a blow. "Augh!" She was brought to her knees. Oh yeah, this man was trouble. "...damn you!" She growled and rose up. "HAH!" Not to be outdone she rose up her own blade, letting it flare up in rage. She dashed in as quick as she could and let out a single swing, as fast as the wind. But to the elf, it almost seemed like he was facing down five swings, all coming at once. And on fire to boot! He could only dodge so many as they overwhelmed him, and in an instant...it was done. Ayane was by the man's side when her attack was done, and the man himself was on his knees as some blood burst out. Though thankfully, despite how painful it looks, his life was in no danger. "...it's done." The samurai rose up and had walked off the battlefield. Her thirst was sated, there was no need to continue.
  13. "Hm..." Xalrei did have a point. Perhaps the crowd will be fine if she puts on a good enough show, it was worth a shot. Besides, her blood wasn't entirely settled. Wouldn't hurt to get all the destructive urges out before she gets comfortable in a crowd. "...very well. I will attend these matches." She bowed slightly to Xalrei and walked off to get herself entered. "I hope I entertain you." She spoke to Xalrei before she made her exit toward the arena staff for entry.
  14. Aliza casts Focus, and fires ATA at Deimos 2 Things were getting really dicey. Aliza had lost track of Aly at this point, but she was more or less concerned with keeping herself alive. So she bust out the big gun, or in this case bow. Her trusty beam longbow popped out and spun in the air once again, she caught it as soon as it came down and drew back the string. Blue plasma built up again and... "Code: ATA! Arrivederci!" She loosed the arrow as it screamed out and tore through the sky at a poor unsuspecting Deimos. Hit and Away to 7,16
  15. "A kitsune..." That wasn't a foreign word for her. Though she found it strange that there was someone else out here other than herself, maybe she'll know where to look. Then came Taliyah's questioning. Yeah, that proves that oni weren't a common thing here. Finding that girl might be harder than she thought. "...that's complex. I am...well was human. But now I am slowly turning into an oni." Then came the cheers for their general's round. Seems she was done. "First? Well, I came to settle this oni blood of mine. It craves battle you see. But Xalrei's bout seems to have cleared it a little." She looked aside. "And I did drop in unannounced, I don't think they'd allow me to fight anymore after that."
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