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  1. The monsters kept coming, but Ayane kept her composure. Ren was still alive, that was the important part to her. With that in mind she began the charge and rushed in and struck at a zombie once more. Ayane moves toward 18,2 and swings her Iron blade on Zombie 8
  2. Aliza had unloaded the Sagittae's best shots on the ships before and had even brought one down, but there were still more flying in the air and she had found herself without her best shots. But even fatigued she refused to give up, at least while she still had options. So she brought out her beam crossbow and started firing once again. Aliza moves to 20,16 and fires her Beam Crossbow on Chaldene 2
  3. Ayane was a bit surprised at the flourish. On one hand it looked good, but on the other it almost seemed like Marina was trying too hard to prove herself. Maybe she was reading too much into it. She simply moved onward not paying much mind to the newcomer as she joined her cousin. Ayane moves toward 15, 2 and uses a Vuln.
  4. They were face to face with the horde now. Rotting flesh and bonewalking monstrosities were within reach, and Ayane's thirst for battle only grew. While she leaned more toward her katana she wanted to preserve the blade for as long as she could, as it was one of the few things she had left of her homeland (other than her beloved cousin nearby of course). So with that in mind she drew the iron blade she was given from her back and rushed toward the zombie with a battle cry. "Burn to ashes!" She swung out with gusto! Ayane moves to 11, 2 and swings her Iron Blade upon Zombie 2.
  5. Thoughts of the conversation with Taliyah still lingered in her mind, but she decided to shelf it away when the battle was over. Taking in the general's warning toward Xalrei made her wonder what sort of other weapons these undead had their hands on. The only way to find out is to move forward, and with her eyes on her cousin Ren she followed closely behind to make sure he stayed out of too much trouble. Ayane moves toward 8,2
  6. Taliyah seemed quite innocent, simple but not in a bad way. It was a little refreshing to Ayane, though she could stand to stutter less. "Hm...thank you." She nodded at her comments. Agni seemed more together however, very composed and calm. A little like Ayane was, well before the incident. She felt like she lost a chunk of herself that day. Speaking of which, her sister was brought into question. "Ah, Asami didn't fill you in. My sister's name is Suzume, and she was a victim during the downfall of my homeland. But her corpse was recovered and reanimated by that witch, Ouka." She frowned at the very thought of that woman. "She means to use Suzume as a shield to force hesitation out of me, or so Asami warned. But you needn't worry, sir Agni. I brought this mess here, I will fulfill my duty no matter what." She bowed her head. "Taliyah, I know you wish to help me with Suzume. But if destiny cannot be swayed then I will do what I must..." Ironic how Ayane had brought up her reanimated sister, it would seem the undead would be today's foe. Not quite a fitting opponent to better herself for the real fight ahead, but she was no stranger to monster hunts and what it took to handle them. After a quick scan of the area to study the opponents, she drew her katana and stood at the ready to move in.
  7. She seemed very skittish. Was it the oni's appearance or just the situation at hand? Either way she pushed those thoughts aside and shook her head. "No, you stole nothing from me. I came to thank you for what you did on the battlefield." She took a short bow and rose just as quickly. "I felt rather lost when I saw my sister, Suzume...but your words of encouragement did reach me. I was raised to return debts, so know that I am grateful, miss Taliyah." Ayane...well she didn't smile, she wasn't at that stage just yet. But her serious expression did soften, if only slightly. It was a start, right?
  8. Yeah, now seemed like a good time. Ren had left her side and the wagon still kept pressing on. So the oni princess fixed her sheathed katana back on her side and walked over to Taliyah and Agni in the back of the wagon with a serious expression...which is really just her normal face all things considered. "Uh, pardon me." She spoke toward the two with a cleared voice. Ren was much better at introductions, but she had to try at least. "May I speak with you for a moment, miss Taliyah? You don't have to leave, Sir Agni. I just wanted to have a quick word."
  9. Ayane was settled by Ren just the same after the meeting had concluded, leaning back in the wagon ride with her sheathed blade resting on her shoulder. This wasn't too far off from their travels across Izuna, well during combat anyway. There were more cozy rides to temple visits no doubt, but Ayane was no stranger to travelling like this. Ren had leaned over to speak to his cousin about visiting Marina. Interesting...perhaps he wanted to apologize for his "foot in mouth" moment as it were. "Do as you wish." She turned her head a bit. "Just be careful not to overstep things, Ren." She also took this as an opportunity to speak with a certain someone herself, but she wanted to wait for her cousin to leave first.
  10. 'Taliyah...aaah, i remember now.' The lizard girl that helped Ayane while she was at her low points when she had first arrived, and then again after her zombified sister had fled. Her words seemed to have had enough of an effect on Ayane to leave an impression, she owed her. But hearing all this was quite a revelation. 'Taliyah's father...hm...' Quite a bit of this was a bit past Ayane's realm of knowledge, the Ithraxl part anyway. But she seemed very conflicted, and scared. Something Ayane took notice of. "Hm..." The truth was she wanted to say something, but she wasn't sure what at the moment. Confronting your family is hard, she knew it well herself. Hopefully the words would come later...
  11. There went Ren, open as ever. He tends to think more with his feet than his head, as in he loved walking straight into a problem over thinking around it. The front door tactic if you will. Sadly that front door happened to be guarded by Agni and Lavinia, neither of which appreciated Ren's remarks about Marina. So brash, even if they did seem similar even Ayane had no idea what Marina's been through to this point. The hardheaded comment did make Ayane want to have Ren suffer for his mistakes, but it seems being in the presence of so much authority seemed to have a positive effect on Ayane. The leadership and camaraderie she had buried within her seemed to slowly reemerge, demanding she step up for her cousin. So she stood from her chair and looked toward Lavinia and Agni. "Ren meant no disrespect. He's the type that cares deeply for his comrades, to the point where his honesty cuts just as deep as his blade. You have my apologies." She bowed her head. "But rest assured you all have our full support going forward."
  12. Ayane was up and at the table with the others, dressed and all. Despite claiming that she was no longer a princess it seems old habits die hard. She was no stranger to attending war meetings, it was almost as if her body had brought her here on impulse. That said she had her reasons for wanting to get involved, and she was sitting right down the table. "..." She eyed Marina slightly as the conversation went on with a concerned look in her eyes, though she tried her best to hide it. In fact before anyone could really notice the stare she brought her attention toward Nessraya's clarification. "...I second the investigation." She spoke aloud after Marina did. Maybe that would surprise some, considering how hellbent Ayane was to find Ouka. But at the same time she needed time to arrange herself and her thoughts, for she knew that if she were to face Ouka her elder sister would guard her.
  13. She let Agni take Marina off, and took another slight head bow toward him as he left. She took a look at her hand. It appeared she was extremely active in her responsibilities if she had the time to do all that. Agni was right, the title wasn't just for show. Her stubborn nature reminded her of herself a little, it was like staring into a mirror in some ways. However... '...she has such soft shoulders for one who wishes to place the world upon them.' This is a route that may lead to her self destruction if she didn't have the proper help. Ayane truly hoped Marina knew how to accept help, but at the same time it seemed like it's a pot calling the kettle black situation. Maybe this'll give the oni princess second thoughts on how she handles help as well. Maybe...
  14. "!" Well considering how focused Ayane was on Marina she rushed in first and caught her. The two girls were not too far apart in body size, but Ayane's trained and toned body managed to stabilize the fallen hero. "H.hey...Marina?" She called out, suddenly her serious and assertive demeanor turned into an uncertain and worried one. "Oh dear..." She tried to keep calm and turned to Agni. "Does she...do this often? Please say she does, I feel like I may have overstepped something now..."
  15. Deciding to let things go with Ren for the moment she lifted her heel off his foot and took a bow toward Agni. "The pleasure is mine, Mr Hildebrand. I look forward to seeing you in action in battle." She turned to Marina when Ren spoke aloud about seeing more bloodshed. Something she was no stranger to herself, living on the battlefield herself for the most part. "...you are very determined. I respect that." Truth be told, Ayane sees a bit of herself in Marina. So fresh and eager to take on her duties. But it was just that freshness that pushed Ayane's thoughts a little. "You have your duties and I have mine. It's my fault Ouka and my sister are here in the first place, we fell into her trap and failed to safeguard the threat from the rest of the world. As such, I bear a responsibility to see Ouka defeated by my own hands." She folded her arms. "And so, while I appreciate your offer to help, remember your own duties as I will my own. That being said, I will still offer my blade to your cause as an apology for this crisis."
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