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  1. Aliza felt great relief at the conversation between Aly and Tristan. She simply smiled as she heard her slowly wind down a bit, though still a bit fearful as they were still in great danger. Especially after reinforcements for the enemy had arrived. Still, it was a good. "...right, we'll win." She repeated as she turned to face the frontline. "We'll all go back home together in one piece, I know it!" Aliza hustles up to 10, 16 and casts Focus to prepare for the oncoming battle.
  2. Remember that feeling Aly had about things possibly being bad out there? She must hold some form of clairvoyance because boy howdy did it all go south. Before Aliza knew it the bridge was completely smashed. Which she stared at in absolute disbelief. She knew this fight would have it's prices and that things would not go as planned exactly, but she didn't realize how fast and bold Soor'Kan was. He aimed right for the neck, and it was an effective tactic. She was worried about everyone, especially Tristan. She didn't want to lose a friend, she promised to do her best to prevent that. "No!" She gasped out and was about to hail the bridge for Tristan, but before that Soor'Kan was suddenly swarmed on by a berserk Aly and an angry Kim. Kim losing her shit was understandable, though Aliza still worried for the idol. Alriana on the other hand...Aliza realized something was off about her anger. It was far more berserk and rage filled. As expected considering Tristan's situation. The Almydis was less a mech and more a wild animal now, completely ripping into the Praxis Alpha, a sight that shocked Aliza. She did of course want Soor'Kan to pay, but not like this. Not at the cost of Aly's sanity. "Aly!" She hailed over the comms. "Aly, stop! You can't-" But Aliza was too slow. The Praxis Alpha was entirely smashed to scrap. The mighty Soor'Kan was defeated. Granted, it wasn't Aly alone that did it. But her focus was squarely on the alien mech before her. She knew she wouldn't stop here, not after what happened. "...." She bit her lip, trying to think on her next move when suddenly... "Aliza! Aliza, do you read me!? What's going on out there? The bridge was destroyed, is, are people alright? Is Aly...?" "!" A voice came over her line, it was Tristan! Oh thank god, he didn't die. She felt her sinking heart suddenly rise up once more. Still, there was no time for this. "...I'm here, Tristan." She answered back. "But I can talk long, Aly's...lost control." She bit her lip as she decided to get a move on toward the shark's location. "I'm gonna try to help her out of this, just...make sure you stay safe! Otherwise she'll get worse!" With that in mind she swapped over to attempting to contact the Almydis. "ALY!" She shouted out. "It's me, Aliza! Tristan isn't dead he just called me!" She had hoped that piece of news was enough to bring her back to her senses... The Saggitae moves 10, 10
  3. Once Aliza was in her machine she took a short breath. She took a look down at her notebook, and opened it one more time to quickly scratch a note in a page. "...ok..." She closed it and put it away, hoping to see that note one more time before this was all over. In fact there were a lot of things she wanted to do once this was done. She wanted to talk to Tristan, to let out a lot of things on her chest. Then of course there's the birthday wish she wanted to give her favorite idol, in fact temptation almost made her do it over comms. But she didn't notice Kim out there yet. Still there was one thing she could use the comms for. "...Aly?" She spoke as she tried to contact her shark friend. "I know you got a lot on your mind, I do too. But no matter what happens...let's grab our vittoria. Our victory." She smiled. "Just an Italian phrase, but uh...anyway let's win, I wanna watch another show with you." With that out there, she felt a little more relaxed. "...Aliza Silvavolke in the Sagittae, taking off!" And with that the archer bot launched out and quickly morphed into it's bird mode. Ready for whatever happens.
  4. It has been a few days since the last meeting, quite a few bombshells were dropped. Some of which Aliza couldn't quite handle. Though now that time has passed she had enough thoughts to herself to take it all in. Betrayal by Astin was one thing, they had to work with their former enemies on top of that. Louise seemed like a very unpredictable element, especially with Alriana around. Something Aliza feared would completely backfire on the crew if they misstep. But still, it was out of her hands. All she could do was go forward and do the best she could. That's more or less how she accepted the situation, just to do her best and hope for the best, and keep an eye on Aly and Tristan. Those thoughts aside, Aliza was already on her way to the hanger with her notebook in her hand. This time around she wasn't using it to rate girls, but rather to organize her thoughts. Something she had trouble doing. When the alarm went off it only hastened her footsteps. About time to get some of these thoughts off the page and into her trigger finger. She rushed to the ranger mech standing tall and took a nearby lift to get in ASAP. "...Aly's already out there. Can't keep her waiting anymore..."
  5. It sucks that she didn't have her notebook to hide behind. Between the outbursts from Abby and Elaine as per usual and Jessica putting her foot-err hand down, it became really rough to watch. Then more news about Astin came forward, and it made Aliza uncomfortable again. They had tags on everyone they met, she wondered how far that information really went. It was unsettling, very unsettling. Just when she thought things couldn't get crazier Vera came forward with another bomb shell: They were siblings, or rather, Astin was a clone of Vera. "....Aaahmm..." It was at that point Aliza had to get up. "B...bathroom..." She mumbled and walked out with her hand to her head and a breath. She just stood in the hall for a good minute, trying to file everything. Drama show writers have literally nothing on this.
  6. Well the situation seemed tense, as expected. Aliza kept her eyes on Alriana as she stepped forward. She was always very honest, in an aggressive sort of way. She was worried, but the situation was most certainly under control now, so she wasn't compelled to jump out of her seat to play ref this time despite Louise's teasing manner. The information Louise gave about Apotheosis was quite surprising. They had quite a numbers advantage, not to mention a size advantage on the Riese of all things. It was enough to make Aliza gulp a bit, and it didn't help that she was giggling throughout her explanation. It couldn't get worse than that though right? Dumb question, it sure did. The topic of the Zodiac Knights came up, and that their power level happened to be on par with Soor'Kan. From the few moments Aliza met with Soor'Kan she knew he was bad news. Having five other Sacarians on a similar power level was not a good weight on her mind. Not to mention the king even made Vera quake in her boots. Not a good situation. ".....oh boy..." She leaned back in her seat with a whisper, not liking their odds very much. On the plus side at least they weren't sinking anymore.
  7. Everytime there was a gathering in the meeting room it was always full of some level of stress, and this time was especially bad considering what had happened earlier. The Riese and the crew were almost destroyed, but by some luck they were able to survive. At least physically, a lot of people had their issues like Kim and Alriana. Aliza sat in the back taking things in. She would normally be writing in her notebook, but it wasn't in view today. 'I wish I hadn't lost it...' So instead she sat down with her hands on her knees, listening intently. The first thing that hit her was the fact that Vera was there and intact. She knew she was alive from witnessing Kim rescue her from sinking, but it was still a shock. The lady was made of some stern stuff. 'I really hope those shackles hold.' The news of the Riese's engines being fixed was a huge relief on Aliza. It was a miracle. The news about Avery however not so much. "...mm..." She was visibly upset, though she kept her emotions down to a head turn and a lip bite. The fact that Louise was there also didn't help, she was a little worried another fight will break out. So she kept her thoughts onto something else. Like the time she spent with Tristan and the others today.
  8. "You got it, master chef~" She teased with a grin as she approached the pan with the meat in question. An easy job, something she can certainly handle alone. Alriana really needed the guidance anyway. She prepared the meats and started the fry, but part of her attention also went to the newcomer: Talia. "Oh!" She turned her heard toward the girl, and noticed she was a little nervous asking to join. She didn't speak with Talia much, but this was a nice surprise. So she gave off her best smile and a small wink toward her, attempting to settle her down a bit. "Oh of course. Plenty of food to go around!"
  9. When they got to the kitchen, Aliza was ready to go in and start the process. But Tristan beat her to the punch, quite quickly and efficiently in fact. He had all the ingredients prepared, a pan, and even an apron to boot. It impressed Aliza for sure, a surprising turn from the slightly subdued, if a bit nerdy persona he showed before. "Oooh, wow..." She spoke aloud. But decided to meet his vigor with the same. "I can split the work easy yeah." She smiled back and walked off to the side to take another pan. "Well since you decided to be the head chef for today, what should I help out with?"
  10. "Reuben huh." She repeated as she stepped onto the elevator. "You have good taste." She smiled once again, and turned to Aly. "You'll enjoy it, I'm sure. Can't wait to cook for you." For now she can take her mind off of what happened, and hopefully help Aly do the same. Something told her they may not be able to do that for very long. Still, nothing warms the heart like good cheese.
  11. Aly must not have had any opportunities to cook in her life considering her position. Well that was something Aliza was all too eager to correct, we all gotta start somewhere after all. "...what's grilled cheese? Oh!" That was a good starting point. The smile she gave off was nice, though that was a side note Aliza kept to herself. She had to focus on the question. "Well...I think it's better if I show you. I guess that means you never had cheese before?" She asked. "It's pretty tasty, at least I like it. You might too." She looked over at Tristan. "What do you like on your sandwiches, Tristan?"
  12. Aliza was surprised at the change of heart Aly had, pleasantly surprised mind you. It put a smile on her face as she watched her accept Tristan's hand. "I'm glad you decided to come along." He reinforced the good atmosphere. She couldn't help but notice the blush on Tristan's face too, and the mouthed off sorry as well. "...hee hee." She also couldn't help but turn her head a bit with a snicker. This guy was a total dork, but in a very charming way. Granted, Aliza was also a dork too. But it was so refreshing with all these intense situations and serious officers. "Oh, totally! I like grilled cheese myself, so it sits just fine with me!" She picked up her pace with the two of them and pat him on the shoulder briefly. "So let's get to it then, bet you're starved too, Aly."
  13. Oh the grin Aliza gave Tristan was a fun one. It's been a while since she flirted with a male, especially one so handsome. "If you can call me Aliza then I can call you Tristan, only a fair trade right?" He was kind of an awkward guy, she could tell. But then again so was she sometimes. "And sure! I'm totally down for lunch if you are." With a turn she lead along. "Cafeteria's this way, right? I'm kind of beat after all that action, I'd like to unwind a bit with a nice sandwich..." Despite the crisis happening Aliza wasn't sure how to contribute to the recovery, but she could at least get to know more crew mates and help them out. Maybe he could listen to her troubles too. 'I'll catch up with Vvi later.'
  14. "Well, we did watch anime together with Vvi. We're getting to know each other a bit." She answered with a winning smile. 'Hm, he is kind of cute...and nice. I like him.' Still bird watching, even in a time like this. Hadn't rated him yet though, so that'll have to wait. "...oh, alone time?" Well it made sense, Aly had been through a lot. She didn't want to push her too hard considering what had happened. "Hm...ok." She called out as she walked away. "But you know where to find me if you need anything. Let's watch another episode this week!" Then she turned to Tristan. "I guess we're not as close as I thought. Not yet at least..." She rubbed her head. "Then again with everything that happened...I can't blame her."
  15. "Oh, of course. I didn't plan on losing any body parts today, I still need my hands to write and control a mech after all..." She chuckled a bit as she turned to Tristan embracing Aly. Again her newbie status kicked in. She did recall seeing this guy here and there, but she never interacted with him until now. But he seemed special enough to be able to hug Aly and not be completely obliterated by her frustration. Speaking of which, Aliza kept note of Alriana's state. She was still emotional. She was guessing it wasn't just Louise, but Soor'Kan as well. It hadn't been a good day for anyone, but her day was especially rotten. She simply watched the scene in silence for a moment. "...well I'm glad she has good friends to lean on during rough spots like this." She turned to Tristan.
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