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  1. "...hm?" Well Erephis did manage to get Ayane's attention, even as she was stuck in her own head trying to figure things out. She turned to the snake like woman. "...her name is Suzume Kusanagi, my sister. Asami told me Ouka may have reanimated her body and brainwashed her and she was right." She looked aside a little, still very regretful. "Why do you ask and who are you for that matter?"
  2. The oni princess had walked through the entrance of the arena with a very serious, almost dead expression. She had a lot on her mind now, Suzume's appearance was something that had startled her. It wouldn't have gone well if Ayane was still in her angered state. But she had to thank Ren for appearing to soothe her soul somewhat, enough to keep everyone safe from her undead sister's wrath anyway. 'Suzume...' She took a look around the arena, hoping to find Ren.
  3. The fight seemed to finally be thinning out, but there was still work to be done. With whatever feelings she had toward Astin's death shelved for now she drew her longbow out and loosed an energy arrow at the last Saturn to put it out of it's misery. Beam Longbow on the final Saturn, Hit and Away toward 14, 17
  4. Taliyah's words were brief, but they did reach Ayane. "...hm." She had a duty to perform, despite circumstances. She will have a chance to find her sister again, she knew it. So with that in mind Ayane stood up and took her sheathed Orochinagi from the ground. She raised her head and looked toward Taliyah. She didn't say a single word however, all she did was nod and return to the battlefield. You can take that as approval if you want, Taliyah. Ayane moves to 7-13 and waits.
  5. By some miracle Suzume had left after Ayane made her case. It seemed the was struggling with herself quite badly, the very sight of it was enough to bring Ayane to her knees. "Ah...sister..." She watched her half undead sibling run away further and further until her body was obscured by the trees. Poor Ayane wanted very badly to go after her, but her legs didn't seem to want to work right now. Nor did the rest of her for some reason. She just stayed there, by her grounded blade. "...."
  6. "Suzume..." She spoke with great concern, watching her sister break down. It's quite a painful sight, but one Ayane couldn't turn from. So she did something crazy and disarmed herself. She threw the sheathed Orochinagi onto the ground before them. "I...I am sorry sister, but I made a promise to these people. I wish to be with you with all my heart, but not...like this." She watched. "But I also won't fight you. I couldn't bear the pain of making you suffer, so I won't...I'm sorry Suzume, I love you too much."
  7. Ayane was about to rush forward to take out the thieves but a familiar voice came from behind her. "!" A voice she did not expect to hear so soon. She turned to it and saw her sister, half human and half...oh god she regretted not burning the body. The sight was enough to stagger Ayane, even moreso than she would be otherwise. "S.Suzume...so it's true..." She spoke in a shaky voice. How odd, she was ready to strike her down and bring her peace. But now that she's here all she wants to do is talk and try to forget. And so... Ayane moves 2,13 and talks to Suzume "Dear sister...you're alive again." She had approached, but not armed. She sheathed her blade. "Ouka recovered the body quite fast. But...what are you doing here?" It's like there wasn't a battle at all, she cut her focus off from the rest of the party and turned it all on Suzume.
  8. It figures that the arena regulars would be behind this, Ayane thought some of them looked a bit shifty during their bouts. Perhaps they wanted revenge? Either way she was happy to oblige. But running so recklessly into battle after reuniting with her dear cousin would be a waste, despite her blood aching for action. "...Ren, with me." So with that in mind she turned her attention up north to help. Ayane moves to 4,12
  9. Ayane hadn't had a good night's sleep in a good while after she left Izuna, the downfall of her family left her with some vicious nightmares. Didn't help that she was alone throughout most of it and forced to drink sake once a day to keep the blood back a bit. But reuniting with Ren did help her actually sleep for once. Just the feeling that she wasn't alone was enough to let the oni girl drift off into a well needed rest. It didn't quite stop the nightmares however. This time Ayane was in a field of reeds, alone and unarmed. She was just in a white kimono, and human! She had no oni horns. Quite odd. She looked out to see another person ahead of her, another girl. Ayane recognized her back, and had a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach. This was a nightmare, she knew it. But she hadn't seen this one before, it was mostly memories of the night she took her own countrymen's lives that haunt her. Was this an omen? She took a quick sigh and stepped toward the girl, and as she did, the golden field of reeds slowly changed to a redder picture. Flames started to rise a little, but it didn't seem to stop or even phase Ayane. She continued toward the person, and reached out hesitantly. "...Suzume." She took the girl's shoulder, she knew it was her. However before Suzume could answer... "We must be off." "!" And Ayane was awakened by her cousin, though perhaps this was a blessing in disguise. "...hm." She sensed some malice in the air, very faint mind you but it was there. With that in mind she quickly got out of bed and hid behind a curtain, she disrobed from her nightclothes and donned her armor. After a moment she had stepped out and looked at Ren. "Keep your wits about you." She walked toward the door. "And if you find an iron sword unused please let me know, I must preserve Orochinagi." Ayane was quite mad. That was the first time in a long while she had finally gotten some sleep. Someone will pay for this.
  10. She giggled a bit at that. "Hm, always so loyal...I appreciate that Ren." It made her happy that he was here, she can relax around him. "...very well. I've given my word to this group, and now I shall give it to you. Doubly so." She stood up from the chair. "I wish to speak with the leaders at some point to make our connection clear, among other things. And..." She thought for a moment. "I also wish to speak with their hero, Marina...when I do I want you to join me." She turned to the door. "But until then I am quite tired, I'm going to get a room and turn in for the evening. Could you please return the key to...Gabriela I believe?" She put it on the table before she walked to the door. "Thank you again, Ren. I'm glad you're alive..."
  11. Aya. There was a name she hadn't heard in a while. It usually bugs her coming from him, Suzume and Yukari, but this time it was quite welcome. Things always go well when Ren starts a topic with "I need you to stay calm", but Ayane listened doing her best to do so. Luckily for Ren Ayane had already been informed by Asami that there was a strong chance that Ouka would revive the body of one of loved ones and use them against Ayane, and she was right. It appears Ouka was determined to keep a trump card to use against them when the time was right. Ayane did grip her fist a bit, just thinking about it made her blood boil a little. But as Ren took her cheek with his hand she felt some of that rage passed, strange how he always had a way to simmer his cousin down. It was a gift, one Ayane was thankful for. "...hm...I'm fine, cousin." Her angry expression softened a little and she took a sigh as she put her hand on Ren's. "Asami told me that too, the possibility that Ouka would use Suzume against us. It appears she's right...that fox woman knows a lot, almost too much. I suggest keeping an eye on her, Ren." She kept her eyes on him. "But at the moment I don't believe she's a threat, not like Ouka anyway. As for Suzume...I suppose we'll deal with her when the time comes."
  12. A few minutes in his arms seemed like an eternity, just letting out all of her emotions in tears as he did the same. She wished they could stay like this forever, and that reality wasn't what it was. But alas, duty called, and as time passed Ayane slowly realized it. She eventually slowed down her sobs and pulled back from Ren just a moment, brushing her hair back briefly. "..." She opened her eyes to see Ren. They were still red, but a little more dry now after she used his shirt as a hankie. "...swear to me that nothing here leaves this room, especially the cry." She almost gave a pout. "Or I'll kill you..." That wasn't a threat at all by the way, it was too weak to be considered one. Well, less weak and more embarrassed one might say. Ayane then went to a chair and took a seat. "Well then...I assume you know who this group is then? A peacekeeping force tasked with restoring order to the land. I was...recruited by a kitsune woman named Asami." She used that term a little bit loosely. "I've given them my word I would help their cause, and in exchange they would help me seek out Ouka who is here in this land and apparently involved with it's dealings somehow."
  13. There it was, the proof. Creating counterfeits of these weapons is something that wasn't in the realm of possibility, there was something about them that seemed drawn to one another. As soon as Ren showed the Tonbokiri it began to resonate with the Orochinagi somehow. Like it was a musical instrument part of a family set it belonged with it's sister weapon. Both weapons almost seemed to let off a faint glow that could go unnoticed. But Ayane noticed it. "....." Without warning, she lunged herself toward Ren before he could even react. But it wasn't a lunge born of malice, as evidenced by the fact Ayane simply dropped her katana as soon as she did. No, it was...a moment of weakness. "Ren...oh...Ren..." She sobbed through her tears. Yes, sobbed. Yes, tears. With that sudden realization Ayane had broken down. All the tension, anger and hatred harbored within her over these past weeks had suddenly been lifted. For a few brief moments, but lifted nevertheless. She had thought she was the only one left, the lone survivor of a now lost kingdom. Just knowing that another was here was enough to give her some hope. "Ren...Ren..." She sobbed some more, hiding her face in his chest as she clenched his shirt with her hand.
  14. Ayane took the key and pulled Ren off to the room after a quick glance at the number. She opened the door and pulled him to the bed, then she closed the door and locked it. "..." She stared at Ren for a good minute. Ayane had steeled herself for a lengthy, almost brutal interrogation. But she regretted looking Ren in the eye, seeing a hint of sorrow. It really hit her that maybe this was genuine...only one way to find out. "...if you truly are Ren then prove it." She spoke and eyed the lance behind his back. She took out her katana, the Orochinagi. The blade was very well crafted and beautiful. Despite Ayane using it a lot these days it remained taken care of to a point where one could almost believe it was brand new. It was a family treasure, one of three. "Show me your weapon."
  15. She didn't take her eyes off her cousin, but she did hear Gaby's offer to open her room for them. "...thank you." She responded. "Then let's not waste anymore time." With that said, she pulled Ren off toward the inn. This was not a gentle stroll between family members, it almost looked like a prisoner escort. At least in Ayane's mind. Though don't feel too bad, Ren. She wanted the opposite deep down.
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