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  1. Renais kept as close as she could by Tio, as she lead along to the leader. The Evoker then asked her about Cin, and then a pyre they saw when they descended the mountain. Renais was a bit hesitant to answer. "Mm...I'm sorry, Tio. I didn't see Cin. After Miria and Siorel both got hit...I saw something, and I couldn't focus on anything else but healing them. That something is part of what I need to tell you later." She took a moment to keep herself composed. "But throughout the fight, Cin was more reckless than usual. He was extremely frustrated, our new friend Siorel seemed close to him at the time and was so concerned. I kept healing him up until Miria and Siorel fell, and then I heard a scream." 'I'm not sure if it was from Cin or my...' She took another pause. "Well, by the time I got them both up things had settled down. I didn't see Cin after that, but I heard Siorel went after him. I'm sorry, I know I said everyone was fine and I'm sure Cin is too but..." Renais was a little frustrated with herself. Her senses were usually so sharp, so on a normal day she'd be able to tell Tio exact details on what happened to Cin. But of course the moment she needed them her mind failed her. As soon as they got to the statue, Renais went silent and let Tio lead from there while she kept trying to keep her stress levels down. Unfortunately for Renais those stress levels were challenged once again once more knights had appeared. "!" She quickly rushed behind Tio and kept on her guard, that was all she could do at the moment.
  2. Admittedly, once Tio spoke it set Renais' soul at ease. The tension and terror from before had more or less left her, and she could finally relax for a few moments. "Mm...thank you, Tio. It means a lot." She nodded at the older woman with a small smile, and resolved herself to focus on the job. She turned to Tasha and nodded her head to her. "All of the Tigers are alive. We've had a few close calls, and rattled emotions, but physically we're all alright as far as I saw. That's all." She rose her head after her short report and turned to lead Tio off to the stoned commander. 'That being said, Cin did run off I think...I hope Siorel can keep him calm enough.' Renais was tempted to go after him, but decided to trust in their new friend.
  3. Renais was still a little surprised Alvira was so kind, she had a completely different image of her. She was more than willing to bury that image after what just happened. She simply gave a nod back to Alvira as she turned to the stoned man. "...how strange." Renais was so consumed by her own thoughts she had no idea how the man turned to stone, but there wasn't much time to try to find out how. She had a feeling it was a spell, and pretty much every spell had a time limit. So with that in mind she rushed off to find Tio before that time limit ran out. Thankfully it didn't take long, she found Tio and Tasha. "Tio, Commander!" She called out. "I'm sorry if I'm interrupting anything important, but I think we have the leader...restrained? Well, more like turned to stone somehow." Renais would have hugged Tio on sight, but she got her hug out before hand thanks to the dragon girl. "...and this is less important, but when everything settles I need to talk to you and Elisa. When you have time anyway, I don't want to pull you away from important things."
  4. Renais was surprised to learn Alvira also had lost some memories. "You too? That's surprising..." Having two people with lost memories in the same troop was quite a stroke of fate, she felt bad for Alvira now. "Alvira..." She turned her head to the side and took a breath. 'She sounds just like Gean, the Tigers are my family now...yeah, that sounds about right.' "...yeah, I think you're right. Thank you." She wiped her tears away. "I'm sorry you had to see that from me, I don't make a habit of breaking down." She slowly regained her composure. "Miria and Siorel are fine, you all will be. You have my word..." That last part was a bit of a strong front, but she did mean it. 'Whatever that vision was I won't let it get to me...I can't.'
  5. Alvira was very kind, a far cry from what Renais imagined her to be. Normally she would be hesitant to speak her mind about he issue, but the moment seemed about right to do that. Renais pulled back slightly once she got enough tears out and she looked Alvira in the eye. "I think I'm losing my mind, Alvira...when Miria and Siorel fell I saw this terrible image, one of people dying in fire..." She sniffed. "Maybe it's from my missing five years, I have no idea...I don't know what's happening to me. I'm scared..."
  6. A bit of time passed after Siorel was back up and said her thanks. The issue was Renais was not in a good mindset at the moment, even after her friends were back up. She held her head a little as she tried her best to beat back that horrible vision she had. 'What...what's happening to me...stop please...stop...' The girl was so absorbed in her mind she didn't realize Alvira had approached her, and when the pull to a hug came Renais was in shock. So much so she dropped her staff. Panic filled her eyes for a moment, until they darted to who gave her the hug, then confusion filled them instead. "A.ahhh..." Alvira was the very last person she expected this from, she thought it would have been from Gean or Miria. But at the moment Renais didn't seem to care who it came from, not in her state of mind anyway. The pinkette's eyes started to tear up, and she returned the hug Alvira gave her ten fold with a good cry to go with it. "Mm...ah...."
  7. Even with Gean's words, Renais was still in a panic, but thankfully once Miria was back up her stress was alleviated somewhat. Now that her best friend was taken care of it was time to pick up her new friend, so the pinkette rushed to Siorel's side and used her staff once again. "Please get up... please..." Renais moves on 5, 11 and Mends Siorel away from an early grave.
  8. Siorel dropped, and so did Miria. Things were looking dire. Renais turned to them both with some shock in her eyes. "A-ah...no..." Despite trying to calm her nerves another image hit her, the same one from before. One of fire and smoke, though this time less smoke obstructed her view and she could see faint figures before her...bodies on the ground. They were still as a stone, so it seemed like they were- "A-AAAAH!!! NO NO NO!!!" She gasped out as she tried desperately to shake off that terrible sight. "No! I can save them! I can save them!" With fear in her step, Renais rushed to Miria's side and tried to catch her breath. She took out her mend and used as much magic as she could to help her friend. "Miria! Miria get up! Get up please! Get up!" Renais (in a slight panic) rushes to 6, 11 and Mends Miria.
  9. Taiyou's approach was a welcome one, though Mae at first was not...until she noticed the real smile on his face. No malicious intent as far as Ayane could tell, she might be really good at hiding it though. Still, there was no reason to be hostile now. "I did take quite a blow from one, yes. But it's mostly healed by now...really the only thing wounded is my pride." She looked aside with a chuckle. "But as long as everyone is safe and sound then I have no reason to complain." Ren quietly stood aside, just trying to settle his own thoughts.
  10. Renais did not like being manhandled by someone she didn't know and someone she was sure didn't like her, but she casted aside her grouchy mood long enough to listen to Siorel. "I will do my best." She replied and rushed behind Cin. She didn't want to distract him from his slugfest so she silently healed the dragon, and hoped the soothing light would at least settle him enough. Renais moves 7, 13 and heals Cin
  11. Renais expected more hustle in her step considering what they were up against. "Thank you, miss. I'm Renais by the way..." Since they were working together now probably best to pass her name along. So with that next step she rushed over to Syndra next. Renais moves to 8, 11 and heals Syn.
  12. Renais was a bit surprised at the sudden burst of energy, but as soon as a voice called out to her she realized what was going on. So she simply nodded at the new woman and continued her healing. One more heal for the good dragon boy!
  13. Renais moves 12, 12 and heals Cin The pinkette rushed to Cin's side as fast as she could and patched him up quickly. "Cin stay with me please..."
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