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  1. Yep. The one thing she feared, he was joining the Tigers. Today was just full of surprises, too much for Renais. "..." She slowly backed away from Cin and Natalya and pulled her robe close to her. "Mr Cin...I am the g-group healer and...only approach me when you need my healing. Otherwise...otherwise..." She shook a little, it was impossible to hide her emotions at this point between all the teasing and her own personal fears. "Leave me alone!" She threw her hood on and ran off in the same direction Alvira went. Not because she was after her mind you, the room she shared with Miria was there. So wanted nothing more than to hide and keep to her books. Well, other than locating her sister. But that was not an option at the moment.
  2. "Ah, Alvira!" She called out as she rushed away from the group, she didn't even have time to inspect her to see if she made a full recovery. But if she had enough energy to hover away like that then she was probably better now. She just took a sigh and stood back up, trying to ignore Cin. "...just doing my job..." She mumbled to Cin, very grateful the battle was over. She had hoped the boat ride was near it's end, so she wouldn't have to deal with him. But sadly... "...eh?" She perked up. 'Showed...qualifications? For what? For...oh...oh no don't tell me-!'
  3. Oh goodness, another tall, beautiful person to tease Renais in the form of Elisa. She simply groaned to herself, finding it harder and harder to deal with all the attention. "Aaaah please just..." She shook her head, trying not to let it get to her. She was on the verge of saying somehting when... "Renais! Come on, we've got a monster killer injury!" Oh thank god, duty calls. Which was of course a bad thing, but she took that chance to break from the group and run over to Alvira. "O-on the way!" She called out. In another moment she was knelt by Alvira's side. "I'm here Alvira, stay with us..." She held out the staff and began the healing process. Mending the damage from the wound as best as she could.
  4. The pat on the head didn't help much, but she didn't decline it at least. "Mm...that's not needed, miss Aegean..." She looked aside with a mumble. "He's just on the boat as a passenger, we won't see him again after this battle...but..." She watched him with a wide frown and even wider eyes. "....eeeeh...I can't leave him like this..." Despite her fears, Renais just couldn't leave the injured in need. Her conscious was too strong. With a gulp to herself she slowly slinked over to the large dragon fighter and got as close as she could. She held out her staff and started to mend his wounds. '...I'm just doing my job...just doing my job, just doing my job, just doing my job...' Renais moves to 10-10 and (very carefully) heals Cin once more!
  5. The teasing from both Cin and Marianne was not doing favors for Renais' composure. She started to raise her staff in defense as she looked down with a blush. "Don't...don't remember me please..." She mumbled toward Cin. "I mean...just doing my job and well...err...you know..." She slinked back slightly behind Aegean, trying to avoid the judging gazes of both the beauty and the beast. 'Why was I born short...?'
  6. Renais didn't expect to see such a...ravishing looking dancer to reward her efforts with a quick step. It caused the healer to blush a little. '...ok maybe this trip might be worth the pain after all.' Renais enjoyed the sight before her, almost like she forgot about the battle...which Marianne quickly reminded her of when she pointed out the scariest person on the boat. "...eh?" She snapped out of it and turned to Cin with wide eyes. 'W-WHY HIM?!' She had trouble hiding her spooked face as she looked between him and Marianne. "A-ahh, yes...r-right away ma'am." She gulped for a moment and rose her staff up. Thank goodness she knew how to heal from a distance, she had trouble just looking at the man. With another quiet chant the tip of the staff glowed yet again and energy flowed from it toward Cin. Like a gentle breeze the healing flowed across the dragonic warrior's body and slowly undid the damage he took. Renais heals Cin with Staff Technician!
  7. Seeing two of her teammates before her get set off and their commander's attempt at handling it was not a sight Renais wanted to see today, she simply looked aside and sighed to herself. 'I suppose I will leave them to their own devices then...' Two of her least favorite people on the team bickering? She wasn't going to play peacemaker to that sight. She hoped commander Tasha had it under control. So instead she turned her attention toward an injured companion that came into view, Aegean! With another breath she approached the warrior and held up her staff. "Don't worry, I have you." She rose her staff up, and with a short chant energy flowed from the tip of the staff toward her companion to mend the wounds she had taken. Renais to 7, 12, heals Gean
  8. Somehow Renais expected things to not go 100% well. She stepped on deck with her cloak on and her staff in her hand. She eyed the team, everyone seemed healthy so far. Good sign. But then she spotted someone running head long into danger. With a resigned sigh she had decided to follow her closely to make sure she doesn't go down. Despite her feelings toward the dragon's hostility she didn't want to deal with the aftermath when she's defeated. Renais moves toward 7, 14.
  9. The Wastes huh? Ayane was a little intimidated by the build up to their destination, on top of all this preparation. 'Is it like going through a desert...?' To her mind there wasn't a place like that in Nanbu, but she was prepared either way. She wondered if the Oni strength she had gained would protect her from the land's magic drain or make her situation worse, she hoped it was the former. Perhaps it was a question to ask, but she was sure the rest of the troop wasn't sure either. At least there were mana potions to help, despite the fact it reminded her of the gourd she already was required to drink every now and then like a medication. The princess clutched onto her cloak closely, her armor and regular under clothes seemed to be enough for the trip. She took a look around for either Ren or Ari to see which cart they had their eyes on and hoped to join them.
  10. Renais watched Miria in shock as she grabbed her hand and lead her off. She was so bold! It was almost enough to make the pinkette speak up and protest but...well her hand was quite soft she had to admit. It distracted her a little. At least until they got far enough for the girl to realize herself and let go. "...hm." Renais got ahold of herself after she did. "Please let me know next time you're going to pull me along like that, miss Miria." She spoke with a stern look. "...otherwise I have no issues sharing a room with you for the trip, all I ask is that you give me my space when I need it." She turned to the door Miria pointed out and nodded. "My thanks." She walked toward the door with a slight sigh. '...I am so tired...'
  11. She was quite grateful that Aegean had pulled away their new (and incredibly hot/possibly scary) dragon friend, she took a silent sigh to herself. 'Goodness...will I ever get past this?' Miria approached her, probably one of the easier members to get along with. If Renais had interest in that sort of thing anyway. But at the very least she could accept bunking with her, so long as she doesn't peak at her belongings. Especially her notebook. "...yes, I do need some rest." She looked over at Miria. "We have a long journey after all. Lead on."
  12. "!" Oh no. The big scary dragon man addressed her. Well the truth was his entire appearance literally overwhelmed the pinkette. He was tall, muscled and actually good looking. She wasn't sure how to feel, scared or attracted. Maybe both? Good thing her emotions were hidden by her hood. She took a moment to lift her head toward Cinaed, and nodded. "...Renais." She simply said. "...but please, you needn't commit it to memory. I'm simply here to perform my duty as a cleric...patient policy and all that." Her voice was slightly shaky, she was a little bad at hiding her emotions. She turned her head toward Aegean and gave her a look that was more or less: 'Please answer that man's question for me'. Assuming the woman can read mixed expressions that is!
  13. Renais was one of the last to board...or rather she thought she was, until a certain crowd slipped on at the last moment. But she paid them no mind and simply turned to the side, as she held her hood and cloak close. She stared out to the ocean deep in thought. '...soon...I'll be there soon.' She seemed more determined than before that's for sure. But before she could get deeper in her thoughts a voice called out. "?" She turned to Aegean a little and saw the injured man in question. Oh my, he was a looker. Renais, comfortable behind her hood, gave a small grin to herself. '...a clean ten I see. Very nice.' More to write about later. She approached the two and noticed his dragon friend carrying him. She stared a little uncomfortably, again hidden by her hood. '...why was I born small? He looks like he could snap me in two...' But...considering Aegean was nearby and his arms were literally full Renais had no fear of the man doing anything for the moment. She cleared her voice and approached the two. "Please hold still, sir." She opened her cloak a bit to show her staff and rose it to the wound. The gemstone at the end of the staff let out a faint glow as a gentle energy flowed from the tip toward the man's leg. It softly wrapped around his ankle and in a few moments the injury had been mended. "That should do it, so long as you don't injure yourself again. While this staff has it's limits I'd imagine feeling the same pain again wouldn't do." Innocuous Inquiry
  14. Well it was happening, and by this point Renais had no power to stop it. Her last clue lead her back to Glacies, but she wasn't done with her research here. If she left for Islexia and Liza happened to still be here then it would break her. On the other hand: She was asked for help by the Evokers themselves, which was a massive honor for someone like Renais. Turning them down would be terrible of course, but Renais wasn't sure she was ready to fight in such an important battle. On top of that leaving the mercenary squad without a healer would also be a blow. "......" The hooded girl looked aside, practically at war with herself. She wasn't sure what to do, and she didn't know who to talk to about this considering how reserved she kept herself from everyone. To accept would be a risk, to deny would be a risk. The pinkette was not in a good place. '...my sister's life...may be in danger. But...mm...' She rose a hand to her head and felt it a bit. '...maybe...I'll compose a letter of resignation...just in case...'
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