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  1. Sry I was busy the last few days. lets continue via pm. I don't want to spam this topic any further.
  2. There should also be a extensionless file. This is the one to use for insertion.
  3. The first on the list. Class animation creator I'm on mobile right now so I can't tell how the actual buttons are called but there is one for loading a script. Click that and load the script (without # and comments after it) FEditor will let u know if the process is complete or if there are any errors. Now you simply create the animation files by clicking the button right next to the former mentioned and saving it. These files are needed to insert the animation via the Class Animation Manager.
  4. Not the one for spell animations There is also one for battle animations.
  5. Simply take the script and delete all # and the comments behind it. Then you can create the files needed using the "animation creator" (I believe it's called like this. Don't quote me on that xD)
  6. yeah I took inspiration and a lot of reference from Legendary Eph ;) Well thanks man. Glad u like it!
  7. Since I didn't post it here till now I'll catch up on this now. Here is my take on a alternative to the mounted (and imo boring) great Lord Ephraim. https://www.dropbox.com/s/gdvnptr8f8fmawi/Ephraim%20Great%20Lord%20%28unmounted%29.rar?dl=0 Credit: Nuramon I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
  8. Sup guys. Since I never submitted any of my animations here, I'd like to catch up in that regard. Marshall Zelgius Credt: Nuramon and Luerock (I referenced Alondite from the BK animation) https://www.dropbox.com/s/ywp69iu9y01p5t2/Marshall_Zelgius.rar?dl=0 The package contains 3 animations (sword, unarmed and Alondite), map sprites and a mug. Also please read the readme ;) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sniper edit Credit: Nuramon, Swain, Temp, Wan - male - male generic (also credit to Swain) - female - Rebecca (also credit to Temp and Wan) https://www.dropbox.com/s/z5uqrnrkwugdtft/Snipers.rar?dl=0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- General w/ shield Comes with animations for Spear, Axe (normal and swing), Handaxe, Sword, Magic and unarmed Credit: - Nuramon: Sword, Spear, Axe, Handaxe, unarmed, Magic - The Blind Archer: Axe swing - DerTheVaporeon: Magic https://www.dropbox.com/s/rdhnfl6o0tza7rn/General.rar?dl=0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FE10 armored knight Credit: - Nuramon - Iscaneus on DeviantArt for the battle sprites (and the permission to animate them xD) Comes with animations for Spear, Axe, Handaxe, Sword, Bow and unarmed New map sprites are included as well! https://www.dropbox.com/s/2qa6yl1w1z7q4x4/FE10 Knight.rar?dl=0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Grand Paladin One of the animations from the yggdra Patch for FE8. I added the missing weapon types (Axe, Handaxe and Bow) and the unarmed anim. Credits: - Aruku and Kenpuhu for the original animations (Spear and Sword) - Nuramon: - repalette (separated the armor colours from the horse ones) - new animations (Axe, Handaxe, Bow and unarmed) https://www.dropbox.com/s/dw1ibgrqv2tn6i9/Grand_Paladin.rar?dl=0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sage!Lute w/ long hair Also from the yggrda patch. I gave her some extensions xD Credits: - Aruku and Kenpuhu for the original animation - Nuramon https://www.dropbox.com/s/bui7bp21yauqgd0/Lute Sage (long hair).rar?dl=0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FE10 Black Dragon Credit: Nuramon https://www.dropbox.com/s/vd19222mv0hyvp1/FE10_Black Dragon.rar?dl=0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Greentea's animation The folloing animations were made by Greentea I only wrote the scripts for these Sage!Pent https://www.dropbox.com/s/felg1joeh9nxd37/Pent (Sage) by Greentea.rar?dl=0 Sage!Limstella https://www.dropbox.com/s/bx74jzhqq5l156x/Limstella (Sage) by Greentea.rar?dl=0 Assassin!Jaffar https://www.dropbox.com/s/18dh4kyh4czlkw8/Jaffar (Assassine) by Greentea.rar?dl=0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finally I want to show you my most recent animation. The Harbinger The goal was to make the hector great lord even more badass, which was (according to quite a few people on FEU) a success. xD Credit: Nuramon, Linkain Arakeist(for the magical orb) Comes with animations for Axe, Handaxe, Sword, Magic and unarmed https://www.dropbox.com/s/x7kc8gbmnswlofu/Harbinger.rar?dl=0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And that concludes my portfolio of custom battle animations. ;) .. at least until now xD kind regads Nura
  9. Salutations, please correct me, if I posted this in the wrong section, but I'd like to know whom the credit for this mug is due and whether or not it is free to edit? It was used in NYZgamer3's hack Death or Glory. I allready send him a message, but it seems he is inactiv. kind regards Nuramon
  10. Hi everyone, a really nerv wracking problem keeps bugging me for hours now. Since I just started ROM-Hacking a month ago, I'm still inexperienced. So I thought you might know the solution to my problem. Like the title indicate I'm trying to create new custom battle sprites for some characters in my project. So, what I've done so far: - repointed the Custom Battle Sprite Table to 0xBE0160 (via Brendor's FEGBA Table Repointer) - copied an existing editor (e.g. the Hero Raven.nmm) and renamed it via Notepad - repointed the new editor (0xBE0360) - edited the same one (in my case to give Dorcas the FE10 Fighter animation) But if I choose the custom sprite in the character editor, simply no battle animation will show up. I've checked the values via HxD. Since they are correct, I think it has to to with the pointer. For reference. What confuses me the most, is the fact, that I've done the exact same thing before and it worked perfectly >.< Could someone have the grace to tell me how I can fix this? Well... Now I solved the problem. I simply forgot to actually set the pointer in the "Custom Battle Sprite Pointer Table Editor.nmm" *facepalm* Kind regards Nuramon
  11. Alright. Thanks for your help. I appreciate it!
  12. It worked! :D Thank you. Both of you. I didn't know that's the same as with the battle sprites. Also good to know that MS paint is wrecking the palette index. Would it also be possible to save the palettes separatly via usenti and insert them afterwords? (given the case I lost the index by using MS paint)
  13. Sadly it didn'd worked. I see the different palettes in Usenti, pasted my sprite over the ripped once and saved it as a .bmp. But still the same result..
  14. Hi there :D I've got a problem with a custom map sprite but first things first: English isn't my native language, so please pardon me for my so called english "skills". I'm also fairly new to spriting and ROM-hacking in total, but I try to wrap my head around it. Anyway, the problem I have is the following. I took the map sprite of King Zephiel from FE8 and customized it. Therefor I used the colours that were already in the sprite. After that I tried to insert the map sprite in a clean FE7-ROM via Emblem Magic. The outcome was rather strange. All colours where randomly swapped. But see for yourself. That's the sprite. and that's the outcome. I already checked the sprite using usenti and sorted the colours in the right order, but the outcome remains the same. So what am I doing wrong? >.< I attached the bitmap for reference. Sincerely, Nuramon map sprit bmp.bmp
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