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  1. Xander has a nice body if Summer Version of Xander means something.
  2. Was trying to summon (and failing till I lost all my orbs) a 5 Star NY Azura, only to end up with an Atk+ Def- Deirdre. Not sure if this is a good thing or not.
  3. As someone who has gotten into Heroes for over a week now, I have acquired enough feathers to five star a unit. Here are the candidates: Marth, Athena, Eirika, Lon'qu, Olivia, Lazlow, Selena, Draug, Eliwood, Sthal, Palla, Jeigan, Abel, Mathilda, Shanna, Subaki, Nowi, Mae, Oliver, MRobin, Odin, Hawkeye, Frederick, Cherche, Fae, Nino, Soren, Niles, Cecilia, Serra, and Lissa. The current 5 Stars I have are: BraveLyn, Frederick, Ike, NewYear Camilla, Merric, Fjorm, Catria, Mathilda, Roy, NewYear Corrin, and Genny.
  4. Gerik (Chris Sabat as his VA please), Tethys (Monica Rial as her VA please), Python (Mounted Archer maybe?), Calill, Benny (Poor Benny :( ), Tatiana (Reunites with Camus/Zeke), and Hector. (Brave Hector must be a thing)
  5. Just Started Heroes a week ago. Here are my Five Stars 1. Brave Lyn (Brave Hero Banner) 2. Fjorm (Story Mode Book 2) 3. Ike 4. Genny (She and Ike from Hero's Fest) 5. Catria 6. Merric (He and Catria as random 5 stars from a banner I don't recall) 7. New Year Camilla 8. Mathilda (Anti-Cavalry) 9. Roy (The Recent 4 and 5 star Focus Banner) Still hope to obtain 5 Star New Year Corrin from the current tempest trials, along with getting my hands on New Year Azura and maybe Micaiah and Sothe.
  6. Cream of the Crop Castings: Patrick Seitz as Hector Wendee Lee as Lyn Jamieson Price as Hawkeye Kate Higgins as Serra Michael Sinterniklaas as Lucius Cindy Robinson as Minerva (Her Minerva is too good to not mention over her disappointing takes on Hinoka and Peri) Robert Clotworthy as Black Knight Imari Williams as Valter DC Douglas as Barst Brina Palenica as Lute Todd Haberkorn as Joshua Travis Willingham as Lon'qu Kyle McCarley as Alm Erica Lindbeck as Celica Greg Chun as Lukas Cherami Leigh as Mae Keith Silverstein as Saber Tara Sands as Sonya Ian Sinclair as Berkut Heather Watson as Fjorm All of Christopher Smith's roles are way too good so they tie (Reinhart, Seth, and Legion) The Not so Great: Bryce Papenbrook as Karel Sam Riegal as Raigh Michelle Ruff as Soleil Julie Kliewer as Lilina David Stanbra as Xander And although on the Japanese side, I found most of Junji Majima's roles other than Black Knight to sound so samey.
  7. Xander is my least favorite Fates sibling, rather than the usual Camilla or Takumi like most people would say. And the fact he eats up more screentime than the other Nohr siblings during story events being a blind dadworshipper gives me Suzaku from Code Geass vibes of cringe. Don't really care for Soren much, and would rather yaoi-ship Ike with Ranulf. Tethys is not statistically the worst dancer, that goes to Lalum, and Tethys is a far more interesting and likeable than her and Azura. Honestly like Benny more than Effie as a character, and can be salvaged as a unit.
  8. I voted for Kiria, Mamori, and Yashiro. Kiria just for singing Reincarnation, aka the most well known and catchiest song in the game. Mamori for being one of the best party members in the game (Healing Baking Oven FTW). And Yashiro for being one of the few memorably decent characters in the game (and he's voiced by Yoshimasa Hosoya and has a nice singing voice, notably for his song Black Rain).
  9. Which of these pop idol animu tropes made you go sugoi?
  10. This is a multiple vote poll (as well as the others), so feel free to vote as many as you desire.
  11. I guess I can make a poll for them another time.
  12. just remember that you can vote multiple mages on this forum (and the others)
  13. Which leading figures have used their charisma to indoctrinate you into complete loyalty? Also includes the Tacticians, Nobles from Fates, and Spinoff Lords.
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