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  1. Hello, I need some help with a couple of codes on Dolphin 5.0 and Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn [NTSC-U].iso: RFEE01
    The only codes I'm trying to use are 

    $No Cap Limits [ShadowX39]
    08B54094 78646464
    20A1011C 00000000
    08B54098 64646464
    20A1011C 00000000
    08B54060 014B014B
    20A1011C 00000000
    08B54064 014B014B
    20A1011C 00000000
    08B54068 014B014B
    20A1011C 00000000
    08B5406C 014B014B
    20A1011C 00000000
    08B54070 014B014B
    20A1011C 00000000
    08B54074 014B014B
    20A1011C 00000000

    $All Weapons have a Brave Effect [ShadowX39]
    08B5FDCE 00000001
    00CA0050 00000000
    *Like Brave Axe and Amiti

    $Every Single Unit always has 99 Exp [ShadowX39]
    08884E0F 00000063
    00A103F0 00000000

    $Weapon Become Blessed after use (Player's Turn) [g6flavor]
    283c9396 0000B83C
    003c9221 00000090
    E0000000 80008000


    The problem is, when ever I try to play, not only are they not activating, but when ever it changes to the enemy phase (only after combat), Dolphin gives me these warnings.

    "Invalid read from 0xbf80000c, PC = 0x800784bc"

    "Invalid read from 0xbf800008, PC = 0x800784d0"

    "Invalid read from 0xbf800008, PC = 0x80078fe8"


    I've read on other forums that there's a strange offset to the codes to make them work, only thing is.....I'm a complete idiot when it comes to hex codes so I'd never even begin to understand how to calculate the offset. Any help would be appreciated please. Also for a side note. In the .ini I have put a + in front of the code name to make sure it's activated. But it always seems to erase the + after I save and close the .ini.

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