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  1. you don't like a bit of romance? how come? :P and i think all dramas i have watched are 50% romance lol except for 1, which is called ''moorim school'' that one is mostly focused on ''martial arts'' and ''adventure'' .... despite it being underrated, it's a really good drama , recommend it just because i can , here is some more of this yummy cute actor ok i will stop now
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZVB_zCBlCU
  3. I am so surprised with this one.... the music itself is so nice and really upbeat and just overall good vibes , this type of sound is not what i am used to from twice i LIKE the song and mv too, the rap parts are also good in my opinion good work twice Read more: http://cutekpopforum.net/thread/3267/twice-likey-music-video#ixzz4x0A2dPF0
  4. this is one of the things that scares me the most ..... but people are all too self consumed to even think about this topic for a min i hate it when i see people in their car with the engine going .... and for god knows how long, and why? because they are waiting for someone to come along? you do not need your engine to be running for you to be able to wait .... yet they stand still with an engine going for half hour or longer and causing the environment to get fkd .... and for what? that is just one example that blows my mind.... and also, people fkin take the car/scooter for every little thing they want to do on a daily basis most people never walk or cycle lol i reckon .... and you wonder why most people are so extremely fat huh
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