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  1. Just because presumably the scythe was made like Athame and the Circe staff. Shares the black icon.
  2. In the Serenes Forest's list of crests, two of these were unclear. Is this crest used for archaic weapons like Scythe of Sariel and Athame? Crest of the Forge ??? Where do you get it, what does it do?
  3. I wanted to know if there is a way to get them after their banner/event. Also I merged my Ike with S!Corrin for Sol. Mistake. I wanted to get another
  4. So I play for fun, and don't really care about competitive, and I was wondering if it's possible to get NY Corrin.
  5. Would it be possible to capture a Kitsune/Wolfsegner on their stages with Kidnap/Capture, or are they un captureable?
  6. I didn't know about talents at the time, I'll try it out. If you marry Corrin with troubadour to someone, thats a bonus character with troubadour. Maybe later I'll try to create some other mono armies (Probably gonna be terrible tho)
  7. On the topic of reclassing, is there a way to get any unit to any class (that has supports) excluding special classes? If you want a skill on a unit, do you have to get it from the logbook or is there an easy way outside of A+ and S supports that I don't know of?
  8. I mean, by hacking I just meant powersave, and I probably wouldn't even have been able to kill Garon on any higher difficulty, since this is my first FE game and I play Normal Casual. Next time I play through Birthright, I'll make an effort do beat Garon early to see if it is possible for me to do it. Also, since Birthright was the easiest of the three routes, of course Xander's chapter can easily be finished in one turn even without Corrin, because of locktouch. It would be so much more interesting if Xander was stronger in that chapter and you had to go all the way around and beat his retainers to enter the room and beat Xander. But the game is not going to get anymore changes at this point, so Xander's chapter will remain a one-turn chapter forever. But I really should have mentioned the hacking.
  9. This is an example of a post:
  10. In case people want to make bond units, all of the threads on a lot of forums are closed, so if you want to have bond units in 2019 and onward... Post your MyCastle Code, Path, and avatar's name in a spoiler How does one make a bond unit? Get each other's Calling Cards Get at least one accessory from the other player Continue giving them accessories each day (you won't lose these accessories) Voila! Why should you post your path? So that you can hand pick the pool of skills your bond unit gets. Always check your accessory page in your inbox and take their calling card and give them accessories. I'll just post all the possible skills in a spoiler.
  11. I'll try. I'm getting Rev soon, so I wanted to know if I could get the Jade spring. BTW suggestions on Nohr gem mine?
  12. so i always do branch of fate, you mean straight up new game?
  13. Create a new save file, or "wipe data"?
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