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  1. How do you get Takumi to be an outlaw/adventurer or bow knight, with a male Corrin as the avatar?
  2. So I don't know if this is even possible, but I'm fairly certain it's not, thus why the title is the way it is. I have a player in my Plaza on Revelations, his name is Brandon, a lv. 45 Lodestar, with Evenhanded, Odd Shaped, Even Better, Better Odds, and Grisly Wound. At first , I fell for it, and spent good time being friends with Kaden(cause I personally like the Kitsune and Nine-Tails better than the Wolfskin and the Wolfskin with unicorn horns) to see if I could have a Nine-Tails Avatar even though I know those classes, like Nohr Prince/ess, is unplayable to other characters. Low and behold, when Kaden and my avatar are at the A-bond, I used a Friendship Seal on my avatar, and saw Kaden's secondary class option,s but not Nine-Tails!!! This guy is a hacker, and probably has done this with all his other units(most of which are other players' recruited avatars and/or bond units), and I recommend you do not do this!! Sure, it's fun to have exotic skills, but it's not okay to have those skills through hacking. Now, since I found a hacker, even though I'm pissed off at him for doing what he did, I'm also excited, because he made HIS avatar have those skills. Therefore, you just have to beat him in a Castle Battle to gain those skills by first buying one of those skills off him. The problem is, as mentioned before, his other units are also Avatar characters from other players, each with overwhelming skill sets, and if you battle in his castle, he has his avatar holding the throne down with a Swordmaster recruited avatar supporting him(all the recruits are also at least over lv. 40, to give you a picture of the difficulty level). As my characters are right now, I cannot beat this asshole outright, but I do have an idea to still win. As most of you know, if you battle in another player's castle, it's far easier to win due to the Seize win condition coupled with the Rout win condition. Therefore, all you need to do is get the asshole's personal avatar off the throne and have another unit(preferably a flyer for mobility reasons) get to the throne and end the battle. Now, as you've already guessed, this guy has already tried thinking of that, and has a Swordmaster recruit avatar supporting him, giving his already high speed an even better boost, as well as weilding Omega Yato, in total giving him a +10 to his Spd, making almost anything impossible to hit him. This has one problem: staves. Staves(and rods) give you the best chances of non-direct win conditions thanks to their versatility in the field. Hexing Rod, Enfeeble, Entrap, and Freeze to mention a few(unless I just mentioned all of the offensive staves/rods...oops) are the best weapons to combat hackers. These weapons might have a hard time affecting their targets, but once they do, everything goes more in your favor(as long as you have the suitable wielders to use them). Now, the best staves/rods for this particular situation need to be filtered out. Hexing Rod: halves the total Life of the target. Decent, but unless your units have the best accuracy possible, they will have a very difficult time dealing with this asshole. Afterall, the Life total doesn't matter if your opponent can't be hit. Enfeeble: lowers all the target's stats by 4 Out of all of the staves, this is the most important, probably only seconded by Freeze. It lowers the asshole's stats, making it easier to target him with other staves/rods. Freeze: Reduces target's Mov to 0 and lowers their Avo by 20. Another good option, but only for the Avo -20. The asshole is immobile already by holding the point, so the main affect of Freeze is not that effective. However, it does also make him more susceptible to other staff/rod effects. Entrap: Warps a target in range to a square adjacent to the wielder. THIS is what you want to use as the last staff to end the fight. Get the asshole off his Throne and then swoop in and steal the win. After all of this, all these are good options, except maybe Hexing Rod, since you don't really want to win through combat. Start out with either Enfeeble or Freeze, or both if you're feeling it!! Then, Entrap him off the Throne, and take the win!! After that, you get to take one of his hacked skills. I know you might all wonder how or why a rant turned into a battle plan to beat this hacker, and the answer is simple: hackers don;t know crap when it comes to strategy. They only know "Hey, if I have the best skills on my characters, I can never lose!!!" They think that skills alone are what make them better than everyone else, but they only do this because they can't deal with the hand they were given by the developers of the game, which already give us almost complete free reign over our character development. All these hackers are are just sissy brats that can't take the fact that the game makers made the game the way they did for a reason, to give the players the most fun possible. If they want to try and make themselves feel better by breaking the game balance out of spite and anger, they don't need to be a part of this community and try living in the real world. Those of us that enjoy the game the way it is, and play within the well-written rules, we are the better players because we need to find solutions to these "unbeatable" My Castle teams, and that is the best that can come of hackers. They make us better and they never get out of the hole of depression and hate for us for beating them even when they broke the rules. Anyone that feels horrible because they can't beat hackers, PLEASE READ THIS, AND REALIZE YOU'RE NOT ALONE! We support all of you and will not take the bullshit these low-lifes throw at us, because we are better, we are smarter, we are true gamers and humans!! Hackers can't get it out of their heads that this is just a game, not life, and if they use this game only to make themselves feel like unbeatable gods by having characters near-impossible to directly beat, then they are the weakest people alive and deserve to leave this existence, because they are just wasting space that can be filled and replaced with better people. Sorry for my long rant/strategy/rally whatever this ended up being, but I feel it needed to be said. Keep playing the game, those of you who enjoy the game. And hackers, THANKS FOR THE SKILLS!!!!!
  3. Hey! First of all, new here, and second of all, I'm thinking of a Shigure(or Kana) with both Better Odds and Even Better(maybe Renewal as well) so he can be extremely hard to beat on the battlefield. To start off, you will need to buy either Even Better or Better Odds off a Shigure/Kana from a previous game or from Streetpass. Since he and Kana are the only non-beastman(wolfskin/kitsune) characters that can become those classes, you have very few options to make this type of build by yourself. Kana with these skills is more self-sufficient, due to her personal skill, though I prefer keeping a male avatar so for people like me, Shigure is the only option. Either way, both characters need to have Keaton/Kaden as their parents, and Keaton/Kaden need to already be Wolfssegner/Nine-Tails(respectively) at Lv. 5 or above, in order to pass down their healing skill. After the kids gain both skills, they can either be a tanker, a badass DPS, a nuker, hatever you want them to be, really, as long as they can reliably survive the Enemy phases. (Disclaimer: I am just a person that has many experimental ideas, none of which are really meant to be put into use in competitive play. If any readers decide to use any of my ideas in competitive play, thank you for thinking my ideas are good enough for the competitive scene. If you like these ideas, please let me know.)
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