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  1. Okay, I figured it out but it took a while to realize I needed the xdeltaUI as it's not stated on the first post.
  2. Okay, I'm still not sure how to update the rom. Everyone says to patch on top of the 3.01 version but, how do you patch on top of it? All instructions I found only apply the 3.01 version and nothing seems to apply the updates.
  3. It worked. Seems deleting the software, downloading the update and then the dlc helped. I also turned the Switch off then on again before loading the game to check.
  4. I deleted the software, since archiving it meant the dlc and update downloaded in one. Maybe that will help?
  5. Has anyone had an issue with the dlc not showing? Mainly Lucina's bride costume. I've archived it and am redownloading everything but it's a long download and I don't know if it'll fix it. Something downloaded yesterday while I was playing it so maybe that messed it all up? I'm just worried something happened and it won't work at all anymore. I even googled it and found nothing with a sure-fire solution.
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