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  1. i`m not let`s playing it, but I will post the finished version on reddit, and will probally put it over here as well. I will of course give you the credit you deserve for these portraits.
  2. once again thank you. you really helped me out a ton! now I finally have all necessary portraits.
  3. thank you very much, that portrait is great! I`m really glad someone actually took the time to make Marty. now Marty hard mode will truly be complete.
  4. Hello, I am currently making a PME for fire emblem 7. And I would mainly like someone who could make a GBA portrait for Ceada, Astram, Midia and Marty. I would also be interested in more edits(mainly for items and bosses). I tried making the portraits myself and I just can`t figure out how to do it. I hope someone has the free time to do this. If not, then I hope I will get some more interesting edits. EDIT: I also just figured out i need an Altenna portrait, so if anyone is still interested in making that. it would be greatly appreciated edits so far: Eliwood- doubled growths, but 0 Def growth and base Marcus- Fins 20/1 bases and growths, s- rank lances, d-swords,e-axes. Personal brave lance that gives +10 lck Lowen- halve Def, double res, base 1 atck but Nino's atck growth Rebecca-innes' bases, all her growths +10%, res+50%, starts lvl 10 Dorcas- fe 11 ceada's bases, growths, inventory Bartre- johalva bases,growths and unbreakable brave axe Hector- marty's bases, growths+25% Oswin- 25hp,40 growth 9str. 55 growth 12skl, 60 growth 11spd, 45 growth 6lck,. 45 growth 5def, 20 growth 5 res 20 growth 14 con Serra- Matthew- Matthew and Leila are switched Guy- becomes fir, FE6 hm average bases, average of bartre and karla's growths Merlinus- paladin with capped stats Erk- pents bases, growths and in, a-support with priscilla Priscilla- lvl 1 valkyrie, bases +20, FE6 Karels growths Lyn- triple base spd, +100% spd growth, 0 str And 0% str growth Sain- Saul with +10% growths, Kent- Dorothy with skl/spd +20%, +2 tot all bases Wil- nmd trooper, 20%hp growth, starts with base 6def/rea Florina- lvl Falcon knight with modified stats Raven- becomes kelik Lucius- van use all magic, has pers.wp called "trap card"( aureola) Canas-has prs fimbulvertr tome, +20% to all growths Dart- becomes fargus with brave axe named shanty Pete Fiora- -5spd +3atk +2def, -15 skl/spd growth, +20%str, +35%def, 12con Legault- capped stats but 0 mov Ninian- Pegasus knight, +6 str +8skl, str growth +30%, skl growth +35% Isadora-midia's bases and growths Heath- renamed health, lvl 1 Bishop with martel's bases and clarines growths Rath- has unbreakable short bow that can inflict silence Hawkeye- sniper with a-bows, +8 spd, -15 HP, skl maxed Geitz- Wallace- renamed "wall", str/skl/spd/lck base and growth halved, Def/res base and growth doubled Farina- Falcon knight with 12mov and Bows, 10% decreased growths, has ballistas in inventory Pent- is named "loser", has wils bases, karla's growths, has e in anima and staves Louise- renames slouise, base speed 5, all growths doubled, spd 1% Karel- becomes Lex!Ulster. Is hero with unbreakable brave axe Harken- astrams bases + growths Nino- named 'your god' and has pents bases Jaffar- druid with rievs growths Vaida- altenna's bases and growths, starts with Uber sprear Nils- becomes arvis w/ FE 5 valaflame, gen 1 bases Karla- larcei with shanans bases, growths and unbreakable wo dao Renault- becomes lewyn, has fe5 forsetti, with average 20/16 bases, s anima, a staves Athos- becomes nino item/class changes: Iron weapons now have a devil effect All Generics get silver weapons and +5% growths All javelins are Uber Spears All hand axes are pugis All clerics can use light magic Pegasus knights can dance
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