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  1. Going for a new world record: World's largest Selena roster. I've given up doing anything with the Selena's I get because whenever I seem to dispose of one, they multiply and come back. Aside from that, Beruka was a slight annoyance, but lately I'm having Beruka-free summons.
  2. It'd be nice if they could actually create a decent avatar because while it is hard to pull off, it's still possible. Hopefully, characters will have fixed relationships too (like Clair and Gray in SoV). They'll probably change up a lot of stuff though since they're moving consoles.
  3. Definitely equipment and items. If we work hard, we deserve to get a little bit more than a sticker with "Well done!" written on it. Although getting achievements wouldn't be too bad, they are pretty much pointless, as mentioned by several users above.
  4. An avatar could work, but after seeing how poorly most of the avatars have been done in the past (Fates being the most prominent example, I believe), it would be preferable if they didn't implement avatars into the new Switch game unless they were absolutely confident that they could pull it off. S-Supports might be nice too, so long as not everyone can s-support with everyone. Fixed relationships would probably be the best way of going about this. Also, children could work, but don't try and pull off some Deeprealms shenanigans like in Fates. But if they scrap S-rank supports altogether, that's fine too. Fanart and shipping will probably continue nonetheless.
  5. I'll be going for Team Lobster Ryoma. If we lose to the Pineapples, then I'm okay with it, but by the looks of things, this gauntlet could go either way.
  6. Out of the main group of characters, Laslow and Takumi were my two favourite male characters, and Felicia and Nyx were my two favourite female characters. Out of the four, Takumi's probably my overall favourite. As for the kids, Siegbert and Mitama are the best in my eyes.
  7. I guess being able to build and decorate a place of your own is pretty fun, and listening to/reading various allies talk amongst themselves was entertaining, but I would have preferred something other than a pocket dimension which had a poor explanation for existing. A small camp would've worked a lot better in my opinion. There could've been a bit more role assignment too, like a specific person to be assigned to the mess hall/smithy/food harvesting and so on. However, having the option to place various shops and facilities wherever you pleased is enjoyable.
  8. I'd recommend Birthright if you're not feeling confident (or if you want to build up supports and grind easily). If you want a challenge, perhaps get Conquest instead. If you enjoy playing through BR and CQ, consider giving Revelations a go. The gameplay in all of them is brilliant, despite the story being appalling. All three paths have quality soundtracks too (except for maybe late-game Revelation), so there's quite a bit to enjoy. Also, not sure who's saying that Fates is the worst FE game ever made, but that's not the case.
  9. I could've sworn that it was fate. Then again, it could be peace.
  10. Conquest (M): Beruka Birthright/Revelations (M): Hana (Kana becomes a beast) Birthright (F): Azama Conquest/Revelations (F): Odin
  11. A big issue with Corrin is that she trusts people way too easily, despite the fact that she spent a good portion of her early life in isolation. She shouldn't trust the Nohrian royals because of the kidnapping, but on the other hand, she wouldn't feel any strong emotions towards the Hoshidans because although they are her siblings through blood, she doesn't have any strong emotional bonds with any of the Hoshidan royals, and thus no incentive to side with them. Throughout Birthright and Conquest, Corrin should show a distrust with either the Nohrian or Hoshidan royals, depending on the game. Distrust towards the Nohrians would be caused by the fact that they had been deceiving her her entire life, and the distrust towards the Hoshidans would be caused by the lack of emotional attachment. Also, this is a little off-topic, but Corrin gaining the Yato should've been a bit more than "We found it in this thing that broke so it's yours now."
  12. the-overseer


    Hello, I'm The Overseer. I'm a relatively new fan, and while I purchased Conquest a while back (saw Camilla's... character development and immediately bought it), I was never really interested in the Fire Emblem series until recently. Since then, I've got my hands on Birthright, Revelations and Echoes. I haven't completed any of those games, due to the save data for Fates being lost somehow, and Echoes purely out of procrastination. Not sure what else to say here, so I guess I'll just see you all in the forums.
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