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  1. Very cool project, it's been pretty fun to play through. I noticed a few inconveniences though. So I made it to Gen 2 with no problems, but once I try to make an in chapter save the game just locks up and when I reset it says "No Data" in that save slot. I saw in the changelog that having 2 holy weapons inherited can "mess up the save", so I tried selling one of Lewyn's (Forseti/Valkyrie) to see if that would fix it but it didn't. It worked all through gen 1 so idk what's up, but at least I can just use savestates. Also Seliph didn't have any holy blood, Sigurd had major Loptyr and Deirdre has Minor Ulir. There's also the Broken Tyrfing in his inventory when checking the blacksmith as the 8th item, I had just left it in storage when I finished Chapter 5. I also saw that same Quan Gae Bolg freeze that someone else mentioned and Ethlyn using her Iron sword when she was a Great Knight. Update: I just needed to deposit Seliph's extra item to get saving working again. I also cheated and found out Leif just got Ethlyn's rings and not a Thunder to start off with, unfortunate but manageable. Attached the save and change log. FE4.srm FULL changelog.txt Also Johalvier/iucharba had 22 speed when he spawned (1 above the class cap) and when I loaded the save he ended up with just 6, the class base.
  2. You posted about linking FE7 with FE6 and I was curious too. Here is the Japanese manual, the directions on linking seem to be on pages 45-47.



  3. http://serenesforest.net/blazing-sword/scripts/game-script/hectors-story/chapter-20-dragons-gate/ Extremely minor error in the script, but the line "Your enemy here isn't Brendan Reed" on that page is actually spelled incorrectly as "You're" ingame. Could do with a (sic) possibly. https://youtu.be/kabvJygD7jI?t=6m6s
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