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  1. I think her chances are still good since Dark Samus wasn't revealed with Ridley. Richter was different because he's an Echo Fighter based on a newcomer, with the move set being based on both Simon and him.
  2. I'm not expecting a huge amount of Echo fighters, but I wouldn't be surprised if we got around the number of clones in Melee or higher. I could also see more third party Echoes like Shadow, Ken, and Kazuya if Heihachi is a newcomer.
  3. I agree with others. Allowing only a number of characters to get customs is unneeded. You would have a lot of debate over who should use them and if you go through the trouble of getting them, why not have everyone use them?
  4. There's way too much potential for a Mario Musou and I hope we see it someday. All of these ideas would be fun and the multilayered battles would be interesting. They could even make multiple games out of this like FE Warriors. As you said there are the main series games, sports games, RPG's, and you also have other worlds you could use such as Donkey Kong and WarioWare. All of this could be used for various stages, bosses, enemies, and characters to play as. You could base stages in Luigi's Mansion or even someplace less expected such as Mario Circuit. This is now one of my most wanted Nintendo Musou's.
  5. This seems a bit too strange to be real. I doubt Final Fantasy XVI is happening soon and on the Nintendo Switch eShop. It looks like someone took a bunch of names they thought sounded cool along with some rumors and put them together to make another rumor.
  6. I think Metroid Prime 4 isn't set to release this year. Pokemon will probably be revealed within the next few months before E3. I hope we get to see Fire Emblem Switch before E3. Maybe we will get a Direct revealing FE16. There are some games that we need to see more of like Yoshi and Dragon Quest XI and they could also throw in some new info and characters for Octopath Traveler. One last thing to get fans by before E3 happens. I said E3 a lot in this post.
  7. It says on the website that the invitational is Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch. I'm happy that we'll be getting a lot of gameplay footage for Smash Switch at E3. I wonder how they will do newcomer reveals and if newcomers revealed there will be playable in the tournament. Either way this means we will probably get to see more returning characters from the start if this is like the invitational at E3 2014.
  8. I could see Dixie Kong getting in since she's pretty well liked and if they decide to add a fourth Donkey Kong character I wouldn't be surprised if it was Funky Kong. I wouldn't rule out the possibility of Cranky Kong either who would be fun.
  9. I think it is harder to say until we find out when the game is releasing, but as of now I could see them making the base roster.
  10. This was probably the biggest reveal in any Nintendo Direct ever. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this game goes. I wouldn't be surprised if it used the gameplay style of SSB4 with maybe something like an art style change. I'm very hyped and surprised that we got something like this in a Direct.
  11. Like many I was on Team Grima and I'm glad we could pull out a win. Good work to the other teams though. It was a pretty neat voting gauntlet.
  12. Really the two things I want to see right now are FE16 and Pokemon Gen VIII, but I doubt we'd see the new Pokemon game here and honestly just FE16 would be enough to leave me satisfied.
  13. I actually wouldn't be surprised if FE16 took place in that timeline sometime after the events of Awakening. Anyways, this is going to be interest. If we don't see FE16 here, then I think we will at E3. Either way I'm looking forward to this Direct.
  14. You seem to have a pretty good taste in lords since you like Marth. I come and talk here sometimes and it is pretty cozy. As others have said, welcome.
  15. What Genny said makes me wonder what fans of literature are like in Valentia. Faye could write a horror story seeing what Silque could do with her diary.
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