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  1. Monster Hunter!! I see this is an older post... If you still play, I'd be up for a hunt or two or five or five hundred! Ha ha ha ha. *-* I use LBG the vast majority of the time.
  2. I'm a shy muffin and want to get better about posting art and getting critique! All feedback is very very appreciated! I have a somewhat rarely-updated deviantArt here: dA linkeroo ; though I mostly take commissions off a dragon-collection/breeding website called Flight Rising (ooooh boy, the obsession runs deep but that's an entirely different beast LOL I even made a fan-dragon for Chrom). Here's my latest, a sketch of Lon'qu. I'm been pretty sad/anxious and unmotivated to draw so I did this today to try and psych myself up! Still trying to get the hang of coloring in SAI ver2. Everything after this one was done in SAI 1. A commission I did for someone of their character: Sketch of my OC Kantor ❤️ ❤️ My OC Idunn 😄 Another commission:
  3. I see, thanks! That sucks... Given that you had that sort of scholarship though, it sounds like you made the right choice to keep up your grades. That's super annoying though; having to pick between getting funding or waiting until the class is offered again. Did that community college cancel the course for good / will they offer it again? I hope you can get the units soon. ;_; That's similar to how my linux administration course only ran once every 3 semesters or so... What're your plans after graduation?
  4. Hello! Ohh that's super good to know, thank you. I may still pick up the alternate timeline DLC then; I'll think about it. Did you have a favorite DLC map? Dang, I'm sorry to hear that D: What happened, if you don't mind me askin? I had some issues with transferable units at the end there. Ended up taking a full load of math courses at the local community college in Summer along with the planned programming courses at my college at the same time. Never again... Hey, thank you so much!!
  5. I think so, but with a rework, even if it's just making the consequences (both good and bad) more dramatic. Or maybe even a mechanical change similar to how wind is effective vs flying units, give fire and thunder something too. That has nothing to do with the triangle though lol.
  6. Hello!! I never know what to write in intros. Sacred Stones was my first game, then I went through FE7, PoR, RD, Awakening; started FE6 and Shadow Dragon... I'm still sinking hours into Awakening though; so fun! I'm thinking about getting the DLC or getting into Fates. I'm 25, graduated college this year. I love drawing, writing, anime, tennis, cooking, tea, Odin Sphere, Monster Hunter, Pokemon, astronomy, and of course Fire Emblem! Oh and I have two cats: one is slightly cross-eyed and likes to burrow himself in blankets. The other is 6 months old and runs around the house at night like his butthole's on fire. Yaay~
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