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  1. Just pulled my 3rd Ike with -Atk/+Def, last 2 are both -Atk/+Res, really frustrated right now and super tempted to pull more with 60 orbs left... I just rerolled this account 4 days ago, spent about 200-ish orbs and got 10x 5*, included Ayra and Eldigan both +spd/-res, and 3rd Ike is 11th 5* from 60 orbs. Already got everything lined up for Ike, Fury 3, Vantage 3, QR 2, Threaten Atk/Def/Spd, but with -Atk he won't be at full potential with anything. Should I pull one more? I have 60 orbs left and all the story/paralogue/quests left add up for another 60, haven't pulled the Halloween banner yet. I'm F2P btw, if the bad luck streak hits, there might be nothing left for Xmas banner :D If I should not, which build is good for -Atk/+Def Ike?
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