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  1. Rewatched the trailer from February it really sounds like or close to Erica Lindbeck.
  2. I thought female birds were less colorful than male birds because the female has to incubate the egg, therefore her plumage should be more dull as to camouflage herself and her eggs to ensure their survival. The male could afford to die to be frank.
  3. Well that'd be plain and simple lazy story writing. "Hey why does the reptilian looking creature have mammalian hair on it?" "Hurdur, rule of cool." I can deal with it so long as it has some logical explanation. "This particular breed of wvyern lives in a cold climate and needs extra warmth around it's neck in order to survive." Something similar to Hoshidan Pegasi.
  4. Uhh can I just ask how on earth a wyvern grows facial hair? I always assumed they'd be based on reptiles given that they look scaly. Unless we're talking some bearded lizard type of deal. Even though to split hairs that's not real facial hair.
  5. Um wasn't there a thread already asking if we were excited/hyped for Three Houses? Because I remember seeing a similar topic to this with a poll to gauge how enthused we were. Anywho, I bought a Switch two years ago just so I could be ready to play Fire Emblem, Preordered the Seasons of Warfare Edition the day after it was announced, so take a wild guess at how excited I am to play Fire Emblem. :P
  6. Not to feel stupid but what does flying have to do with being upside down? Wouldn't it be even harder to shoot an arrow upside down while flying? Is it because of the Kinshi knight back flip they did?
  7. What on earth is there to censor at this point...? Cleavage? Are we doing the 4Kids One Piece dub where they erase cleavage from character models?
  8. You may wish to specify psychological or mental help. On the topic of silent avatars, I think they kind of add a choose your own adventure type of feel to it if you have limited dialogue choices. You can sort of fill in the blanks for what you imagine the avatar saying because let's be honest how similar are all of our classes going to be? Some of us wanna make armored healers and dragon riders that punch things, it'd be hard to have a fully voiced avatar discuss *all* the potential classes we could be assigning our students.
  9. Woah, woah hold on don't drag other innocent people into your debate with another person, if someone agrees with you I think they can speak for themselves.
  10. I don't think so. They aren't streaming this event so I'd strongly doubt the presence of a trailer. Besides E3 is just a little over a month away we're almost guaranteed to get a trailer of some kind then and there.
  11. Uhh I too have flat feet. I own a pair of boots that have zero heel on them and can only bear to walk in them for a few hours.
  12. Maybe Edelgard is flat-footed and needs the slight arch support. *shrug* Not everyone can be a Corrin.
  13. Damn, Edelgard going to the Homura Akemi school of hair tossing it seems.
  14. Potentially these people might be like our early game Shepards. Just different characters for each house you might side with.
  15. I was able to preorder a special edition as well this was around 5PM Eastern time, for reference.
  16. Maybe Mercie is a nickname for Mercedes from the original trailer?
  17. Is it me or does the dragon loli sound like Mae from SOV?
  18. What are there only five of this game in circulation? I can't find one anywhere, Best Buy won't let me buy it orz
  19. I understand your skepticism totally and get what where your coming from. My source is ResetEra three credible leakers (King Zell, Emily Rogers and Nate Drake for reference), have come forth and they've pointed at February 13th, dunno if that's the direct actual date or the announcement of the direct date. Of course all leaks should be taken with the healthy dose of salt. When the 13th comes and passes if we've got no new direct, I'll gladly eat my crow and pluck the feathers outta my mouth later.
  20. I think comparing FE: Three Houses delay to FFVII remake is a vast over exaggeration. I have no concrete reason to believe yet another delay is in the works for Three Houses. Yeah I get it, it was absent for the last non-Smash Nintendo direct, but I hardly consider that a reason to declare it in development hell. I mean the first trailer we saw already debuted in English so they're either very close or done with localizing already, in case you forget when we first got a trailer for Echoes, it was in Japanese it was soon localized very quickly and launched within 4 months. If we get a February direct and (I'll throw a dart at a calendar) and say we get on May 3, that's almost two and a half months to build hype for the game. That's plenty of time I think. So long as we get a good marketing campaign things'll be pretty good I'm willing to bet. I think after the Smash hype train comes to a slower pace then they'll give us more Three Houses news. If we even did receive FE in winter of 2018 (when I anticipated it coming out, ala Xenoblade Chronicles 2) it would've gotten absolutely devoured thanks to both Pokemon and Smash. Now that the juggernauts are out and people have had a few months with them, they need to hook people for the next season of games. Given that Three Houses and Yoshi are the only two spring games that we know of, inevitably we'll get that warm spotlight on our beloved Fire Emblem here soon. (*eyes that rumor of Feb 13 direct*) ;3
  21. C-Can I just leave this here, maybe it'll reassure some people? https://nintendosoup.com/takahashi-assures-investors-nintendo-switch-games-scheduled-for-2019-wont-be-delayed/
  22. Um I don't wanna be that person, but perhaps take these financial reports with a grain of salt. 2018's Fiscal report said Fire Emblem was coming in 2018.
  23. While I love Mila's Turnwheel, (I might get stoned for saying this) I don't think we'll see it's return in this installment of Fire Emblem. I hold the opinion of it's SOV's special mechanic that makes it stand out. Akin to Awakening's (busted) pair up, and Fates dragon veins.
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