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  1. Same here. I feel that Heroes and Warriors are there just because. (if that makes sense) Have Echoes now and play everyday which is good. Will eventually get Awakening and If later this year. But I've always been against spin-offs and phone games, even I'm a big fan of the series. But to answer the OP's question, besides the most recent titles which I don't plan on getting, it hasn't been too bad all things considering.
  2. Jeez I didn't realize a lot of guys you had such serious bully problems. To be honest, I can't think of a single instance or story I can really say where I was bullied enough for me to go crazy. Sure there were the occasionally douchebags who called me names and all but nothing too bad. I was always a pretty mellow and chill guy and didn't really care about the small things so that kind of helped. But meh, just do your own thing and don't care as much is all I can say I guess...
  3. Oh for sure. Won't completely reject the Switch games (have to buy one first) but the 3DS still has a few good years left and don't want to see it get completely abandoned...
  4. I'll definitely support and play it but would like to see a few remakes of the older FE's done first... Also, maybe I'm in the minority here, but I would rather they keep making games for the 3DS as well, or at least put more effort into them and not just the Switch.
  5. Makes sense what everyone is saying. I mean, the only other FE game I ever replayed was Sacred Stones and it wasn't so bad so was just wondering as this is my first FE 3DS title I play. I'll eventually get Awakening and If but until then, I want to get as much as I can from Echoes, even if it means replaying it a few times (or so I thought...) But meh, it's not a huge deal if I don't. Just something to do...
  6. Great responses from everyone and thanks! There seems to be a lot of opinions on the matter so let me go ahead and try to explain. As for me doing this, or at least thinking of doing this for any money or for the prestige, that really isn’t the case at all and I know I won’t receive anything. Not only that, I don’t think I’ll even mention this to anyone as none of my friends/family play this game. I do have a genuine love for the game and don’t want to play these games “half-assed” and just give up. But like Randoman and others have said, I want to do this really just for the educational purposes and to see how FE has evolved over the years, including how the remakes compare to the originals. And who knows, maybe the NES titles will be enjoyable… I still have a long way to go to have even half the knowledge you guys half so that’s another reason why as I don’t want to be another casual (I do have some knowledge of the game but want to get deeper into it) My main ports for playing most of these games will probably be emulation save the DS/3DS titles. It’ll probably take a few years, but seems like a fun project to take on. But, very very interesting to see everyone`s input. I am learning a lot about each game and the stories just by these posts. I’ll go through them again and if there are other opinions or anything, feel free to post.
  7. So, do you guys think it's worth it trying to play every single FE out there? I only ask because I've only played a handful of them over the years and, well, I really want to do this just for the sake of doing it. I think I can do most of them except for maybe the Wii titles but, has anyone done this, years after they've all been released and you didn't have a chance to play them?
  8. Got the game a few days ago and absolutely love it so far. But I am wondering as to what everybody thinks as far as the reply value goes. I haven't seen it being talked about too much here but a quick search and it seems that most people (at least, from other forums) really don't think it's worth playing the game a second time. I'm still a long ways away before I finish but, just curious about this topic.
  9. Thanks everyone for the replies! Just got the game yesterday and even though I'm still in the first part, I can't wait to go back to it after work! I think I'll get used to the no weapons triangle thing pretty comfortably so that shouldn't be a problem now that I read everyone's responses. Will be going here for more tips in the future! Thanks again everyone!
  10. About to get the game in a few days and so far from what I've been seeing from the reviews, I feel I won't be disappointed. One question though, how do you guys feel about the no weapons triangle system in this game? Until now, all the FE games I've played had it but feel that without it, you'd have to grind a lot to level up your guys. Anyone feel bored or any negative aspects about this?
  11. You're a life saver and thank you! Yes, this is exactly what I am looking for. And actually, when I was searching online, I did find out about pegasusknight but for some reason, I didn't see anything for Echoes. Perfect and thanks again!
  12. As the title says, does anyone know where I can get the full Japanese scripts/text for Echoes? I live in Japan, have a Japanese 3DS and plan on buying this game in a few weeks(of course Japanese ver.). I speak/read Japanese fine but want the transcripts/text, really just to have a good overview of the game and look up any words I may not understand. I've been to this site before and know you guys do alot of fan translating projects so I'm wondering if it's possible or if it's available to get them. Thanks and am looking forward to everyone's responses.
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