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  1. I have no idea if its just me.... but this looks just so good, I love it! its simple and clean, but at the same time its beautiful
  2. OK, since E3, there have been some 3 houses gameplay here and there. and the one thing that got me both thinking and worried is about the classes promotions I don't know if I'm right, wrong or just mistaken, but do you promote in this? I mean the classic cavalier lv 10 + item = paladin I honestly haven't seen any advanced class (like paladin, general, hero, etc.) footage yet, though that might be because there is none out yet plus, I saw... weird things to say the least, like a lv 24 cav dimitri, but that might just be the people who were playing it but the point is: how do the promotions work? and what promotes into what?
  3. well, that ends my worries. just making edelgard a fighter than. for the first time in all my years of FE, im hyped for the fighter class of all things and YES, FLYING ARCHER BABY. dreams come true kids also, mount and fliers are things that can be teached, like swords, lances, etc? does this mean i can just get any kid, with any weapons (outside some like gauntlets), and teach them how to ride?? i can make a full paladin team with people with different weapons??
  4. as the persona fan im, im honestly exited! everything looks so interesting, with lots of stuff to do, like tutoring and interacting with people. i love when games lemme do stuff outside of story obligations, considering that these are more than generic side missions my biggest worry is how IS made all of these. its way different from normal FE, so im skeptical that they werent able to balance it well
  5. well, lets give it a try Edelgard: this is the hardest one, since she appears to be good with axes and magic.... which are kinda the opposite. Rumors say she will be a Baron, so if thats real, i would go with that. if not, probably fighter, since it retains axes and get gauntlets, and that really got me interested Dimitri: probably paladin or soldier, depends on what soldier is promoting to. if its halberdier, then im done, if its knight.... im sad. either way, you cant go wrong with paladins, right? and since dimitri comes from a country that appears to be based around knight, paladin seems a good choice Claude: i never wanted a rumor to be so true, couse i love mounted archers, and a FLYING ARCHER is something im really interested in seeing again. if it turns out to be not true, i will still just pick the bow knight equivalent.... did i say i love mounted archers?
  6. Lord Favorite: Ike runner up: Alm least favorite: Corrin Avatar Favorite: Mark runner up: Robin least favorite: Corrin Villager/Trainee/Noble Favorite: Kliff runner up: Amelia least favorite: Ewan Cavalier Favorite: Seth runner up: Isadora least favorite: makalov Knight Favorite: Gatrie runner up: Tauroneo least favorite: Bors Myrmidon/Samurai Favorite: Shannan runner up: Rutger least favorite: Hana Mercenary Favorite: Echidna runner up: Raven least favorite: Jesse Fighter/Oni Savage Favorite: Barst runner up: Dorcas least favorite: Bartre Pirate/Bandit Favorite: Hawkeye runner up: Gonzales least favorite: Marty Soldier/Spear Fighter Favorite: Nephenee runner up: Lukas least favorite: Oboro Archer Favorite: Neimi runner up: Louise least favorite: Wolt Nomad/Bow Knight Favorite: Astrid runner up: Rath least favorite: Shin Mage/Diviner Favorite: Pent runner up: Saleh least favorite: Merric Dark Mage/Shaman Favorite: Canas runner up: Knoll least favorite: Tharja Monk Favorite: Lucius runner up: ? least favorite: ?? Priest/Cleric Favorite: Genny runner up: Rhys least favorite: Serra Troubador Favorite: Priscilla runner up: Elise least favorite: Clerine Thief Favorite: Gaius runner up: Legault least favorite: Cath Pegasus Knight Favorite: Florina runner up: Catria least favorite: Shanna Wyvern Rider Favorite: Milady runner up: Heath least favorite: Percy Manakete Favorite: Nowi runner up: Myrrh least favorite: kana Beast/Laguz (royal) Favorite: Tibarn runner up: Naesala least favorite: Skrimir Beast/Laguz Favorite: Ranulf runner up: Muarim least favorite: Kyza Dancer Favorite: Ninian runner up: Silvia least favorite: Azura
  7. So, when creating a new file, there is an option saying "%variation". Can anyone explain to me what that do?
  8. the fe8 self randomizer have make the growths visible iirc
  9. I have little to no expectations that i will like, however, i think legendary micaiah is likely, since we are getting the radiant dawn banner soon, and if IS actually follows what was the “normal” we are getting a legendary banner related to the normal banner, but again, IS is IS, you can’t trust them
  10. I think that if they were to be re-released, they should be a remaster, or at least released in the switch virtual console with updated graphics. I would buy it no matter what cause I love tellius, but honestly the only problem with them nowadays is that there is no simple way to get them aside from emulation, so only a remaster for the switch would be fine already, they are really not like gaiden that a remake from the ground is needed as it was
  11. Hm... hi? I’m “new” here and finally decided to.... yknow? Interact with other people either way, im naga, divine dragon yada yada yada all that stuff you probably already heard. Nice to meetcha
  12. how do i make a post? or is this a post? i have no idea! help! please!

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