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  1. I'd like to see them (even though I don't think I'll be changing mine from lil Judd any time soon, lol). I'm surprised there aren't at least the main characters of 3H by now considering how well it did.
  2. Yes. Usually the tetris effect happens to me when I play a lot of Splatoon, but it's happened to me with fire emblem before. The other day it happened to me with Final Fantasy 5 because I've been playing that a lot lately.
  3. I like the idea of different mounts having their own abilities. Maybe when you promote someone to a mounted unit you choose between a few different species and each one has advantages and disadvantages (and a different appearance). I also like the animal racing, it would fit right in alongside the arena. Idk how to feel about mounts dying. The animal lover in me wants them to just retreat if they take too much damage, but on the other hand it gives you a reason to use the dismount feature more often and would probably make mounted units more balanced.
  4. I think it might be neat to have a mount that can swim across water easily, maybe something like a sea serpent? They could have a little less movement than horses and fliers but get some kind of bonus from being in the water. Idk how useful that would be though. It depends on how many of the maps have water.
  5. Something I just noticed recently: in the dormitories each student has a carpet that matches their house color, and Byleth's is silver.
  6. Sometimes when I'm walking around the monestary I see pegasus knights and wyvern knights flying around. I like it. It makes the monestary feel more alive, like there are always other classes going on even during Byleth's free time.
  7. if you want to get better at playing on higher difficulties, my advice would be to practice or even just watch how other people play them so you can see their thought process. But if you're having fun playing on normal and just enjoying the story and characters then that's fine too. There isn't a "wrong" way to play.
  8. Don't feel bad, just improve at your own pace and have fun. I think being good at fire emblem is mostly about just being aware of your surroundings and what your units' strengths and weaknesses are. When I started playing fire emblem, I also started out playing on lower difficulties. I made a lot of mistakes, but usually they were my own fault for not being careful so I learned from them. Then when 3H came out I was able to jump into hard/classic without too much trouble using the knowledge I had from playing previous games. (I've also beaten maddening mode once on blue lions route but I wouldn't say it was easy. I actually struggled a lot with the final map. 😅) So basically, the people that are really good at fire emblem are probably that good because they've practiced a lot.
  9. Yeah, you can use all four of them for 5x but make sure you take Orson's stuff before seizing. I think Ephraim does really well against the boss so try to give him the boss exp. As for your other question about who to give the secret book to, I guess it depends on who you're planning to use. The +2 skill is good on someone who has trouble hitting, so maybe someone like Garcia or Ross?
  10. To get the good ending: do all the gaiden chapters (look up the requirements if you want to), don't break any of the legendary weapons until you get to chapter 23, and for the best ending get the finishing blow on the final boss with the sealed sword. As for advice, mostly just what other people said. Watch out for ambush spawns, hit rates are lower than fe7, you fight a lot of wyverns so it's a good idea to train magic or bow users, and if you're playing normal mode you should be fine using whoever you want but I'd recommend using Alan/Lance and Rutger. If you ever decide to try fe6 on hard mode, you should know that enemies in the first 7 or so chapters will have very high stats for that point in the game so don't be afraid to use Marcus.
  11. I'd probably say FE8 because it's the easiest, you can grind more easily, and it has a nice self-contained story. FE7 isn't a bad place to start either because of Lyn's story acting as a tutorial, and it also isn't too hard on the lower difficulties (which you *have* to do for your first playthroughs because you unlock hard mode later). Definitely save FE6 for last because it's the most difficult of the three and it has annoying ambush spawns.
  12. I got Lysithea! "You have a bit of a short fuse, but only when people underestimate you. Your biggest pet peeve is being talked down to, or when people subtly suggest you’re not good enough. You dislike when people talk like they know you — you are the only one who knows what you’ve been through. Regardless, you are incredibly talented and destined to excel in anything you put your mind to, but you are only human — you have guilty pleasures, too." That's actually pretty accurate. So... does this mean I could kill the Death Knight? 👀
  13. Hard mode in Awakening isn't too difficult. Reeking boxes are more expensive in hard mode but you can still grind levels and supports on the random map spawns. I agree that you should give hard mode a try and keep the old save in case you want to go back.
  14. Blue Lions was my favorite, but I also really enjoyed the last few chapters of Golden Deer. Blue Lions was the first route I did and I ended up getting really attached to the characters.
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