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  1. Alot of us know that bootlegged cartridges exist. My Shadow Dragon cart seems to be the most legit but still bootlegged cart I have ever seen. It looks exactly like a normal cartridge. Almost. For some reason DS and 3DS carts have a tiny indent on the top. Every bootleg I've seen has either had the indent or something else that throws it off. My Shadow Dragon Cart has no indent. It also cannot run on my Nintendo 2DS. Knowing that it cannot run on my 2DS is the fact that the Anti-Piracy is recognizing that its a fake. Oddly though it for some reason worked on my New3ds that i had for some time when it felt like it. After cleaning it several times it would be a 50/50 chance it would work. Interesting eh?
  2. Huh. FE12 style Marth? Will there be an option to activate pant-less Marth or not?
  3. All of them. Only 1-12 are ready without using the Godess icon.
  4. Behold! The Demo has finally arrived! With this demo you can experience Chapters 1 to Chapter 12. Let me get some feedback and if there are any bugs let me know please. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KvgL8ffP4nq-wF9JrGYZA6aVVeElscxN/view?usp=sharing
  5. W-why though? That makes it nearly impossible to get Early Dracoshield. Unless there is a way without grinding...
  6. Playing it now on chapter 2. Dialogue is a bit screwy but its ok. Nice job.
  7. Waiting for a demo sometime. This looks so good so far. Can't wait.
  8. Dude! I got support all the way here! A GBA Shadow dragon? YES!
  9. Finally a Shadow dragon hack thats really good. Gaiden removal wasnt really useful but I really like the prologue so. Thanks.
  10. It's almost here. Just playtesting and more placements of stuff and it will be done. Sadly cant finish it right now.
  11. I've worked on it more. This look any better?
  12. I meant the little Chibi icon. I just wanted to show how it looked compaired to Bramimonds actual sprites.
  13. Looked for a solid 10 minutes. Could'nt find any 3DS repair shops Anywhere near either of you. There is a gamestop near me that repairs 3DS's but I live in California. So try looking in a few gamestops.
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