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  1. No dice. Nino team is powerful sure, but the enemy waves in the Paralogue 10 CC destroy me. At this point, I'm willing to even lend my account to someone >.>
  2. 5: Lucina, Azura, Bride Cordelia, Summer Tiki, Athena, Eirika, Chrom, M Corrin, Black Knight, Palla, Y Tiki, Celica, Arvis, Tharja, Leo, Sharena, Ephiram, Summer Robin, Tana, Ninian, F Corrin, M Robin, Reinhardt, Sheena, Hector, Nino, Brave Lyn, PA Olivia, Bride Lyn and some other untrained 5s Trained 4*s: Oboro, Ursula, Cherche, Michalis, Got a bunch of SI Fodder Latest story and paralogue chapters
  3. Need some urgent help on the Challenges guys. Outta orbs and this is all i can do to get em. Gotta a 4.25% Pity rate and really want that Hinoka but the Banner expires in a few hours. Can a kind soul help me out by doing these challenges for me if they can I'm an idiot so doing the ones I've yet to do is kinda impossible. Thanks
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