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  1. I've been seeing draft runs all over the place and man, I want to start one of my own. I probably won't do so good but where's the fun in not trying. Alright here we go. Thank you Apocalypse15 on Gamefaqs and copy and paste. The use of non-drafted characters is limited to the following. Breaking any of these rules results in a four turn penalty per character for each chapter in which they are used. - Moving. A non-drafted unit can move freely about the map. - Meatshielding without weapons is allowed. In other words, any character may be attacked on Enemy Phase, but they cannot by any means retaliate against that opponent with a weapon. - Rescuing, Taking, Giving, and Dropping non-drafted characters, but not characters you have drafted, is prohibited. - Non-drafted characters may hold weapons and items and trade them among non-drafted characters and drafted characters. - Your non-drafted units may recruit characters, including drafted ones. - There is a penalty for non-drafted Thieves opening chests and stealing, but they may be used to obtain items from the desert chapter. Anyways, I hope these rules are rather simple and easy to follow, considering that this is a draft tournament and only drafted characters should really be used. In conclusion, non-drafted characters may: - Move - Meatshield - Hold items and weapons and trade them to other characters - Recruit characters - Obtain items in the desert You can do what you will with Green units, these rules only apply once a unit has been recruiting No Marcus, for he is too much win. Four more people will do. 1. 2. 3. 4. Arnold 5.
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