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  1. Well I have finished my first playthrough. Third time was the charm lol. Overall I enjoyed your game. It did feel like a Fire Emblem game. There is also very few grammar/spelling issues, which is rare. Your story-line was good, I liked it. I enjoyed the battle music, actually most of the music I enjoyed, some felt a little muffled, but overall it was decent. Characters I also enjoyed, though I didn't care for the reskins, those half bodies will greatly improve this when you do get around to them. I would like to suggest you get your artist to make half bodies for enemies as well, most are obvious reskins. I loved the Wonder-woman reference lol Hippolyta and the Amazons. Gameplay was exactly what id expect from a fan made Fire Emblem game, all the elements and events were in working order, unless of course you come across that 1 game breaking bug, but with the skipping features restarting doesn't take long at all thankfully. Game design was pretty good, an upgrade from the old GBA games everyone's always remaking lol. Not that remaking GBA favs is a bad thing, I enjoy them, but sometimes we want something new for a change. 🙂 Now for the Cons and bugs: - As mentioned before, animations are choppy with SRPG studio games. - There is a game breaking bug that can force you to restart. It is rare and random, but it can be annoying. - Some characters are reskins, including enemies and bosses. This can turn a lot of people off before even playing the game. - While I liked the wide variety of weapons, some felt unnecessary, I didn't even use steal weapons because the lack of accuracy didn't feel worth anyone's time. But that's my opinion. - Character sprites could use an overhaul. I think that's all for the cons, Ill be doing another playthrough shortly. Also you were right, Rosa as a Druid just kills everything. 😄 I love it when clerics rule the game lol. Thank you for your effort in making this and sharing it with us, also I am surprised it hasn't gotten more of an audience, hopefully that changes for you. I cant wait to see the half bodies for magic users!
  2. I'll look into it at some point :) I like those half bodies, really hope those get implemented soon. I'd do a whole new playthrough just for that lol. I'm a huge fan of clerics tbh, I also like Rosa's personality lol so I really want to see what she can do. I'll admit early on my only complaints so far are I never did like the animations for SRPG studio games. It just feels clunky. And also I keep having to restart lol, hoping for good luck this time though. Third times the charm right..? xD
  3. Awwwe :( I wonder if skipping had anything to do with it. I skipped player battles and enemy phases, was trying to speed my way back to Ch 13 but using Fritz and all of them this time. Well fine lol I shall try again, cuz damnit you WILL let me use Rosa if it kills me lol. :P
  4. Alright, I've encountered a different bug, as shown in the screenshot she is trying to heal Elma. It happens every time Rosa tries to heal someone on Ch 9 (i restarted). this crashes the game every time, I've tried different strategies but it keeps happening. The last playthrough I didn't have this problem.
  5. Thats why hers is ahead, alright. Thank you, i will send screenshots if the issue continues.
  6. Hmm, if she starts at rank E then i must have missed the rank up.. i only skip battles if im replaying after being defeated, as you mentioned its possible to miss them doing that (didnt know that before posting about this), so i laugh if thats when she ranked up lol. ill use her for 2 more chapters and keep an eye on her. Was Fritz E rank as well? If Fritz started at E rank ill send him in next chapter and see if it continues. (in chapter right now)
  7. Well.. in order to gain Wep Rank you have to max out the WEXP for that rank. lol so if one isn't working neither is the other.. maybe its just my file? I use Rosa a lot, even just healing tiny injuries she's always healing, yet at level 11 she is still D rank staves 0 WEXP, she still cant use a Mend staff but Chaucer can and hes only level 6, so i benched her last chapter. Admittedly i cant remember what rank she started with but i don't recall it taking the first half of the game for just a single rank in staves. I could be wrong though. I used Fritz for 5 chapters, and he didn't gain any WEXP at all, and as the only mage he saw a lot of battle, benched him at lv 10. You are right however about Marcela, after playing another chapter and sending her in for chip damage constantly she gained some WEXP so she's all good. Anyway, I've played all the FE games/hacks i understand how it all works or is supposed to work lol. But nevertheless for me things are not working xD I might just restart the game anyhow tbh, so i can use the heroes that work and not babysit the ones that don't work rather than waiting for a fix. I tend to be impatient though when in midgame so that's my problem not yours lol. 🙂
  8. Done. Also wanted to mention now, as maybe it can be fixed fast lol. xD But half the heroes don't gain wep rank, and if they do its the wrong wep lol. Can't use Rosa, Fritz, Cami, Marcela and others I'm sure I haven't noticed yet. I'm on chapter 13 and they are still rank D 0 XP lol. painful. Is there no way to save in the chapter at all? Having to restart the whole thing because of a lucky boss crit is also painful lol.
  9. Bout to give this a try! 😄 looks great btw. I will post feedback when I am finished.
  10. Hmm, for your first hack I think this was well done! Obviously there are issues and bugs but that goes without saying lol. I really do think the ideas you presented were great and well implemented. Some of the maps were really good too, I didn't feel like your characters were stolen from other games or just reskins. Some character portraits needed a rework, while others looked really damn good lol. Boon for example, his portrait would look perfect if you gave him cheekbones. some are too pixelated. Where as Leah, Atticus and Caspian look well done. Also I LOVE the smirk of contempt on Helga's face, as well as her relationship with Faith lol. 😄 Issues and Bugs: -Hmm, Atticus's speed stat was maxed at the beginning of chapter 30, I had him hold a Silver Knife and his speed was reduced to 0 permanently lol. A Whisper with 0 speed = Useless. Restarted. -Faith's hair could use a rework... doesn't look right. -Most terrain doesn't give any stat bonuses in the first part of the game, tested with all characters, enemies however do receive the terrain bonuses (not cool lol). Not sure if that was intended. -Chapter 13: skipping dialogue after winning freezes the game. -Skipping dialogue at the end of Ch 16 freezes the game. -2nd playthrough I saved a bunch of door keys for Ch 20, placing them in a characters inventory then starting the chapter, the keys disappear. so I tried putting the keys into storage and having Boone grab them and unlock the door, but they disappear from storage too. After unlocking the doors the keys seem to reappear. Some weirdly bugged keys here lol, I imagine its because of Eamon's appearance that chapter? -Roxie gains no stats when promoting to a witch. -A lot of supports don't work, which you already know but still counts and as highly upetting lol. Honestly in comparison to the well known hacks out there, this isn't the best, but for a first time it was well done, and I did enjoy playing it, the story was decent too, few typos but not as many as I expected. Thank you and good luck in the future. 🙂
  11. Thankfully i never cared for flying units xD Eh, Nicole's Canto skill is fine, but yes Lex, even before becoming a Bow Knight, not only has Canto, but Gale Force and Doublelion too. He can walk in, kill off 2 powerful enemies, then retreat safely behind the front-line. I find that too Overpowered. In Official FE games, the player would have to be very smart on how they used their Snipers/Archers, they could be killed off if too close to the front-line. Here there is no danger except long range magic. In my opinion it made some chapters too easy, some bosses didn't even stand a chance, there is no "If he kills a unit" he always makes the kill..... Unless i use mercy to feed his targets to other units. You may not agree, and that's cool too 🙂 just felt i should explain my reasoning. I also feel like Relina could use a buff, though i'm not sure what would make her a bit better, but she gets killed by literally everything with 1 hit, shes level 28 right now on my 3rd play-through and i'm thinking of benching her. >.> lol lances in this Hack are almost useless, only time i really needed a lance, was against Neried's mother, Erika. Swords have a 60+ hit rate against Lances, the triangle should be nerfing that big time, but it seems to only nerf damage, and not by much. Axes truly shine in your Hack, i use 5 Axe wielding units lol. This playthrough was mainly to test the bugs that were fixed, and i am happy to report that they are indeed, fixed. 🙂 Other bugs I found: - In Chapter 10, an enemy Lance Knight has a sword in his inventory, making the unit cannon fodder.
  12. lol like Evan with his 25 DEF? That always felt so wrong to me lol. Both plays hes maxed his DEF stat without problems. Honestly most heroes only become so overpowered because of the scrolls, the scrolls help us farm stats most heroes wouldn't otherwise obtain. I could imagine what my heroes stats would be had i RNG abused their levels with the scrolls. xD The only hero you couldn't take advantage of was Condor, because you capped her SPD. 🙂 OHH!! and Canto on Snipers is too OP. Especially when using 2 dancers.
  13. Compared to my first play-through it was very easy, first time around i never had money, until the end when things started to drop more. Due to my lack of funds in the first play-through i missed some things and didn't get certain outcomes i had managed to get this time around, for example first play I used units i shouldn't have and promoted way later than i should have, and i didn't manage to recruit some people. Second play-through i had an idea of how to proceed. So I wouldn't call your hack overall easy, its pretty tough, especially when its your first time playing it. People are not used to the weapon triangle being so important, preventing you from literally bum rushing unless you know what your doing. Especially having to steal for gold. Now imma do one last run, to see if all those bugs you mentioned were fixed. I noticed every time i use a 2nd dragonvein on a map it would freeze the game, just stopped using them, forgot about them when mentioning bugs sorry lol. Also want to experiment with magic more. I keep using Evan, and late game he makes me facepalm so hard.. crit is great and all, but ive never seen a mage with over 20 magic only deal 8 damage to a generic armor knight. xD Anyway, thank you for continuing to update and fix up bugs. This is up among my top 5 favorite FE Hacks now. 🙂
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