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  1. oooooooooo this looks nice :O *Following* I for one, appreciate the idea of a demo being book 1 completed. I've always disliked playing a demo and getting into the game only to be cut off 5 chapters in, etc. The longer the game, the more fun people have, your maps look well made, I cant wait to play this!
  2. Wow... how have I missed this? This is so well developed it is mind blowing. The hero sprites and mugs are very clean, well made and I actually feel like I'm playing a real fire emblem prequel, even the new classes are great. I love how you implemented features from all FE games like PoR and the base preparations menu, available equipment in supply shops and training/supports, also controller support! Yay!. I really like the plot, and how well it fits into the story of the other 2 games involving Eliwood and friends. I am a real sucker for good plot. Also the maps have been challenging, I've played both difficulties, and I've been forced to try out risky strategies, which I usually never do, each map makes the player think in different ways to overcome whichever tasks need completing. Hero personalities were great too, some characters stand out more than others but each one is interesting in their own way, none of them are boring. Personally I never understood why people complain when there is cursing in video games. People swear, all the time, your game has colorful language in regards to some characters, and those characters are my favorites: Cybil and Mel <3 Finished part one, and was thoroughly surprised at how long it was, I can't wait for more!!!! *crazy fangirl rave face* Also I noticed in the background of some chapters "WIP :3" lmao I assume that was intended. My only complaints/issues: Spelling and grammatical issues, although it isn't too bad only here and there, just something to look when time is available for polishing. The seer that sends Triston on a journey, the red robed dude with the knight helm? Yeah.... he looks really bad.. like whoever created his design just didn't care and was rushed lol. Which I thought odd, considering how well the pelleting is done in this, his was the only one that just sucked.. *takes a deep breath* All in all thank you to all those who work on this amazing project, and continue to work on it and make it that much better. Following this on discord. ^.^ <3
  3. This is cool! lol I keep replaying it to see what different units I'll end up with for each playthrough. My first run, i completed the entire game without magic or staff users and no fliers, i was convinced i had bad luck, but still had no trouble. My second run on normal was also no trouble at all, the same as my first run except i got a mage yay lol. Thankfully the 3rd run is the magic run with Erika as a Dancer and Seth as a Wyvern knight = awesome. Didn't notice any bugs on my first few runs other than some skills still not working properly, But I saw a comment where you mentioned fixing them later. There was a game crashing bug with Garcia as a priest, while he was still green he tried to use recover staff on my Erika, and it crashed the game. works fine after I've talked to him, but while green he appears to be broken. Funnily enough the drops from events and chests are better when random than fixed. Loved that i could literally farm the tower for elixer and shamshir. Really loved this though, i used characters i never used before. Thanks for this. :) Have yet to see a mymridon or troubadour though....
  4. I would like to request a support list. It doesn't need to include dialogue or anything, just who supports who, and a star by those with paired endings. I would love that. If you want to include in brackets and abbreviated affinity that's even more awesome, but not necessary.
  5. This is another great hack, first off i'd like to point out that so far on chapter 20 the only bug I've noticed is that when playing as female Tactition the main story plot still refers to her as a him. I've played the male first, now the female, and I keep waiting for her to be indignant about being refereed to as a "he". lmao xD I didn't mention supports, because I noticed you mentioned you still need to work on that. Cannot wait for those, will start 2 more new games to explore them too once they are finished. ^.^ I really like your custom characters, some I notice are a little blurry or out of focus and others are so well detailed I can tell which ones you liked working on the most lol. The story-line is thought out rather well, im enjoying it immensely. Pretty sure I've played almost every hack made in English lol, but I think this one goes to my top 5 list simply because I can see the work you put in, and it's very well made, it makes sense, it's well edited, apart from the gender confusion lol which is easy to fix.. Thank you for this!! :)
  6. Alright, so my review is a bit long... But hey, that's supposed to be a good thing lol. Story-line - I really enjoy your custom story, more so that you took time to really edit the grammar and spelling errors, I can be very fussy and games tend to be unplayable if the English is just really bad, but that's my opinion. Not saying there are no errors, but there are very little compared to what i'm used to seeing and I don't have to read a sentence 5 times to understand what is meant lol. It was very compelling and well thought out, I especially liked the way characters interacted and reacted to other characters lol. Chapters - I appreciate that recruitment isn't hard to figure out, through reading plot you can figure out who recruits who, so I don't find myself looking at recruitment guides constantly, thank you for that. Wait, a heal staff costs 4000+? WTF Why? :O - Holy crap chapter 7 was difficult lol, those chase chapters are fun, but difficult, managed to kill everything and save civilians so yay. First chapter to force me to reset the game to save a unit multiple times. This level on hard mode = rage quit lmao xD And thanks again for the patch so i could finish the level. - Chapter 13 was interesting, though I thought it was too easy, with the crown helping on the other side I felt like they kept stealing XP, especially since you only get one chance to abuse the arena, and at that point you can't afford the incredibly expensive heal staves, so yea, I reeeeallyyy notice the XP thieves lol. - Chapter 16 is hard AF lol, all the brave weapons and bolting was chaos, but still managed to kill everything. And though I like that you made weapons with rng 3 but omg MIRE!!! Mire is a very rude weapon lol. - The final chapter was pretty difficult, that health bar is nuts lol, trapped between eyeballs and brave bows a LOT lol -_- Characters - I like the new custom characters. Some mug shots look like they can be touched up a bit more, Keena is really pixelated.. lol more so than should be anyway, and her scar just doesnt look right... - Fordra has way too much intensely dark shading, but maybe that was intended, i notice Gallea is the same, and they both are sick, so? - Tayli's eyes are off, her left eye should be much smaller, not bigger, because of the way she is facing. - Jerrak's portrait is replaced with Joshua's portrait in some support convo's. Mug shot looks rather choppy. - And when I had Janessa go and attack her mother, the dialogue and portraits changed to Fordra against Lyon lol... I really wanted to see that dialogue too. :/ - And the entire game I thought Sylvie was a guy............. I mean I loved "him and Jerrak" only to find through dialogue he's a she, the portrait looks manly lol :D - The only character I don't like is Gallea, his portrait looks weird for some reason... *stares at it* Backgrounds End of chapter 7 the background when Cassius first speaks, is just terrible lol, needs cleaning, otherwise everything appears well drawn or inserted, if using previous backdrops. Overall - Maps were well designed for the most part, and for your first hack this is really good. - That ending... lol I wasn't expecting that. Overall I really enjoyed playing and will most likely play it again. - I promoted my Fordra to priest, end game she was level 19. While yes, her magic, skill and luck are maxed, i think her stat growths need a tweaking, she gained 12 empty levels lol, thankfully shes still a great glass cannon for monsters. - Not sure if I cared for the music.. But oh well, I didn't play for music, thank you for making this hack, really had a fun time playing it, and I hope you make more! :D
  7. hmm, I do have feedback, which ill give when i finish the game, but I've encountered a glitch I don't know how to fix. chapter 7, I'm unable to visit any red roofed houses, and after killing everything I'm unable to seize the NE road. I've tried starting over and resetting the chapter, same issue.. I'm stuck lol please help. :/
  8. Yay another new hack to play!! :D Im only on chapter 4 so, figured while im still early game ill keep track of the bugs and glitches i find. I really like the maps you create, and love the music! So far ive only come across basic issues, like some characters, not sure if its just a temp and you plan to fix it? LULZ @ circles paint shop troll face xD And this happens on Ch. 4 after opening the chest on the far left of the map:
  9. After playing the demo I have one request: Nora - should be a fighter or common soldier if fighter just cant be done.. but shes the perfect candidate for a fighter class with her hammer skills. I know shes named the Valkyrie but she doesn't wield magic, she smashes with a hammer! Plus, there's never a female fighter, like ever, and considering how well you do with sprites and animations, i think you'd be the perfect FE hacker in requesting a female fighter. SO PLEASE!!?? Those Ruby animations = And Pyrrha's sprite is so perfect its mind-blowing lol. *bows at your hacking awesomeness*
  10. Another great hack! I loved all the custom maps and custom characters, some mugs were a bit rough but most were well done, good job on this, the story was pretty good too, few typos but still easy to understand. :) So here are my thoughts: The only chapter i really didn't enjoy, was that recruit and defend chapter, that was annoying, but it was an interesting concept, just needed more work. Was slightly annoyed at Vance's father, in a few chapters he claimed he could do the siege alone with "the might of Tiryins!" Or however you spell it.... HE JUST STOOD THERE!!! lol all that talk for nothing. What a jerk! Needed maybe just 2 more master seals, would have been perfect, and i found the game only had 1 of each stat boosting items? Could use a few more of those, and if not, perhaps a secret shop to buy them? Not sure if you plan to work on this more or if you are finished, either way lol. Also noticed there was no Colosseum, which was surprising! I liked how you played around with the character icons, and added the halberdier, one of my favorite classes, though the growths for Kristopher were..... low, end game at level 16 he still could barely 2 hit kill, and really couldn't take a hit, let alone 2. >.> I spent the first half of the game thinking Ava was promoted so i didn't level her much... yeeeahh oops! lol. xD Cant remember the bards name, but his support conversations are missing. BRING BACK THE WYVERN RIDERS! Anyhow, thanks again for the time spent making this, was entertaining, and goes onto my "recommended FE hacks" list. ;)
  11. This is a great hack, i dont typically play hacks until they are finished, but i made an exception for this one. Way to go!! And i do hope you continue until the end, really looking forward to the full story and supports. Some of your custom mugs need work lol, but for the most part i enjoy the custom characters. Also, perhaps you could try out using team SALVAGE's cavalier? its just amazing.... ;) Thanks for all your hard work!
  12. Ohhhh a Fire Emblem with RWBY? Yessss can't wait for this, will be following, looks really good so far, keep up the awesome work! :3
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