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  1. In defense of Daroach, he's also in Kirby Mass Attack as both an ally of sorts and an enemy, so 3 games under his belt as a prominent figure is pretty good and is also one of the only characters (if not straight up the only one) with dialogue in what are typically games devoid of it so he stands out among the rest of the Kirby cast in that way. Definitely one of the more popular Kirby characters too. I think he's "smash worthy" for sure. Anyway, as for the one I'd like to see the most, I'm not sure. Probably Eggman, because Sonic only having Sonic is travesty. Metal Sonic would be great, but I feel like he'd end up being just a clone/echo (although I definitely wouldn't mind that if it meant he got in) Fang/Nack would be my most wanted villain, but realistically, I would sooner expect Smash to break it's "no non-gaming media" rule and add Goku and Shrek before someone like Fang got in. Kefka or Ultros would be amazing also. Probably not my first choice for FFVI representation but I'll take anything, especially if at least gives something other than VII some recognition and both would be some of the most unique characters in Smash.
  2. The thing that puts Sumia above the others in terms of "canon" to me is the fact that they're shown to be married to each other with Sumia carrying baby Lucina in the opening. Surprised that wasn't mentioned. Not saying they're the best ship or anything, not trying to start shipping wars and besides I don't even like that pairing much myself, but come on, it's a pretty extreme case of denial to act like Sumia isn't pushed as the "canon" wife by the game over all other options.
  3. I wouldn't say that's necessarily true. I recall seeing at least a bit of fan art of the 3 together before Fates existed. I mean, not only are they (or at least were) the most popular 2nd gen characters in Awakening but they also all shared supports with each other and I'm pretty sure they even shared conversations with each other in the DLC too. The trio just forms itself naturally. On the topic of Owain though, I'm glad he isn't here. Spring is my least favorite seasonal so I wouldn't want him getting an alt here (and makes it easier to save up for Brave Marianne). I would much prefer any other seasonal for him to get an alt in.
  4. Niles Owain Keaton Hector Matthew Serra Florina Lyn Nils Yarne Panne Severa Inigo Olivia Brady Dart Ike Boyd Nephenee Ranulf Mordecai Xane Artur Ross Selena Legault Heath Cormag Soren Stefan 30 is a lot less than I thought it would be. I still want to add so much more to the list. Movesets:
  5. Definitely not trying to argue that Final Fantasy is the edgiest rpg out there. Not even close. Especially when compared to anything SMT offers. The series that let's you try and seduce a zombie dog (even if always resulting in failure) in "If..." can definitely keep it's title as the edgiest RPG. But still, hard to deny that FF doesn't have its edgy moments.
  6. Has Final Fantasy not always been that? Sci-fi themes aren't exactly uncommon, being there since the first game (Flying Fortress, especially the NES version of it, the Lufenia, Airship, Death Machine) and only getting more prominent since, and although I love some Final Fantasy (namely VI), it's hard to deny that it hasn't always had "edgelord cringe." Maniacal sadistic clown committing war crimes and later ascends to become a God? Yeah, ok, totally not anything like a certain Batman villain who's become pretty much the poster boy for "edgelord cringe." As far as graphics and gore go, I'm fully convinced that if Square back then had the technology it has today, it would have done the same thing it's doing now. Poisoning the water supply of a kingdom and having a character witness his wife and child become victim as the rest of the kingdom people are also wiped out isn't exactly tame. Or for a non FFVI example this time, just look at basically anything from FFVII, coincidentally also the most popular game that really threw the series into full throttle on the whole Sci-fi theme and gore and, also, the introduction of probably the most edgelord protagonists (even if you believe he wasn't like that to begin with, it's what he became in every subsequent appearance) *spoilered because salty rant incoming*
  7. Glossed over it because I was salty at the moment, but now that I'm more rational, I find it weird that Sakurai seems to want to go back to transformation fighters after making it a point to separate them all in Smash 4. First, it was Pokemon Trainer, which I figured was an exception because maybe he wanted them to stay true to his original appearance in Brawl (although he the same could be applied to Zelda/Sheik and those didn't go back to original), but now a new transformation fighter is added and it makes me wonder if maybe he regrets the decision to separate them and is trying to bring it back. Wonder if by the next Smash installment Zelda/Sheik and Samus/Zero Suit will go back to being one character too. Don't feel strongly about it either way but just something that stood out to me.
  8. Idk much about XC2 but if it's like ARMS then it'll just boil down to "I like them better than Rex plus they're the developers waifus" instead of having anything to do with difficulty implementing the playstyle or whatever, because that's what Min Min's was to justify her inclusion over Spring Man
  9. Starts out with Xenoblade stuff. I immediately let out an audible "NO!" hoping it would just be dlc for their own game or something and not related to Smash, but alas, my fears were realized. Not even including Rex lmao. I haven't played the game but I guess he's apparently hated? Even by Sakurai it seems. Don't really care either way but disappointing start. Triangle Strategy is what I'm looking forward to the most. Octopath Traveler graphics with Tactics gameplay? Sign me up! Mario Golf looked interesting. I'm intrigued by the return of what seems to be a competent story mode but Golf in general is just boring to me. Would've like something like that for Aces more instead of the awful one it actually ended up with. Famicom Detective seems interesting? Idk anything about it but I like a good mystery so hopefully it delivers. Only thing I didn't like was the graphics looks kinda cheap but mostly I just wish they kept the 90s anime look because I'm in love with that style. Great to finally see some more NMH3 info. Was beginning to worry about it but it's looking pretty good. Skyward Sword HD port is ok. I was actually thinking Zelda might be getting another port soon. Kinda wish they would've gone back to older games like they did with Link's Awakening (Minish Cap or Oracle games would be amazing) but I guess this is fine. No FEW2 is huge disappointment. Instead it's Samurai Warriors 5 and AoC dlc, which I couldn't really get into so don't care for the new content. No FE anything actually. Was really hoping for a remake right about now but I guess it's not happening anytime soon. Splatoon 3 is eh? At first I kinda thought it might be focused on single player or something different but it's just more of the same. I don't really see the point of a new one when the 2 already exists on Switch. Maybe if it was for a console leap like the case between 1st and 2nd were then it would've made sense but it just seems redundant. Overall pretty bad imo but there were a few titles that grabbed my attention and have me hyped.
  10. I see why you think Mallo may have been a typo for Mallow, but it wasn't. And Pushmo is Intelligent Systems so there would be no issues adding him if Sakurai wanted to. I agree that the characters are a waste in Squares hands though. Would be nice to see them even they got the Waluigi treatment of only appearing in party/sports games. For the record, I'm not claiming that these would be "better" choices, or even my own personal choices (still want Phoenix Wright or Lloyd Irving above all right now), just that they are indeed choices and if they got in Smash there would definitely be a fan or two eager for them along with probably gaining a whole bunch a new fans like Pit or some other relatively unknown characters have gotten after their inclusion in Smash, because just being in Smash is huge popularity boost regardless of who it is. Also, I didn't exactly see much, if any, demand for Sephiroth as opposed to other Square reps, let alone other games in general, or someone like Min-Min who was pretty much in the same boat, along with the fact she's a second banana in her game (yes a lot speculated and requested her but that was AFTER the the announcement that there would be an ARMS rep, pretty much a non-existent amount before then), but both were pretty well recieved. No reason to assume some of these others unforseen first party characters wouldn't get the same reception. And even if they don't, well, smash fans are always gonna be salty regardless. The whole assist trophy argument seems equally as faulty as the old "spirits deconfirm fighters" one, only to have Min-Min prove otherwise. Only because there hasn't been a Assist Trophy promoted to fighter in DLC yet doesn't mean it won't happen. I'll believe that when Sakurai explicitly says it or when the DLC is completely finished. EDIT: With all that said, disappointment is all I feel right now, even after defending first party choices.
  11. I agree that there's a lot of good 3rd parties left and would like to see more, but there's lots of first parties left to choose from: Issac, Waluigi, Captain Syrup, Marx, Ribbon, Daroach, Skull Kid, Tingle, Vaati, Tetra, any of the BOTW champions/successors, Tiki, Ephraim, Hector, any FE main character that isn't a sword user again, Andy, Mike Jones, Captain Rainbow, Chibi-Robo, Starfy, Mallo, Galar Pokemon rep, Dixie Kong, many more characters that I can't think of at the moment. The first party well is far from dry and I think it's reasonable for some people to want more of them too even if some are old, unpopular, niche, or even from unlocalized games. After all, character like Lucas, Roy, R.O.B, Ice Climbers, Game&Watch, etc. are part of the charm too.
  12. Phoenix Wright in smash is definitely something I'm hoping for. I don't care if it's realistic or not I will keep dreaming. More info of BOTW2 would be nice. I would at least like to know how it's progressing. Pipe dream, especially after what happened with level 5, but maybe a YW4 localization? Another FE Echoes! Really hoping for the Elibe remakes this time but I wouldn't mind Tellius becoming more accessible or Genealogy getting an official translation along with being brought up to modern standards. While on the topic, FE Warriors 2! Come on Koei, if you're gonna go and make statements like "please buy FE Warriors and maybe we'll make a 2nd one if it sells" then you bet I expect to see another one. Golden Sun is probably never getting another game but what about a remake? Don't even care if it just ends up being a graphics update I would still like to see it. I really hope there's no pokemon. I'm not ready to further see how else the franchise can be bastardized.
  13. Tbh, it wouldn't really be a big deal getting hit by one of those. They're not exactly hard hitting specials, especially when an enemy would have to dedicate most of their kit just to pull that off. If that's what it takes to burst down a tank, it was either a terrible match up regardless or not a good tank to begin with. Well I wasn't advocating for giving a tank vantage. I was working under your example of having him be a counter-vantage nuke. Or at least I assumed that's what you were getting at when you said... But he would still fair poorly against Bramimond regardless because Distant Counter Lex at +atk, +10 merge, and +5 flowers only has 55 atk with Goddess Axe, bump it up to 61 with Fierce Stance in S slot or 62 if opting for a Brazen. Neither of which would be enough to 1 round an equally maxed out +atk Sturdy Impact Bramimond using his default Lull in the B slot and Lex ending up being one shot in return because of his pathetic magic bulk. And even though Lex only misses 1 rounding Bramimond by hair (3 or 1 hp depending on whether using Fierce Stance or Brazen EDIT: misses it by more. Forgot Void Tome gives +5 extra defense) it's pretty hard for Lex to get any extra attack from other sources as lull will shut down visible buffs and Impenetrable Darkness shuts down drives, goads, Brave Lucina's breath effect, etc., meanwhile, Bramimond would not be restricted by the support he could get and easily become beefier from team support EDIT: forgot that Bramimond would also have an S slot still available so any def boosting seal like Sturdy Blow or Atk/Def solo just make it even worse. Attacking twice doesn't mean much if the enemy isn't going down in 1 round, which Lex so far hasn't proven to able to do very well, even when going by one of your own hand picked examples in which he would supposedly stand a chance. I stand by my opinion that it's better to focus lessening damage through good old def/spd stacking and self-sustaining, even if it means sacrificing his guaranteed doubles/taking an extra hit, over focusing on his questionable ability to 1 round enemies using Goddess Axe. Because enemies hitting you twice for 0 is better than enemies hitting you once for a ohko
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