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  1. Oh, you can use the grip. I can't imagine having to use the gyroscope like that for the whole game but nothing stops you from playing like that
  2. No right control stick functionality sadly. Only gyroscope when switch is docked or touchscreen if it's on handheld mode. There's three controller "options" The first is the regular hold a joy con on each hand using the right one to point or shake, second is handheld where you use the touchscreen instead of gyroscope, and lastly there's the single joy con controls that's only available if playing with co-star mode. And yeah gyroscope is wonky but it added a reset pointer button so it's not too bad if it gets misaligned since you can easily center it again with R (or by clicking in the analog sticks if playing with only one joy con) and i imagine any hypothetical future wii games will have that added as well.
  3. It's not even ported. The game has leaked and its confirmed that the games are just being straight up emulated on the switch. So even worse than just port because it won't be optimized for running natively on the switch. Although this does open up the idea for n64, gcn, and wii emulation. Both officially and unofficially. Definitely wouldn't mind a future virtual console (or more likely a nso subscription service like with nes/snes) for gamecube games
  4. Thinking about it, I don't mind that they just want to take it easy and just have everything be overpriced ports but I really wish one of those ports would have been mario 64 ds. It is imo superior to the original but even so i never finished it because of its garbage controls and would've been happy to have it on switch even if better controls was the only improvement they made to it
  5. I don't think the Sheika slate is one of a kind. It's probably just something that only certain people get to have. The only reason I think that is because Purah turned young because of an anti aging rune and the only way runes can be used is through the sheika slate so she must have one of her own to be able to use a rune.
  6. Bit disappointed to see it's not FEW2 but still very much excited for this. I worry about the playable characters. Like I'm excited for a game that actually let's you experience the events from a 100 years ago first hand but also that doesn't really leave much room for a diverse cast which imo is the drawing point of a warriors game. Even adding characters from after the calamity like Sidon or Kass it would still pale to the previous Hyrule Warriors without even taking into account characters like Link or Zelda having many drastically different playstyles by just choosing a different weapon. Huh interesting. I thought they dropped the whole timeline idea since it's placement on it was just ignored for the longest time
  7. Oh I've actually played Persona 2 IS (the only Persona I've played actually) so I do recognize her from the rumor agency but I thought she'd be originally from the first Persona like some of the other characters. Didn't expect her to be from the SMT series. Neat, I'll give If... a try then and maybe move to one of the 3ds ones from there for a taste of the modern ones. Thanks for the suggestion and guidance.
  8. I've always been meaning to get into SMT. Are they connected in any way or can you start with whichever? If it's the latter, which one would be a good entry point?
  9. Metroid 4, SMT 5, BOTW 2, and Bayonetta 3 are some previously announced titles with little to no info about them. Could one or more of them be talked about on the direct?
  10. I loath that the response to "combat is pointless" was to shove a bunch of forced or really hard to avoid battles instead of actually improving them. Goes from tutorial fest where answers are given to you, to a tedious time consuming slog.
  11. No exp is upsetting. I was really holding out for that. And I was too quick on saying partners are in since they are just temporary guests, but you can't say that they didn't know how badly fans have wanted partners back and didn't intentionally market them that way to falsely get people's hopes up. What a scumbag move. I'd honestly probably enjoy it more if if they just dropped all pretense of being an rpg and removed battles altogether and focused exclusively on the puzzle and platforming elements but oh well. It is what it is.
  12. Is Octopath Traveler really a lesser known game? It's like the only Square Enix game on switch that's not a port and I remember it being heavily marketed. It's neat, I really loved Octopath Traveler so it's cool seeing it get something in the game. I really wonder why they're paired up at all tho instead of just appearing as individual spirits? i like the pairings at least. I think they all compliment each other nicely. Although, I think they were just chosen like that because their starting locations are next to each other.
  13. I actually like Lorenz's art for the most part (PenekoR's art in general is really good imo) but jeez what happened down there?! Even Ken dolls aren't that flat. Actually, their summer Xander or spring Bruno don't share that issue despite wearing some tight clothing too so is this maybe intentional? Nonetheless, it's good to see some Lorenz here.
  14. Blazing Blade was my first. 1. Having the option to switch between Ninian or Nils and Nils getting some supports. 2. Speed up supports. Actually update it to work like it does in 3H/Echoes. Having to have characters constantly glued together and spam turn end to build supports is not great. Bonus: The game should have made it clearer that, unlike Sonia or Ephidel, Limstella is genderless as shown in the cipher and art book. Edit: to be clear, I realize no one does this intentionally because the game doesn't do a good job actually presenting Limstella like that between localization changes and female sage sprite and even the other official sources that mention only being released in Japan. So sorry if anyone took this as personal and I should've put a bit more thought in my words before typing them out.
  15. No, I don't ever rely on critics for any decisions. They're always riddled with bias like any Musou game or paid off like SwSh. If I'm on the fence about a game I just look up some gameplay videos and actually judge it by myself rather than take someone else's words for it.
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