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  1. I don't really get the whole rebooting idea that's going around. What's the point? Cutting characters for the chance of a possible rework is a silly and drastic idea. There's nothing stopping the developers from currently altering Ganondorf or other characters moveset other than their own unwillingness to do so. You don't need a major characters cut for that. Unless they rework the core of the game to something that plays completely differently than what we have now, then I see no reason to not just work off of what they currently have, adding and removing characters as needed due to licensing or whatever.
  2. I'm so glad that someone else feels the same way because I thought I was being too nitpicky for disliking that particular choice but the costumes are like one the biggest reasons Mario Party 2 is still my favorite. Would have been so great if they extended it to the other non-MP2 boards too like formal wear for Peach's cake or beach/summer attire for Yoshi's Tropical Island. Anyway, overall the direct was very underwhelming but Kirby 3D looks great. I had given up hope of such a thing ever happening but this has me more hyped than Smash or BOTW2. It looks so gorgeous despite being in what seems to be a post-apocalyptic version of our Earth. I'm a bit worried because there wasn't a whole lot going on in the gameplay. I know it's early but still stuff looks empty and there was barely more than like one or two enemies at once showing up. Hopefully future trailers prove me wrong though. As far as the movie announcement goes, Chris Pratt kills it for me. They could have picked any Chris to attract the MCU audience and of course they went for the homophobic one. Definitely not supporting this movie, but with Illumination behind it, I don't think I'll be missing much anyway.
  3. Bandai Namco vs Capcom would be pretty fantastic. I mean a game with Digimon, Gundam, Idolmaster, and Pac-Man vs Viewtiful Joe, Phoenix Wright, Tron Bonne, Dante, etc. makes for a deliciously ridiculous game.
  4. Marianne is shockingly disappointing to me. I'm glad they at least referenced Maurice with that really cool tome but she doesn't seem that great as a unit, at least comparatively. The dance special is cool but I wonder how well it'll do in practice. I just wish they would have gone all in and actually made her a beast unit or at least given her adaptive damage Blutgang instead of tome yet again. And I'm baffled that she still lacks a mount of any kind. Also, of course she just had to get Kusakihara as an artist. For a second I actually thought this wasn't too bad and then I saw exposed ass cheeks. Excuse me, but Marianne would never. Truly deserved more respect than being given to this fetish artist. Honestly, almost considering using my guaranteed free summon on Erika or Gatekeeper instead and skipping the banner. Which sucks cause I was really looking forward to this.
  5. Wow I was really expecting Caspar to lose and Ashe to get struck by an upset. Regardless of who wins I expect them to get crushed in the final round seeing that both Freya and Shiida have over 3 times their score.
  6. Well, I called it wishful thinking for a reason. It could be a similar to the non-canon Fallen Ike alt but with a positive twist where she doesn't lose her sanity and is able to take control of her beast form and learn to comfortable with it. After all, Maurice was one of the more intelligent beasts in the game being able to verbally communicate so I think it wouldn't be that big of a stretch. But I do agree that it would fit a fallen alt better. As far as Pegasus vs Cavalry, I just love Pegasus Knights and I think she would look great as one. 3 House's Falcon Knights also have profiency in swords so I think that would fit more with a Blutgang alt as opposed to Holy Knights who are Faith based would fit better with a tome or a staff imo. I did bring up the lack of Blutgang or adaptive damage though because of that post. I had seen it before and it shook my confidence of it being a sure thing after all. Also, I just honestly forgot that Crusher had adaptive damage and was thinking Felicia's plate was the only weapon besides Breaths with it which just made me buy into it more. I mean, I still doubt it though, since apparently the leaker doesn't have a good record but the possibilities may not be so clear cut after all.
  7. My wishful thinking is adaptive damage on Marianne, and she's either a Beast or Pegasus Knight with a skill that allows adjacent beast units to transform, and Gatekeeper as an Infantry lance with an exclusive save skill that doubles as obstruct. Pessimistic side expects Cavalry Marianne without Blutgang, or with it but no adaptive damage, and Armored Gatekeeper with no extra movement.
  8. @Baldrick She was, especially during CYL 4 when she got a sudden spike in popularity becoming the 4th most popular Blazing Sword character that wasn't in the game yet, only behind Nils, Erk, and Athos. Even among the playable Heroes cast, only Nino and Ninian were above her. Of course, her popularity plummeted after that but that's natural for most characters after being added. From what I've seen so far, Reinhardt is in no way comparable to Brigand Boss. Brigand Boss is just some generic that kidnapped Silque that for some reason was made a candidate for CYL despite IS not even bothering to name him. Reinhardt seems just a tad more important. I'm not sure there's any answer I can give that can satisfy someone who just doesn't care and actively fights against any ideas for change. And I've also explained Ares already and how his strength had no relevance in what I myself was talking about and am not interested in going in circles with that only because, again, my answer didn't satisfy you. You know, that was my bad. I clearly let things get too personal when I brought her to the mix and did not mean punch down other people's liked characters just because I personally disagree with that take of her being more memorable than half of the cast.
  9. @Baldrick you know, fair enough. I consider them lords, you don't. I think the fact that Ryoma got a legendary shows that Heroes also considers the Royals as lords but you view it as an exception, fine. In that case I'll just specify that I indeed meant to include Fates royals when I mentioned "lords" my mistake for forgetting that not everyone views them that way. Outraged is a strong word when I don't really mind if she's good as much as I mind that she's good and not the other more popular males in the series. There is no male npc in Heroes that is just background and then dies without ever becoming an ally or being fought against like Leila that I am aware of. She is seriously one of the biggest nobodies in the series. Closest thing that comes to mind is Greil and he didn't exactly get the same treatment as Leila and he at least was a prominent figure with a reputation for being powerful. I don't know enough about Reinhardt but I do know he's at least fought to some capacity and he likely wasn't meant to be powerful in his OG version meanwhile his alts are due to his newfound and enduring popularity in the Heroes community. That was seriously just the answer to the question you yourself asked. "What would change if Nifl was male?" nothing other than provide more diversity. But on the topic of it, you're clearly not as bothered by the lack of it like some others are as you proceeded to make snide comments about characters "reproductive organs" and representation not mattering when you had asked what would change had Nifl been male instead. Which is fine. You don't have to be. But if you don't care, why even come here and make those sorts of comments to someone that does? You certainly came off as rather unpleasant the moment you made those comments to say the least.
  10. @Baldrick Fates royals are indeed lords no matter how much you avert your eyes and you've definitely excluded a few alts for Sigurd, Hector, Dimitri, Ike, Alfonse, Byleth, Eliwood (why did you specifically mention his worse version?), missing a Reinhardt, neglected to bring up any version of Alm, Seliph, Roy, Claude, or Ephraim. Unless you think those alts aren't powerful enough to be mentioned, but when the floor is Shiro with a prf that's been powercreeped by inheritable weapons long ago, I'm not really sure who doesn't qualify anymore. I think the biggest issue here, besides your bundling of alts to make it seem like it isn't indeed the same suspects getting these good versions over and over again, is that we may have different thresholds on what we consider powerful. Weird that you would assume that I care for Reinhardt to any extent. I honestly don't know what made you think that after singling him out the way I did. I wasn't in charge of any games in the series, especially considering I wasn't even born until at least 4 of them were out, and probably no one else here was in position to dictate what sort of characters get made for the games either, so I don't see how that implies that anyone here doesn’t like diversity because of decisions that were out of our control. @XRay fair enough but does simply being good make a unit meta? It is my understanding that meta isn't just about being good at the job but also being one of the best options among the competition that leads to certain units being picked by the majority of competitive players. I can't say I've ever seen many of the units you mentioned in comparison to Ophelias, Sigurds, Duo Lif, Edelgards, Brave Hectors, Shinnons, etc. be it in Arena or Aether Raids but then again I only hover between ranks 18-19 in Arena and I'm nowhere near close to reaching the highest ranks of Aether so I'll just take your word for it.
  11. Because they're usually not as powerful as their female counterparts, take more investment, it's usually the same male units getting these powerful alts, and less males means more delay for units that people have been waiting for even longer? I mean look at the examples provided for almost every powerful male here. They're mostly lords or Reinhardt over and over again. There's very little diversity outside of those picks. Many people like playing with their favorites, for a lot of players those favorites might be males who aren't lords, and many male secondary characters are either getting ignored or making it in but not even getting as good of a treatment as a dead female npc like Leila. And when this issue is brought and the reason given is "males don't sale" of course people are gonna bring up stuff like "is it really true?" "have the developers tried hard enough to make enticing male units?" "is this is a self made problem?" Also, don't even try to twist that Leila comment into the tired old "You saying npcs shouldn't exist or get good stuff?!" But it's cute that you're trying to diminish this into a "lol it's just jpegs bro. They don't even show genitals" And I guess the implication for Nifl would be nothing other than providing more diversity among their OCs which would be nice. I mean it's not that deep but some people just like seeing more diversity. You might want to fact check that because that's blatantly false. Bold Fighter didn't release until almost 2 months after H!Jakob's debut and Armored Boots was like 4 months after his debut with the Elibe Valentines Tempest Trial. But DC was being kept. Just as an A slot and not as part of the weapon. OK, only because someone can run a meta build doesn't make the unit itself meta. Not many are gonna be replacing Ophelia, L!lilina, Shamir, Innes, Shinnon and the like for units like Odin or Leon who will do subpar at the job compared to others. I really think you're over-bloating those lists with unlikely candidates. Like, sure, you could pick those units over others but that doesn't make them the meta pick. @GrandeRampel I see but I don't understand how saying they won in quantity but not quality is relevant. I ignored Ursula and Clarisse only because of the 6 units you provided as examples, all 3 of the boys were mediocre meanwhile only 2 girls were mediocre with MM being good which again showed a bias for females. Also there were ONLY 4 female grail units at the time. 1 out of 4 being good is a lot better than 1 or 2 out of 17. Also, 3 of those 4 female units have at least one alt that is way better than their current version meanwhile for a good portion of those males that one mediocre version is all they have. And while all these males where being shoved aside as unwanted GHB and TT units more females were being added onto banners with better kits and access to traits and merges. Fair enough about the Ninian stuff. I failed to consider that there wasn't that many Elibe banners to begin with. But even if it was popularity it doesn't change that early on it was one of the most unique and helpful combinations in Heroes that I believe contributes as to part of the reason why it became such a female-biased game. I agree that maybe it wasn't until 2018 that the game started going full force with the female-bias. Especially since that's also the year where they started introducing alts in New Heroes banners too which only made things more lopsided. But I do believe that that started only because of choices made in 2017, most of which were likely unintentional, that attracted the demographic which they then naturally shifted all efforts to pander to.
  12. Reinhardt likely wasn't selling the banner he debuted on though since it wasn't until after his debut when skill inheritance was introduced that he became good and considering he was 3-4* he likely wasn't making any big impacts in future ones either. A lot of the accidents I'm referring to where good on release when they could actually make money from their banner. I think a better character might be Halloween Jakob honestly who wasn't really good on release either but with the introduction of Bold Fighter he became a monster and, even though his banner had already, he wasn't easily attainable being a 5* seasonal locked unit so IS could actually have made some money with him through his reruns. Ares was also the demote compared to Lene and Ishtar. And also, Ishtar was/is popular and came with the first killer tome which, while maybe not all that special in practice, was still a novelty so between her popularity, shiny new toy, and remaining 5* locked, I find it hard to believe she didn't at least perform as well, if not better than Ares, and possibly more importantly, continue doing well in future banners compared to Ares who was demoted. I'm surprised you don't think Olwen's prf Blade tome without a cool down penalty isn't better than Meisterschwert considering how highly you talk about them but OK, I'll concede on that even though I don't think Green Olwen was any worse than him. Distant Counter means nothing when DC alone couldn't save these units and it was considered optimal to start replacing those weapons with refined slaying ones. Also, Dorcas was fairly basic meanwhile Mia introduced Flashing Blade which became widely sought after. On the other hand, Dorcas's had nothing but Fierce Stance which did not get the same sort of demand with Breaths being way better. Also, I really think you're missing the point it's not that I think there isn't any powerful dudes. But that even when they exist they usually either come with a better female, one that could be considered equally powerful but usually with some sort of novelty which pushes up their demand in comparison, or the guy gets demoted which kills future sales potential. And I'm focusing on the sales aspects of this because my argument has been IS created this negative feedback loop in which men end up unfortunately being ignored, likely due to low sales numbers, due to choices they themselves made, regardless of whether those choices where intentional or not. I'm just saying that I think you misunderstood what @Etrurian emperor said. Not saying it was actually relevant. But I do think there is some merit to it in this gendered discussion as female characters tend be exclusively designed as conventionally attractive, with the only exceptions coming to mind being Meg, Niime, and Dorothy, meanwhile more guys tend to get varied designs with all sorts of body types and ages such as Gonzales, Basilio, Garret, Fargus, Athos, Brom, Dozla, etc.
  13. I think "artistic sense" meant more like general creativity and not strictly a characters art. Which could encompass anything from the story writing to how units function. Also, not necessarily art direction but the characters they choose to include could count as that too as someone like Gonzalez or Meg would visually stand out among other characters in the cast no matter who the artist is compared to like Ayra who looks a lot like a black haired Eirika or a lot like her daughter or shares a lot visual similarities with Karla.
  14. Duds in this case was applied exclusively to 5* at least that's how I was using it and I believe GrandeRampel was too judging by the examples given. 3-4* may not be great but they weren't pity breakers that one dreaded. Also, again, even if Celica was a dud (she may not have been outstanding but I don't think she was particularly bad but that's just an opinion) the none dud was still Genny so that's still only leaves Ike and Mist as the 2017 banner exception of a male 5* being the good one and the female 5* being the dud. I also think a lot of those early duds were probably unfortunate accidents. I really doubt early on they wanted character like Olwen, Celica, Ephraim, Alm, etc. to be unremarkable and like you say, most kits in general weren't all that impressive by then, but my argument isn't that there wasn't unremarkable units across the board, only that a lot of the "happy accidents" seems to have landed on female characters and the not-so-accidental unique combinations also ended up landing on the female side.
  15. Certainly seems that way when there's at least one comment saying to settle for 3 subpar freebies. But, no, I guess there's no particular comment explicitly saying that. Bad from a financial standpoint? Nah. Although I don't really think going for a more balanced approach or even going the complete opposite way and focusing on males instead are exactly "wrong" either. Especially for an established IP with an already existing fanbase and being backed by Nintendo which attracts even more of an audience.
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