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  1. As long as they don't have me participate in a wild goose chase they can keep their lives and their boots.
  2. I've been mulling over this and like what if the flame emperor and/or the death knight join you post timeskip as good guys? Technically they'd be there since the beginning but just weren't usable till way later. And it doesn't even have to be them either, it could be some other characters that we see and interact with early on and just can't use them till timeskip. That'd be a way we could possibly see more mlm options while still adhering to the "meet everyone at the beginning"
  3. I want Serra teaching me all the proper ways I should be praising her while I'm out there in the battlefield risking life and limb. Of the current voices I really like Zero and Owain the best although Tharja and Camilla are close seconds. EDIT: Oh, I would also like Oliver because his Japanese voice is glorious and I want more of that Gintoki goodness.
  4. I don't think anyone is surprised. Just disappointed. To my understanding, reviewers are only allowed to talk about Black Eagles so of course they'd choose that one. That's not a good thing. Those games get criticized for that very reason. ------------------ Anyway, as long as there is no "true ending" I don't mind too greatly what house this 4th route is locked onto. And the reviewer makes it sound like every route is equal to one another with none of them being inferior to one another so for now I'll take their word for it and hope that's true. Plus, if they were to add a "true ending" it'll probably be through the extra story content from the dlc but I hope that's also not the case.
  5. It applies to other kids too like I think Midori and maybe Percy but that was only in the localization tho. The original ones still end in romance.
  6. Lol. I thought about that and also the fact that Nintendo themselves said the church was bad after I posted but I mean to be fair, she is also rumored to be one of the w/w options so I figured if that was true she couldn't possibly be as bad as she was made out to be.
  7. He's also been disowned by his family for not having a crest. That's pretty harsh. Edit: Woah ok. So I don't know if this has been said before but apparently Rhea:
  8. That reminds of the comment that someone said over at reddit of how Alois might be a case of Samurai Flamenco and that would be wild but also make a lot of sense since Chinatsu Kurahana actually did some work for that series.
  9. Has there been a confirmation on how high a level you have to be to recruit Shamir? Because I keep seeing people say she's easy to get but if she were to have something like level 18 or 20 to recruit her it might be hard to do without grinding or having to ignore your other characters in order to funnel some exp onto Byleth.
  10. No other options have been confirmed outside of those 3. Its possible there may be others we don't know about yet but that seems unlikely as all characters should supposedly be there from the beginning.
  11. I just hope at this point that someone gets on making a Gay 3 Houses mod sooner rather than later. The Gay Fates mod was fantastic especially since it even added non-corrin supports for the corrinsexuals. Go Gilbert to experience the Annete "Did you fuck my Dad?" meme firsthand.
  12. Wow. I imagined anywhere between late twenties to late thirties but 45?! He's certainly been keeping up with his beauty sleep and moisturizing.
  13. I don't actually believe he is all that old. Definitely older than the other students and Byleth but still quite good looking imo and not as old as Gilbert or Hanneman. Like I said before, my biggest issue is not his looks or age but the whole wife and kid thing. To add on to that though, I also find dating your friend's child weird and creepy which is what Alois would be doing if he were to get into a relationship with Byleth. One of the reasons I completely despise stuff like Robin/Lucina. He did seem pretty popular with a lot of people seemingly wanting him as a m/m option though so I don't think he's a bad choice overall and adds some body type and age diversity into the choices.
  14. I don't think it's even necessary to get rid of Gilbert. They could have just given us 2 more options to be on par with the female options and have those two options be Claude and Dedue or something like that. But nooooo. They just had to cut the male options short.
  15. To be fair, the wlw relationship were gonna be rock solid no matter who they picked. There isn't a single girl who isn't conventionally attractive or looks like they have a 40 year age gap with the MC. I can't help but share your bitterness tho
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