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  1. Maybe it wouldn't be particularly bizarre but Jibanyan from Yo-Kai Watch would be my pick. And I'm sure many would be surprised as the series is by all means dead in the west at this point.
  2. I know. I just brought it up since it was brought up as a thing in his favor but in this case it doesn't really feel like it's doing much for him.
  3. So was Hana and she's an incredible versatile unit that excells at all her roles meanwhile Keaton's is stuck being a fancy anti-blue counter unit which an emerald axe Arthur could fulfill just as easily. I'm not arguing that Keaton is unusable thrash or anything. Just saying that he could've afforded to been given some extra effect on his weapon to make him slightly better but not broken. And no, I don't believe a def based spurn by itself would have made him broken considering that you're thinking of Blue Lion Rule which also has an unconditional built in QR and it's attached to Dimitri who is already amazing to begin with. Also, built in Wo Dao is nice but it's not like he was given a way to be reliably activating specials often.
  4. The biggest problem I see with Keaton is that he wasn't drawn by Okuma Yugo and the lack of titty window will be sorely missed. Oh, and the fact that he has no sort of guaranteed follow-up, follow-up denial, or some sort of damage shaving, like a defense based spurn, in his weapon is kinda crap. Makes his defense a lot less impressive.
  5. Damn Eldigan looks so heckin cool. Also, didn't expect to ever see a Hel outfit I actually liked but this one's nice and classy.
  6. Soren. I expect Elincia, Micaiah, Sothe, heck even Sanaki at this point, to eventually get one, but Soren would legitimately surprise me because he's gotten so little. Even less love than Sanaki in Heroes despite constantly being in the top 20 males for every CYL except the first.
  7. Another +10 completed This one feels so special. Niles is a character I've been using since day 1 so I'm excited to have finally maxed him out. Coming from 55 res (62 when brazen is active) his Icebergs are hitting pretty damn hard and constantly thanks to Special Spiral. Do wish his refine wasn't such weak sauce though. I opted for Spd instead of special refine for better off-hand tanking and less damage reduction from Spurns but Res or Atk might be a tad better for nuking purposes. And yes, I totally caved in and bought a FEH pass for Niles. No, I don't want to talk about the dirty hypocrite I've become 😒
  8. Legendary Lissa, Legendary Owain, Legendary Nils. If Ryoma can be a Legendary then I think these should be one too. All of these are largely shafted compared to their older kin though so I'd be genuinely surprised if they ever get one. Nils in particular not even getting to be part of the Fire Emblem leads thing when Ninian was. Honestly maybe add Legendary Inigo and Severa there too. Chosen ones by Anankos to travel into the Fates universe? That's pretty Legendary imo. More so than Ryoma anyway.
  9. I have yet to buy a pass and question whether I ever will but regardless I (for the most part) do enjoy the new art it brings. I think it's a good way for Heroes to get a fresh new look without having to spam alts of them. I'm gonna try to stick to gen 1 units since I'm pretty sure those are the only ones getting Resplendents so far. Florina (Muspell or Embla. Nifl would be most fitting but I fear it would be too close to her default) Odin (Dark Fairy) Matthew (Steampunk) Ursula (idc just get rid of her current art, leaning towards Hel or Dark Fairy) Lloyd (same as above, Askr or Nifl) Fae (Light Fairy) Ephraim (Steampunk) Adult Tiki (Nifl) Joshua (Muspell) Raigh (Steampunk) Leon (Light Fairy) Nephenee (Steampunk) Soren (Nifl) Masked Marth (Steampunk) Saber (Steampunk) Gray (Embla) Karel (Hel or Nifl) Hinata (Muspell) Xander (Askr, no I don't care that Embla would make more sense. Would be too close to his default) Ryoma (Embla) Chrom (Light Fairy) Serra (Muspell) Lucius (Light Fairy) Olivia (Nifl) It honestly got pretty hard to muster up which Heroes I'd like to see Resplendents for after the first 5. Hopefully gen 2 units and beyond start getting Resplendents. I'd really like to see something for Heath, Maribelle, or Hilda
  10. 4* Hilda makes me happy but she'll sadly probably end up as fodder due to lance armor position already being hogged by B!Hector and Forsyth and her lance being yummy fodder for Heath and/or Charlotte. Felix I'm super stoked about. A bit sad that he overlaps with Halloween Niles as what seems to be another speedy blue armored archer but then again his bow seems defensive in nature so maybe he'll have good defenses and I could opt for a tank build to prevent redundancy. Talking about Niles, so glad to see atk/res unity is finally a thing. Will def be sparking Altina just so I can provide that for him. Don't really care for Sephiran or Bernie but they have good fodder so I wouldn't mind getting one along the way. I almost wish she wouldn't considering she did pretty good last CYL. With her other competition gone and with 3H recency bias still being pretty strong, she could have a decent chance at getting a brave alt.
  11. Stefan (infantry/sword) Stefan/Mordecai duo (cavalry/sword) Soren/Stefan duo (infantry/red dagger) Soan/Stefan harmonic (cavalry/colorless beast) Soan (armored/colorless beast) Dart (infantry/axe) Marianne (pre-skip, cavalry/staff, post-skip, flying/sword) Fallen Marianne (infantry/colorless beast) Athos (infantry/red tome) Nergal (infantry/colorless tome) Pre-corruption Nergal (possibly as a duo with little Ninian & baby Nils) (infantry/blue tome) Nergal/Aenir duo (infantry/green tome) Aenir (infantry/green dragon) Limstella (infantry/green tome) Sonia (infantry/blue tome) Ephidel (infantry/dagger) Kishuna (infantry/staff) regular Lorenz (pre-skip, cavalry/lance, post-skip, cavalry/colorless tome) Manuela (infantry/red tome) Cyril (pre-skip, cavalry/red bow, post-skip, flying/axe) Caspar (pre-skip, infantry/gauntlet, post-skip, infantry/axe) Linhardt (pre-skip, infantry/staff, post-skip, cavalry/green tome) Touma & Cain (cavalry/lance) Niime (infantry/red tome) Atlas (infantry/colorless bow) Fomortiis (armored/colorless beast)
  12. I just saw the trailer and yeah, would've liked to see Terra if FF was getting another rep. Or at least a non FF7 one. Kinda sucks that they have a plethora of characters across the series to choose from and they decided to pick one from the same game. Also think TWEWY would've been a great choice due to the sequel being announced, not to mention it has an upcoming anime too.
  13. Yeah I'm fully aware she's in her early teens. Which why I said they made her "even younger" as opposed to just young. Not really related or anything but funnily enough, Lyn is 15 and she's already looks like a young adult so FE characters must have like a huge growth spurt between 14 and 15
  14. Was seriously considering breaking my "boycott feh pass" stance just this once for Niles but seeing that Delthea art has made me reconsider. She looks even younger than her regular art which already looked younger than her appearance in SoV. At this rate I expect to see any potential next alt of hers at diaper wearing age like Lucina
  15. 6 out of 20. Not too bad. Surprised Marianne didn't make it in considering all the other top 10 CYL 4 girls did. Well there is still a chance she'll make it in this year since we have the winter and new years heroes coming up before 2021 but I won't hold my breath on it.
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