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  1. ...yeah. I was thinking of tutoring when exploring the monastery. Weird, I don't think I've had issues with them not showing up before in seminar but then again I rarely use it so maybe I just never noticed.
  2. Their goals don't matter. I believe that they just need to have a higher skill than Byleth in whatever it is they're teaching to be able to do seminar. If Byleth has higher bow and reason skill than Hubert then that's probably why
  3. And this is why I'm upset that farfetched seems to have come to a stop. I'm not worried about the popular women (or women in general tbh ever since Karla) Heroes has treated most of its women nicely and they are the ones with the best shot of getting into the game along with having anywhere between a decent to broken set. Heroes loves screwing over popular guys on the other hand. Both, Haar and Cormag, were in the running for the banner and they just get gutted and thrown in as pitiful GHB units. At least Nils (and Shinon) would've been next in line for farfetched and I could've rest assured that he would get treated well even if he ends up as a freebie, judging by Aversa, but instead it's back to square one where I'm left worrying if Nils is ever gonna get in period.
  4. Oh yeah I completely agree with the lack of dialogue in the event being disappointing. I'm not really surprised by Megaman not being voice acted though. He never had any dialogue until 7 iirc and 7 wasn't even on the NES like all the classics before it and it was obvious that they were aiming for the original NES feel (specifically Megaman II) in this event (yet another reason I would have preferred X or BN megaman instead) I do like all the cool new art and music though. The wyrmprints are also fairly interesting read.
  5. Megaman seems alright. Quick 3 stacks of bleed is amazing and fire didn't even have a single bleeder before him. His leaf shield also seems to do a lot of damage. Both of his skills also come fully charged already and you can use them again even when they aren't 100% full. His first ability isn't any different from Mym's or Lathna's first ability. Sure the extra effect on it may not be as useful as the other two but I wouldn't say that by itself makes him a bad unit. The gauge mode accelerator and punisher are amazing. Don't think it's necessarily better than 15% skill damage that normal wands get but I could see him becoming useful in stuff like omega raids where bosses spend a lot of time on overdrive or maybe he'll even become part of some cheese strats. Also, judging by Megaman and the datamine character, Durant, it seems like Cygames is trying to steer clear from skill damage now so maybe the normal wand co-op may not be as useful in the future. The biggest problem I see right now is that I don't think he can iframe anything with his skills? Seems like you have to rely on the slow weapon skills to charge up to be able to iframe attacks.
  6. I tried restarting and doing a new playthrough since this game failed to provide me with my pokemon fill. I didn't even have enough pokemon left that I liked to form my core 6 party team without dipping into repeats from the previous playthrough. I kept going "I'll use Buizel" but it wasn't there, so then i followed up with Murkrow, followed by Houndoom, followed by Tyrantrum, followed by Banette, followed by Glameow, followed by Deerling, etc. I just didn't have many pokemon left that I actually liked. Dexit was already crap but it hit me particularity hard since it cut out a lot of my favorites, or made them useless in the case of some pokemon like Charizard and Gallade who lost their much needed mega evolution, or pokemon like Alola Ninetails which exist but gotta fork some money over to home to transfer a maximum of 35 pokemon only a few of which I'm interested in. Edit: I just realized I won't even be able to use my beloved team I have in Alola anymore with the pokemon global link shutting down soon. And here I thought I could at least keep going back to that and enjoy the online but GF is really all about fucking fans over and making sure it happens quickly.
  7. Time never counted down during move animations though.
  8. Maybe they are but I ended up liking them anyway. Cinderace was my least favorite but the animation of its signature move w̶h̶i̶c̶h̶ ̶i̶s̶ ̶w̶h̶e̶r̶e̶ ̶a̶l̶l̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶b̶u̶d̶g̶e̶t̶ ̶w̶e̶n̶t̶ ̶i̶n̶t̶o̶ changed my mind about it. I knocked on Raihan before because he didn't have use all dragons but I actually like that about him now. His focus on wheather is much more interesting and he gave me a hard time too because of his partial focus on ground types and ground hard counters half of my team while the other half still wasn't particularly great at tackling them. I also like he has different dialogue for changing the wheather on him. I found it too! I initially wasn't gonna do the bastardized battle tower but I wanted to keep using my team a little bit more and it was the only thing left. Glad I did because the theme was so good. I also got to see a particular someone's snazzy new outfit and disappointed mug which I'm happy about Do wish there was more unique trainers in the tower than just him though. Especially after SM had some great trainers like Red, Blue, Wally and Cynthia.
  9. I finally decided to do the postgame yesterday and honestly, the plot for that should have been in the main game instead of the barely existant plot the main game had. Also, catching Zacian was a pain. A single swords dance and it could basically ohko all of my team. But at the same time it was surprisingly frail and I ended up knocking it like 10 times by accident before actually catching it. Shame there wasn't really anything to do after that. I tried the league rematches but for some asinine reason the challengers are still lower level than Leon's pokemons in the main game. Why are postgame trainers lower than those from the main campaign?! Heck, they are lower than the last battle with Hop that has his pokemon at 70. Why are they lower than the battle you are required to do before even attempting them? At least Hop still kept his pokemon at level 70 in the rematches and Leon increases his team to match Hop's. Still wish they were higher though instead of staying pretty static.
  10. Apple tarts can be found in the wild area next to the trees. It's a low chance of finding one but you can go look for one if you want to evolve it right now. Also yeah, yamper is bad until it evolves.
  11. There's a budew in route 4 that you can use or you can catch one already evolved into a Roselia back in the wild area. Otherwise an electric type like pikachu or bolthund or toxel should be able to handle it. I personally used a bolthund against her. Oh, since it's rock a good fighting type can be useful too. Although I don't remember if there's actually any available by that point.
  12. Seems like having mods with all the cut pokemon in might not be so impossible after all since apparently importing previous models isn't too hard. Combined with an improved graphics mod like the tree mod we might actually be able to eventually play a graphically appealing game with all the mons in it to boot.
  13. I admittedly had 38 hours when I finished the game because I spent an obscene amount of time on character customization and league card updates. ------------ Wish the bad guys (not saying who they are in case people don't know by now) had an actual setup instead of being randomly tacked on at the end. Maybe that way I would actually like two particular characters more instead of adding them to the list of wasted potential of this game. Also wish dungeons, like the hideouts of team rocket, distortion world, the pokemon tower, mt coronet, or anything really, were in the game. It would've been nice to have something explore and work you're way through instead of having the entire game be on rails + shallow wild area. -------------- Wouldn't trade requests be better put on the wi-fi topic?
  14. Turns out hacking Wailord into the overworld makes it huge. Makes it even weirder that it's not this way in battle or the camp.
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