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  1. Blazing Blade was my first. 1. Having the option to switch between Ninian or Nils and Nils getting some supports. 2. Speed up supports. Actually update it to work like it does in 3H/Echoes. Having to have characters constantly glued together and spam turn end to build supports is not great. Bonus: The game should have made it clearer that, unlike Sonia or Ephidel, Limstella is genderless as shown in the cipher and art book. Edit: to be clear, I realize no one does this intentionally because the game doesn't do a good job actually presenting Limstella like that between localization changes and female sage sprite and even the other official sources that mention only being released in Japan. So sorry if anyone took this as personal and I should've put a bit more thought in my words before typing them out.
  2. No, I don't ever rely on critics for any decisions. They're always riddled with bias like any Musou game or paid off like SwSh. If I'm on the fence about a game I just look up some gameplay videos and actually judge it by myself rather than take someone else's words for it.
  3. The boss theme from Persona 2 IS preferably the original version but the PSP remix is fine too. For each series add a stage
  4. It's cool that they would include that but it's sorta ironic that Samus doesn't have her ice beam to actually do that herself
  5. I disagree with Yuri being the best but him appearing as a tag team with Repede would be awesome. Honestly, if side characters are allowed, I'd really like to see Collete as a Tales Of representative. Aside from avoiding the usual downpour of "muh animu swordman" complaints, she'd really have a unique moveset from Chakrams, to Angelic artes (Holy Song, Angel Feathers, Judgement), to Pow Pow Hammer and Stardust Cross.
  6. Source? I wasn't aware someone could do that without deleting and re-uploading a video.
  7. Oof, I grew up like this and I still can't handle horror very well. Jaws, Chucky, House of the Dead, Evil Dead, Pet Sematary, etc. My family loved horror movies growing up and I could never stomach any of them. Even parodies used to scare me. I've gotten a bit better about it but it's still not something I like to subject myself to. I can handle some mild horror like Resident Evil series and even enjoy it but something like Until Dawn still has me cowering and would be unable to get through it by myself.
  8. Kinda. But there's never really much detail other than Noire saying she subjected her to "nasty curses" but every time that one of her hexes is showcased it's always something tame like watery eyes or runny noses. So at the very least, if Noire really was subjected to some abusive stuff, it wasn't from the Tharja we know but future past Tharja which is long gone and should imo be considered a different person entirely.
  9. Cyril. He's not the only one with a Rhea problem yet everyone focuses all their hate on him while conveniently ignoring Catherine (not that she deserves any hate either but the double standards are painful). Also gets ragged on for being a poor unit despite coming with good bases and growths along with early access to one of the most broken skills. Camilla, Tharja and Faye also don't deserve as much hate as they get. Especially Tharja though since I constantly see people accusing her of being an abusive mom/wife when her hexes are at worst practical pranks or placebos like Noire's charm. "oh no, your mother made my nose runny. How ever will I live through this?"
  10. I don't really lean one way or the other in believing that capcom will or will not have new rep but if they do then I hope it's Phoenix cuz I just love the Ace Attorney series and he'd be a very interesting fighter. If not him then I hope it'd be Zero or Chris/Jill. Oh Morrigan would be really good too and I'm sure her design would be no issue if someone like Bayonetta managed to make it in.
  11. I for one am very happy it wasn't Let's Go Johto. I love Johto and wish it got more love but not like that because the let's go formula is atrocious. First one didn't even manage to improve on or at least include any of the content FRLG already added and there's no way that a new would even come close to all the content HGSS had. I didn't really expect much to begin like others did so not disappointed or anything by Unite but also not excited for it. Never been interested in MOBA before and still not interested. I really don't see why they hyped it up so much though and decided to have a week long build up just for it.
  12. Between Falinks and Sirfetch'd I prefer Sirfetch'd just because I like the design more and giving it a Leek makes it a fun crit machine with guaranteed crits on Leaf Blade and Night Slash. It can also get around its mediocre speed by abusing the dynamax flying move to raise its speed while still dishing out damage.
  13. Oh I know that you have to unlock them individually for each character so yeah it's a bit grindy but like not extremely so and it's a fairly easy mini game. Min Min's Megawatt and Master Mummy's Megaton are almost identical that that I forgot they weren't just reskins of one another which what I was thinking of when I said that others share starting arms. Also, Dragon isn't more powerful on Min Min? Are you talking about her left arm that powers up? That'll power up any weapon not just dragon. Max Brass is definitely a clone. A straight up better clone but still a clone. He shares the defining trait of having his arms powered at 25% health and also being able to block attacks mid charge like Spring Man except he also has that bulk up mechanic which grants him super armor. And yes I have fought Hedlok but who does Hedlok posses? Max Brass. Which would still make him the final boss by proxy. Saying Ryu is the main character isn't strange. It doesn't matter if he isn't up in everybody's business. The overall plot still centers around him. Sagat, M.Bison, Akuma those are all notable antagonist who's motivation comes from being able to defeat, manipulate, or control Ryu's power. They couldn't give two shits about someone like Blanka and his mutation problems. Likewise Spring Man is the same position. Yeah sure others have their own agenda but it's still Spring Man who is given the most focus when it comes down to it.
  14. You'd be right. Those arms can all be used by other fighters as well. Admittedly though, those are her "starter" arms while you would need to unlock them for the rest. The dragon is a bit special in that one else has them as starter arms iirc (ram ram and megawatt are naturally used by some others) but still not exclusive to her or anything.
  15. I like Min Min but honestly, that was kind of a bs statement that I'm sure Yabuki made to justify his request for Min Min. Heavily featured for the games advertising and his whole story is directly connected to the boss of the game (Max Brass) everybody else fights for different reasons. Talking about that, Spring Man has two fighter clones, one of which Max Brass with the other being Springtron, and Springtron was created as a replica of Spring Man specifically because of his popularity. He was very obviously pushed to be the lead character of the game. The equivalent would be if Cammy would've gotten in over Ryu by a request and then severely downplaying how important Ryu is compared to the rest of the cast to justify the decision.
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