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  1. Crap I didn't see the end before. Valbar is there too?! Oh this is the best banner in forever for me.
  2. Forsyth! Glad I didn't go all in on Halloween Hector. I had given up hope on ever seeing him. And he looks amazing too (both art and kit). Kinda wish he was infantry since I'm not fond of armors even if they are great but whatever. Really hoping Python's mediocre kit means he's a demote. I would love to have him as a merge project. I'm happy to see Silque too and she comes with a witchy wand. RIP Mia who was foddered to Brady but at least it got me through Rokkr sieges easily and earlier. Still on the fence whether I like her enough to chase after or not. Catria is whatever to me. Conrad I'm looking forward to but at the same time cautious because he's a free lance cav and those don't have a good record. Glad he's in all the same tho. Well I'm glad to see new Valentia heroes finally. Definitely gonna try to get myself a good Forsyth with Silque as my second option if no blues.
  3. I was pretty upset to find out duo heroes take up 2 slots since I was looking forward to seeing Hector/Lilina in the resort. I eventually gave in and took out Claude to make some space for them and... Hey, they are actually independent from one another. Ok I'm slightly less salty about it. Lilina can't try out some the facilities (like the weapon or accessory shops) but it's still actually pretty neat.
  4. Got a dad Hector in under 30 orbs and he's optimal to boot!! I said I'd summon for merges but I'm honestly debating whether I actually wanna go through with that since part of the reason for that was I that I expected to need to fix natures but it looks like that won't be necessary. Well I'll mull it over a bit before deciding whether to save up for something else or go all in right now.
  5. Oh yeah it's a bit discombobulating but I really like how much faster battling is with it on. I mean sometimes I still get confused and a unit will get panicked or debuffed or something and I'll be like "when did that happen? who did that?" but for the most part it's not an issue and it's mostly my fault for not checking enemies anyway.
  6. I feel like a broken record player saying this again but a skill shop needs to be implemented into the game. We've had it in mainline FE for a while now (Fates, Three Houses, and I think Awakening had it too) and yet Heroes just refuses to put any sort skill shop into the game. It's honestly my most wanted QoL update and it could be easily implemented with the hero manuals. Uh there's already an option for that in the game. It's called "disable animations on the map" or something like that. Basically disables animations like Fury, Renewal, AoE specials, debuffs, buffs, etc. It's been there for quite some time.
  7. This is pretty much why I want an extra Claude too. So I can give his B skill to either Summer Ursula or Legault since it pairs nicely with the Starfish.
  8. I also don't really care whether people hack/cheat in games as long as they don't take it online to use against other players. And even then it depends on what they did. Like, for example, in pokemon I don't mind if people gen pokemon and then go on and use their fancy-schmancy shiny pokemon with perfect IV and EV spread and optimal moves online to battle against other people as long as they have legal movesets and whatnot since there is absolutely no difference between that and someone who went through countless breedjects to get the same results. If it's something like a Dark Void Magikarp with like Moody or Wonder Guard as their ability then yeah I'll have issues with that though since that's an impossible to get magikarp and no one should have access to it.
  9. Hector being armored sword is disappointing. Wish Heroes would stop making all his alts armored. Sword makes him overlap with V!Ike and it also doesn't make any sense since his outfit is a wizard with a staff and staff would have been great. I also think this whole duo unit mechanic is entirely unnecessary and that Hector/Lilina and any other future duos should have just been implemented without it. Despite that I'm still dumping all my orbs into this in hopes of getting as many copies as I can for Hector/Lilina. L'Arachel is my backup plan in case no red orbs appear in a session. I honestly would've willingly spared some orbs on her if it wasn't for Hector being on the same banner.
  10. That new duo Hector/Lilina. I never expected anything to shake my will to save orbs for the eventual Nils and then IS throws that marvelous unit at my face. Before that I probably would have said Legendary Hector, Legendary Lyn, or Claude. Maybe even Spring Chrom or Bridal Charlotte.
  11. I wouldn't discount a unit being unique just because they are free. Dragalia already has a pretty good track record of useful free units and Alfonse got special treatment because it was a collab. The current freebie is actually pretty unique too now that I think about it. Anyways, I wish it was the Battle Network Mega Man because that one could've easily done Beast Out to use Gregar's/Falzar's powers and would be a pretty good fit with the shapeshift system. Not really sure what classic Mega Man could do other than having the basic use of some Robot Master's power as a fixed shapeshift. The 5* adventurer pool for that was updated once eons ago and hasn't been updated since. It's probably not gonna update anytime soon either since now would have been a perfect time to do that and they didn't. I would just use it now instead of waiting on a lineup update that may or may not even happen.
  12. I thought it was pretty fun but put it down after I got 1st place in the first and second lap and still failed to meet the point requirements for getting all stars. I joked about it happening while on the tutorial but I wasn't actually thinking that the game would pull that shit. It also has a cap on how much you can level your characters/karts/glider per day which made the problem even worse. Sad because I did think it was enjoyable but very obviously p2w (because even when you win races f2p you still lose)
  13. Not surprised by this. The quality of its recent games had gone down and when the remakes came around I thought I'd be excited for them but they just lacked a lot of the charm that the original one's had. Nintendo's shit idea of changing the npcs to into generic toads/koopas etc. when they already had fantastic designs to work with was a slap in the face. Even the music which I've always wanted to hear remastered was subpar and can't possibly hope to compare to the original gameboy soundtrack. Hopefully Nintendo starts taking better care of its rpgs now but I doubt that'll happen.
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