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  1. SoV wasn’t localized by Treehouse tho. It was 8-4. That’s why the dialogue was actually good. Also, what would they have censored? Outside of her suggestive pose I don’t think there’s anything worth censoring.
  2. Mmmm... I’d be happier with this if it wasn’t for the fact that Treehouse didn’t localize some of the DLC from Fates and TMS and that they’ll probably censor/exclude outfits. Well, they did manage to get everything in Warriors so maybe they’ll actually localize all of it but I’m not getting my hopes up. Online play? Interesting. I wonder what that could entail. If it’s good it might push me to finally subscribe to the shit service. We already knew about Amiibo support existing but I hope it simply provide costumes and maybe the characters signature weapon and not lock some dungeon behind it like SoV did. 12 gb is huge! I was not expecting that from a Fire Emblem game anytime soon. I guess they really are going all in on this hoping it to be their Odyssey or Botw.
  3. I keep seeing about how big Caspar is now but I’m pretty sure that’s just his bulky armor. I don’t think he’s actually gonna be particularly bigger than Lorenz or Felix. I’m a big fan of the designs. Especially Lorenz. I would not have expected him to turn out that good looking after the timeskip. Ashe doesn’t seem all that different tho aside from having a bit more meat on his bones and longer hair. I’m hoping we get to see grown up Lynhardt, Ignatz, Petra, and Dorothea next.
  4. Wow. I actually timed out on the Wind 20. Didn’t expect my fire team to be the team that times out in this. Still managed to get it beat though just by saving my skills for I-framing his attacks instead of simply spamming them. The rest went pretty smoothly. Especially against the fire one because Bellathorna Eli helper + Bog from Jakob is broken. Was hoping it’d be some sort of challenging randomly generated dungeon but I’ll settle for free practice and easy rewards. Do wish the prizes could be claimed immediately though instead of having to wait for the monthly reset.
  5. The weapons for the most part are not worth crafting over 5* core weapon. There’s some exceptions like the the 5* void staves since the abilities on them (skill prep and healing potency) are generally considered more useful than the extra skills on the 5* core weapons. Either can work fine for most cases though and it mostly comes down to preference but the void staves are cheaper and quicker to make. The real reason you want to do void battles is to get the facilities, MUB gold fafnirs, at least one silver and bronze fafnir get their sunlight ore, rare materials (dama crystals, moonlight stones, champion/knigh testaments, and steel bricks), and extra honey and ashes.
  6. Well, there is that new wind slime facility to upgrade, but yeah I agree. The lack of news this past week has been excruciating. I tried to use this free time to try and get in some extra HBH grinding done, but finding a group is more often than not a chore, so I just stuck to getting the weeklies done. I don’t mind too terribly though since it allows me to have a nice break from the game until something is announced. Which should be fairly soon seeing that the current event countdown is almost at its end.
  7. I was expecting to not like Lynhardt. He looked like a total snob who would be completely detestable. But honestly, he seems like the most relatable character in the series so far for me with his lazy and laidback attitude but picking up the slack and getting so focused on his work that he even forgets his basic needs like sleeping or eating when it comes to something he’s interested in. A big favorite for sure.
  8. Lazy. Those muddy textures are comparable to something I’d expect to see in a N64 game not the Switch but I guess people are just willing to ignore the truth for whatever reason. Edit: I mean don’t get me wrong. I get that there’s people who are still excited to play a subpar game and that’s all well and good but to say it’s not lazy is just wrong. After all I’m one of those who would have given this game a pass if everyone was simply in it but getting rid of them for this kinda shit is inexcusable.
  9. Ah okay, I just wanted to understand your reasoning as it felt really vague before but I think I understand your points now. As for the friendship thing, I think that a romantic partner still qualify as a best friend J̶u̶s̶t̶ ̶l̶o̶o̶k̶ ̶a̶t̶ ̶H̶a̶r̶v̶e̶s̶t̶ ̶M̶o̶o̶n̶ ̶D̶S̶ ̶C̶u̶t̶e̶ After all, it’s not like friendship ends once love kicks in. And I honestly wouldn’t expect Fire Emblem of the past to have outright stated it anyway if it were meant to be a romantic relationship. All people have is subtext and Lyn/Florina just oozes out romance potential with friendship, loyalty, overprotectiveness, the common lord/retainer and tomboy/shy girl setup, and lines that can be easily misconstrued such as: “Please, Florina—Don't... I, too, thought it was the way we had to be with each other. But I was wrong—I can't take it anymore. I've been so lonely all this time.” It’s no wonder Lyn/Florina is a decently popular ship. Especially for Florina since her only other paired support sucks even with the explicit romantic mention.
  10. Has anything Thani said actually been confirmed to be fake? At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if everything she said was actually true and she just threw in the “some stuff is fake” in case something gets changed during the development or simply to have us constantly second guessing ourselves.
  11. I’ve never actually seen this argument, but as someone who didn’t recognize Awakening as a Fire Emblem game until I read the “Fire Emblem” in its title and saw the grid-based combat system, I’ll have to wholeheartedly disagree with them on Kozaki not being a wild shift on the series. Florina only has one paired ending with a dude and it’s with Hector which involves one of the worst supports in the entire game (although their cuteness as a potential couple is admittedly undeniable) Also, how is any of their paired ending with men established? Established would to me mean that they either canonically always end up together or that their attraction for one another is at least confirmed but I don’t see how Lyn/Rath or Lyn/Hector for example are any more established than one another. And how is Lyn referring to Florina as her best friend any more problematic than something like Silas calling F!Corrin his best friend and then ending up married to each other? Best friends into lovers is one of the most common romance plots across all cultures and all forms of media. If you dislike the ship that’s fine but I just don’t see how what you listed makes it a bad ship. ——————————————— Well since I’m here I might as well post my unpopular opinion: Awakening’s OST was garbage. There was not a single track in the entirety of the game that made me pumped to get into battle or recruit a new character or otherwise catch my attention. Well there that’s not entirely true since Conquest (Ablaze), Don’t speak her name, Id (Purpose), and Id (Hope) were fantastic. But two of those are only heard once throughout the entire game and the other two only appear when you’re actively engaged in battle so you only get to hear bits of it at a time and one of those is DLC only top it all off. Not to mention only really enjoying four tracks in a game is pretty bad already.
  12. Actually, seeing as how pokemon have unique stat distribution, move pools, and typings, I would say that even battles are definitely being affected by the removal of pokemon.
  13. It might just be one change but it’s a huge change at that. Also it really isn’t just that one change. There is also the exclusion of megas and z-moves and while the latter wasn’t all that popular, megas where something that a lot of people liked and improved lots of pokemon that had been made pretty irrelevant such as Kangashkan or Bannete. Not to mention that one of their excuses was that their working on “expressive and detailed models” on all pokemon but they are still reusing the same ugly ass models and animations they’ve been using since forever now with no real improvements. Also, Dynamaxing is such a disappointing mechanic and replacement for what’s been lost.
  14. Well, they basically don’t until GF decides that they do. Especially if people end up transferring them to Home where if the pokemon doesn’t exist in Galar then they’re just stuck in there because now you can’t transfer them back to older gens either. Also, what the hell has been worse than thanos snapping pokemon out of a game? The only comparable thing I can think of is when RS did this but at least all the pokemon where still programmed in and all pokemon where eventually made legally obtainable with FRLG. Edit: oh and at least the reason RS couldn’t allow transfers was due to technological restraints at the time. Sword and Shield is simply because GF is too lazy to do it. I don’t see how boycotting is “too far” If people dislike the changes to the games and developers aren’t willing to remedy that then the only course left to take is to simply not buy their products. Blind consumerism achieves nothing. Also, seeing as how X and Y didn’t get any patches for the content that was introduced in ORAS and the same thing happening again with SUMO and USUM, I doubt GF even knows what patches are or that they would be willing to patch so much more now when they couldn’t even be bothered to do it before when they only would have needed to patch less than ten new pokemon/forms. They even said that they have no plans to include all pokemon at a later date.
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