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  1. So I followed the guide and have learned everything that I was looking for except a few things. Is way to disable certain things in hard mode. I want to bring back the weapon triangle, map affinity, enemy range check. The only reason I don't just use normal mode is enemy level. I thought that if I replaced the zmap n with h it would fix that, but it didn't work out. learning to hack fe 10 has been a fun experience. I certainly wouldn't have been able to do it without the guide. Also in the weapon triangle editor listed, would the first address be where I can find that data. Finding character and class values was easy but things like affinity and weapon triangle seem difficult. I hope to get to shop forge and army data eventually.
  2. Would anyone happen to know any action replay codes for Weapon Triangle on Hard Mode Ability to Check Enemy Range on Hard Mode Map Affinity on Hard Mode Battles Saves On Hard Mode And a Way to change experience gain on hard mode to normal - just the normal experience not the the bonus experience the codes that I have tried didn't work I am using dolphin version 5.0-321
  3. I was wondering if anyone here knew how to mod or use ar codes to change very specific things in path of radiance using dolphin. I was hoping to change values of weapons, which type of classes have certain skills, enemy ai, placing more enemies on the map with certain weapons. I was just wondering if those type of things were possible, and if so how difficult would they be.
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