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  1. Luke, the epitome of fuccboi. Thank god Cecille will show up to give us a cavalier worth using... in terms of personality. In stats honestly Luke's not half bad, depending on his levels. I hope your Lesser Rolf turns out half as good as mine did, base 7 defense isn't nothin' to sneeze at.
  2. Dang, those Three Four Stooges had quite a bit of character! Also dang, I was thinking Norton was going to be one of those poor-sod Boss types that are just fighting on the wrong side, I didn't think he'd be recruitable. Not quite a Camus, more like... Mustafa? Shit that's awakening, but I don't remember any older game bosses that were Decent People. I look forward to Norton's future! >inb4 Mel gets str blessed
  3. Oh boy, I sure hope Sid and Ruben don't get got. Ruben's certainly not had time to shave recently. Didn't realize he was so big though, not only is he tall, he's also got a bit of girth. Maybe it's just the coat tho.
  4. Yes, I was indeed talking about you Also, I mean, hey, have your Gotoh take a beating from the baddie, it'll keep him humble and prevent him from throwing you into deserts and at dragons.
  5. Paces a Hundred Yet Still I Cure is the greatest mnemonic device I've ever heard. And by greatest, I mean gods that's terrible, right up there with Juliattisnacordst. I'm so proud of you for being so awful, you son of a bitch.
  6. GEEZ! Over a week later and I finally finish update 2 and beyond! Would it be too much to ask that we start putting replies in a spoiler? It's gotten incredibly cumbersome scrolling through quote after quote after quote of people replying to each other V.V
  7. This is honestly pretty interesting! I can't speak for how well the script reads, but it's certainly a neat change of pace from the fire emblem standard faire. Honestly, I thought the bit about Sasha being Runan's intended kind of cute! In a political setting, it's kind of refreshing to see nobles discussing arranged marriages more realistically.
  8. I know absolutely nothing about tearing saga so this'll be a whole adventure for me! Since it's you, I know for a fact that I'll be endlessly entertained, even if endlessly confused. Good luck!
  9. Ah, my apologies. I suppose there are quite a few... dangling threads as far as Revelation considers. Oh well. I understand having to abandon the story but I'll just say I'm going to miss it. I've read the War Journal in its entirety about three times now because it's so compelling! As a writer myself, I can understand the struggle, but I'm still sad to see it go.
  10. If it makes you feel better? I was willing to accept any retcons you made to the canon of this dumb stupid lame story. As for the gameplay... yeah, I'm sorry, but Revelation fails to deliver on every conceivable level. You aren't at all out of line saying it's the worst fire emblem game ever. It really is just that bad. At least... the final boss is tough...? It's really not much consolation considering Conquest's final boss was so much more satisfying.
  11. You'll probably want to keep a save file on hand in case the sacae route starts giving you trouble for any reason. The second route split of fe6 is weird. Man, seeing lance just get shown the fuck up by Rutger's hard mode bonuses makes me wish the swordboy wasn't a pick. But ah well! At least Lance will always have his horse. And the weapon triangle. and a Lot support!
  12. Lance is living a #blessed life. Roy... please... skill... you need more than it.
  13. Roy deserves more from this than one skill and a world of troubles.
  14. Ok, not gonna lie, Evil Ruben wanting to create Evil World where everyone's fucking insane and evil is pretty great. And even sensible! Of course he'd want to surround himself with the most powerful and backstabbing people he can if he revels in madness. And I liked the tie in of the Bishops, since as the boss comparisons go they stood out so much. Too bad Evil Ruben's favorite Evil Bishop lacked Windham's power. I mean, even if he had higher stats, he was an endgame boss vs. Windham's midgame boss status. The bad guys never win I suppose. Also, I love that Evil Ruben's final undoing was, once again, Ruben making a nuisance of himself. Never underestimate the power of a well-timed distraction! Can't say I was expecting Albertus to be a manakete. Wonder what his story is. I'm sure we'll get a taste of it in the epilogue, and I'm looking forward to it!
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