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  1. I've heard that its -20% for every space past their natural range but I don't have an ironclad source on that
  2. The counter argument is that they never released stat charts for T4 and never intended to, so if the chart was made only with T0-T3 in mind it makes sense to have T3 hit the top of the charts
  3. It was confirmed in an AMA with a reviewer that master classes are not a side grade to advanced classes
  4. Based on the classes we've been given having stat webs, they have to have base stats, growth modifiers, or both. Otherwise there's nothing to base the grid on.
  5. I believe it was mentioned in a review that there's around 10
  6. We know enough already to know this isn't true on several accounts: 1. Commoners only have 4 move 2.Classes might not have stat caps, but they do have base stats and/or growth modifiers, either way sitting in an early game class longer than you have to will be some degree of undesirable. 3. Class skills are a thing that exist As for your other point, there's no evidence that spending time in a slow class will "cripple" your speed as we still don't know how strong the modifiers are or if they even exist. Each tier of unit seems to represent a significant leap in power to the lower one so it seems like the goal is set your unit up to always be able to tier jump the second it becomes available, while keeping them in a class that's still good in the present. We also have to consider that we have an entire party and a fixed pool of exp. Likely there's some number of students we can "afford" to be inefficient with while the rest have to stay were the blue arrows guide them, but that's not something we can tell ahead of time.
  7. I have a few doubts regarding gauntlets. Assuming they're only brave on the player phase, and that they're hard locked to 1 range, they sound absolutely terrible on the enemy phase. And the best player phase units (mounted ones) are locked out of using them. Not sure how much I'll actually use them outside of early on when it'll likely be a bit difficult to secure ORKOs without them. Edit:Also i doubt Great Knight has any riding requirement as there haven't been any cases of a class requiring a skill it doesn't support.
  8. Another thing is that "playtime" is an extremely nebulous term when it comes to FE. Are people referring to the in game playtime tracker, or am approximation of all their game sessions. The in game tracker doesn't keep track of the level resets that go into many FE playthroughs. Tracking through real life time might not account for skipping cut-scenes/conversations or if yoy just read faster/slower than most people.
  9. Not necessarily. He was referring to an instance of someone referring to a now dead character as if they were alive. They could both die and only one of them have these sort of continuity issues.
  10. You guys are acting like they both won't die. Jeralt can die Greil style fairly early on and Rhea can have a big story death in part 2. She does appear to get thrown out of a window at some point.
  11. As someone on Reddit pointed out, its likely due to the symbolism of Byleth and Edelgard fighting each other with the same weapons their ancestors did.
  12. This raises a question... Have we seen anyone counter attack with magic. If all magic works on an ammo system burning through potentiality valuable spell charges when all you really want to do is bait could be undesirable. There's also the question of if enemies outside designated classes will actually have functional amounts of Res.
  13. Still 6k feathers and 40 flowers. Also since we're dropping 60 USD on it, I feel like they won't be stingy. Wouldn't suprise me if he was just a solid unit with no good fodder though.
  14. And it begins. This at the very leeast confirms M!Byleth will be summonable (as opposed to F!Robin) and will wield the Sword of The Creator. It also seems likely to me at least he will debut along with the house leaders in late July, though it will be interesting to see if they sink the banners up directly with the release or have them delayed a bit.
  15. So I guess Mathilda really was doomed to be last all along. Feelsbadman... As for my thoughts: dual effectiveness or strong support are just about the only things that could actually make Raigh appealing since he has such steep direct competition in Tharja and Lilina so hopefully that's the direction they go. Rodrick is very unlikely to receive a prf firesweep weapon imo. Its not something they've felt comfortable putting out at all so far and I doubt they'd debut it on someone so accessable. Something boring like a slaying lance would be fitting in a way. Although I hope they don't screw him up by forcing his weapon to do the same thing as Luke's, since the difference in their statlines means that probably won't end well. I'm not sure what can be done with Luke that would actually make him worthwhile as a red 5 star. Sword cavs have such strong options across every level of accessibility so he likely won't be worth pursuing for anyone that doesn't already have him. I'm curious if they will try to stick with rouge dagger's effect on Matthew. I don't envision him rising towards the top of the bugget dagger pool but hopefully IS shows the same creativity they did for our ninjas.
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