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  1. My bad, when I get home from work I'll post it in that forum and delete this one. Thanks for the heads up
  2. So the new staves have me eager to theorize how best to use them. I have one idea. Azama is naturally the tankiest staff user, I mean he's not super tanky but with a little over 30 on both def and res he can usually take a hit as long as it's not from some glass cannon like Arya. Wich brings me to my build plan, one of two actually. 1- pain+ + Savage blow + Savage blow seal. That's over 20 damage in a radius around the target. That will certainly soften up the enemies, the down side is that might activate some B abilities that work at 75% or less health. 2-option B is to give him Sakura's attack reducing staff on top of attack smoke to just decimate their attack stats What are some thoughts on these
  3. So if I'm not mistaken I thought book two was out immediately, but I guess I misread.
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