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  1. Sorry, can’t do anything about bugs right now, my computer broke down and I don’t know when I can get a new one
  2. They don't read the health cap and would heal beyond full health, glitch out the health bar, and at a certain point reset to zero health and start healing from there.
  3. Just use a item generator code. The item code for the Heaven's Seal is 8A. As for the skill system, look on FEU
  4. The braces can still be used to promote the lords, and I'm just leaving more legendary weapons for the player to use as after the hack is complete, I will be releasing a version with weapon durability for a greater challenge, so they could serve as insurance in case the other weapons break as the enemies will start carrying pseudo-legendary weapons starting the next chapter. The ancients animations are now added in and the rest in fixed. As it's not really a game breaking glitch, I will release the fix next patch. Yes I know, the new patch change it to something else, but you have to reset to before she learned sol for it to become the new skill.
  5. The only reason those two weapons still exist is because I can’t find the event that gives them out.
  6. After looking into it, it turns out that somehow the event to start chp 6 got messed up. The new patch fixes it. I don't know what the problem would be, but sounds like it's something wrong with the skills system, so you should try asking circles.
  7. Oops, they are fixed now and will be in the next patch.
  8. Update: V3.07 is done, I just need to play test it.
  9. I don't know I would go about fixing that while keeping the chapter fog of war. Second, please don't complete Chp 15 before the new patch comes out. There is a bug with the Magiknight magic animation at 1 range, but it's fixed in the new patch.
  10. I used FEBuilder to set the chapter to be fog of war, and it let's you set fog levels. While writing this I double check the fog level and it turns out that I have it set to 2 instead of 3 (what chp 6 is). Perhaps this will make it proper fog.
  11. Sorry :), I added the notice. As for the fog of war, that's what FEBuilder edited the fog to be.
  12. Ephraim route is not hacked yet, I didn't do anything with those chapters yet. I'm waiting until I'm done with Erika's route before tackling Ephraim's. Second, she is no longer a pegasus knight in my hack, it's just not hack on Ephraim's route because again, I'm still working on Erika's route.
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