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  1. yay :D *catches* awwww its with Serra -_- *throws knight's armor"
  2. being in America, i have no idea, even wikipedia is not helping
  3. *puts on her on her horse, that then kicks me* DAMMIT EVERYTHING I DO HURTS ME *throws L'archel's shoe that fell off*
  4. *Walks in* hey guys what's everyone doi-*gets squished* Dammit all! *throws a 1 use Durandal from the ground*
  5. Thanks guys, no proper burial? jeez someti-*gets hit wht nino*- i need to talk less.. *throws poison lance*
  6. *in the eye* why...? *dies* i am dead therefore someone must throw my body
  7. Tanith: Don't look! 0.o (actully an error on my part, missed two whole posts go me, but hey i got quoted!) Jaffar, did you feel more human after helping defeat nergal?
  8. how long/when(year wise) did the show run?
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