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  1. Oooh Joshua is reward? Time to do Tempest trials later so i can save orbs for more banners.Currently have 45 orbs.
  2. Dual Destinies was fun.I admit it was easier than others,but the cases was fun to do.I loved the Proffesor breakdown.
  3. Well i hope i will be able to go up a lot.100% F2P.I didn't even spend a cent in this game.
  4. Oh damn i kinda wanna wish to get Diedre.I hope i can pull her in free summon.
  5. Well it's worth to play all of them well except the Nes Era,but there are remakes for it.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqgmraA-urY
  7. The memories when i finished Tomb Raider 2 for first time when i was a kid.I was realy scared of traps.
  8. Oh damn i haven't finished the first one i got on Steam haha.
  9. Yes i was in Japan.It was fun haha. Yes that's me on the right in white clothes.The one who hold the Shinki drawing she drew for me.
  10. This is my most recent photo well it's 1 year old,but i finaly met my friend in person from Japan.
  11. Miky225

    Hey there.

    I actualy own all games on 3DS.Currently playing Conquest Birtright Revelation and Awakening.
  12. Slovakia.I kinda wanna visit US someday.
  13. Miky225

    Hey there.

    Hi i decided to join this forum.I've been playing Fire Emblem since 2016 and recently finished FIre Emblem 6.My First Fire emblem game i ever finished was Shadows of Valentia.
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