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  1. Listen to Czarpy. It varies from game to game, but in FE4, for example, almost every unit who doesn't have a horse is kinda meh. Of course, this varies some based on whether you're going for a low turn-count or just looking for a unit which doesn't need much training, but the former tends to be the metric by which units are judged. In fact, only two armor units I can think of, Oswin and Effie, are considered any good throughout the entire series. And for the latter, it's largely because you can give her a horse.
  2. Just Get Gud and free summon a five star Effie like I did. But Shenron works too.
  3. Ryoma needs to win this as the best seasonal New Year's lobster.
  4. Just going to have to use Brave Lyn and accept the 20 percent bonus. I tend to use horse emblem in these trials even though they are all maxed out in HM.
  5. I mean, I've already got most of my arena assault teams set up. Beyond a certain point, the game's more about collecting than building teams. But I could always use more distant counter.
  6. From what I remember, the Fates children are more popular than most of the Awakening children. And several of the most popular ones are already in the game in some form.
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