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  1. There's also the armor knights and those armors have like 50 hp and 13 def. You would need to do 38 damage against them with a normal sword per hit which is highly unlikely. brave sword only makes it 16, but there is only 1 at that point. I'm not really accustomed in LTC either, but I don't think you really need a Duke knight Finn for anything for that type of mode. Especially since the brave lance is probably on Fee. The next maps have a lot more mages which would make it harder to give the light brand some kills so getting a lot from the armors, knights, and pirates would really help. Lach would work better, but she has so many options so I don't really see a problem between a light brand user + anything she wants vs just her using the light brand. Noish is better than Alec with the pursuit ring for the light brand, but keeping it past ch3 means that you can't pass it down to Leif. Noish would have to compete between either keeping it or giving it away while Alec just has it at base. I feel like that fact that Noish needs this specific investment that some others might want just to be better than Alec isn't that great.
  2. Oh I only wanted to initially stop because I thought some people wouldn't want just 2 people going back and forth. If you want to continue in some other way, I wouldn't mind that.
  3. Ok well if you put it that way I will state that I think you're really valuing critical a lot more than you should for units like Azel and Levin. It seems a bit unnessecary to let Azel keep using Fire just for crit when he can just use Wind or Thunder (that'll definetly help him double things like archers and some sword users) and 1 round enemies fine and plus he can just use stronger tomes like Elfire. I wouldn't praise critical so much on Levin either since the chances are still low unpromoted and after promotion, he gets pursuit and eventually Forseti and he 2 shots most enemies with Elwind. Critical can help for some bosses, but those are just a few compared to hundreds of enemies you face not to mention that you gotta drag Levin to do something that Sigurd can probably do 2 turns earlier. Levin getting a critical hit out of 3-4 magic attacks isn't amazing when he's struggling to keep up with the army. Alec may struggle to one round without critical, but at least he's able to fight more enemies than Levin and contribute more with his nice chip while Levin kills just a few bosses at best. You can not value a mount as highly, but there are several other units that are fine boss killers so there isn't much point in dragging Ayra to the boss when Sigurd can with little problem. Alec can at least help Sigurd handle the enemies around the boss while Ayra lags behind. Levin can get all the money he wants from the arena but still no mount to be able to catch up with the others plus leg ring isn't exactly the best choice when Sigurd is around. I'm just assuming based on your counters, but I think you're kinda focusing too much on just how much Levin can reliably kill compare to Alec. Obviously a trained Levin will be able to kill more but the lack of a mount really hampers him and forces you to wait for him if you want him to kill a boss that others can probably do. Alec doesn't have the same boss killing potential, but he's still able to travel with the army and fight generic enemies fine. Being able to keep up with the fast pace Sigurd while contributing nice damage for all enemies in the way is defintely more valuable than having to wait for a unit to catch up to kill 1 or 2 bosses. Not like 100 kill silver sword exists or anything.
  4. I could make a counter to the counter, but for the sake for this thread not being flooded (unless you want to continue this), I'm just going to say that those are really nice boots and I want them.
  5. Yeah prepromoted works. Easier to get kills that way. I never thought of that since I always rescue spam in ch2 for promo. Yeah Ch4 has a cluster of wind mages in like the first half and Ch5 has a lot of fire sages, but they only use meteor and you just bop them with Fury. Safest sword would probably be fire but the others would be fine except thunder I guess for chapter 4. I'm not exactly sure on what the benefits you get from giving Dew more kill options, but it's defintely nice for getting more money and you usually have the swords to spare. I think it would be fine if you were to give Alec the magic ring first and then decide later on in terms of pairings since they both should have the money to just get it back fine. I mean actually magic ring Fee is nice for staves and if she has other magic swords on her
  6. Oh thanks for reminding me of them. Lachesis has so many more options to go with the master knight class so I don't really think that her missing out on a flame sword would make a difference when she can use a brave sword, brave bow, brave axe, killer bow, staves, etc. Ethlyn does use it better, but she does leave at the end of chapter 3 and Leif really doesn't need either magic items because master knight. Erin...yeah she would be a better user. I can't really argue against that. Only thing I could say is that she has more options like staves while Alec has none so she wouldn't really be missing out on the magic sword while Alec would. In fact all of them would work better, but there's the light brand, flame, thunder, and wind sword. Plus they can probably work fine without the magic ring in terms of handling enemies. Basically either everyone else doesn't have the magic stat, has the magic stat, doesn't have a mount, or has better options. I'm not saying Alec needs the magic sword ring combo or else he's useless. He can work with the brave sword but you got other units like Sigurd and Beo who would use it better while there's rarely anyone else for magic swords and you get multiple of them.
  7. I thought I stated that, but I'll go more into depth on that for all the sword users. Sigurd only needs the silver and maybe brave. His magic isn't going to beat Alec's and he murders everything with the silver anyway. Noish would basically end up the same as Alec, but he doesn't have pursuit at base which is a pretty big difference since Alec would be doing 23-24 more damage than Noish per round. If Noish were to get the pursuit ring, he would be fine, but Noish actually has better strength to the point where you can just give him a brave sword and he'll do fine while Alec can use the magic swords for much needed damage. I don't see any point in Azel getting it when he can just use actual magic. Ayra does not have a mount and does not get the +5 magic Alec gets from promo so she's basically going to do 10 less damage per round. Astra is a thing, but still no mount. Same for Holyn, but he doesn't even have Astra. Beowulf has less magic than Alec and also has the better str stat which would prefer using the brave sword more than a magic one. I'm pretty sure I don't need to explain Dew, Arden, nor Sylvia. Though Dew can steal more safely with them.
  8. Well I'm sorry if that got on your nerves, that wasn't my intention when I made the title and reposted. I do want more people to see it hoping that I would get more feedback on some things that I could improve on or fix when I present these types of info. Meme title, well I can probably tone it down if it really pisses you and others off that much. But you would need to train Levin to 20 if you wanted some of the unique things he has compared to Alec plus you said Sigurd basically does everything. I don't see how training Levin would help when he would probably slow you down in order for him to keep up.
  9. I'm speaking in terms of Alec is more useful and contributes more than Levin overall. Levin CAN 1 round enemies with adept or crit but that doesnt mean he WILL. It isn't exactly reliable. He has 30ish% for adept and 12% at base for crit. The chances arent high and he'll mostly just be attacking once. Levin does beat the arena better than Alec but Alec can actually catch up with others in the actual map. Weakening enemies for him is a bit annoying, but at least he can catch up with your main army. Levin isn't going to fight much without a mount and by the time he catches up, Sigurd and the others most likely murdered all the enemies like 2 turns ago. The level gap isn't that big. Pursuit ring Levin works but I already stated other units that uses it better than him and why. You might as well give the brave sword to Alec if you're deciding between him and Ayra because Alec will actually fight enemies on the map and be able to make more use out of it. I already stated why there's such a big gap between having a mount and not having one. Yes Alec needs specific gear to be more useful but Levin doesn't have everything at the start. He has no mount nor pursuit. You suggested the pursuit ring which is better on others and actually will cost more money than the things you need for Alec. Azel can usually 2 shot enemies fine. Fire has bad avoid but thunder exists in ch2 and wind in 3. He isn't going to one shot with the magic ring, just 1 round at best which isn't much of a problem with the lighter tomes. You can just use the light brand for the ch3 pirates and give it back to ethlyn and then use the thunder/wind/fire sword. Levin is kinda too much of a dodge tank with Forseti. Usually enemies are just going to ignore him on enemy phase because his avoid is so high. Also only for 1.1 chapters. Levin with staves like physics helps but you got Aideen who can use it at base plus you can just send Sigurd alone and he'll be fine with the Tyrfing. Also that's probably only for like 1-2 chapters at best. You can give the leg ring to Levin or a mounted unit like Sigurd for 12 move in order to beat the chapter even faster which Levin will never reach. I don't see why you would want to try to keep everyone around the same level when you can break the game with much faster speeds. Also the leg ring is also an investment that's worth more than all of Alec's. You can use the rescue staff to move Levin around. But Alec doesn't need that.
  10. I mean I was aiming more for a really bad meme name for this topic, not clickbait. Also not like everyone who uses reddit also uses the fourms. Just wanted some feedback on the work. Not like I gain anything else
  11. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xYSbx-2hlfj0mQHziO91uVeABf_qYgimAfpyim93-NA/edit?usp=drivesdk Feel free to criticize on anything you think for the Alec > Levin argument.
  12. Double posting is not allowed but I'm just doing this every other post to not make this look dead. Quality of this video is pretty bad though. Ch7-8. It's an hour long which no one is gonna watch fully. It's just me most of the time and silence and the gameplay is hella boring with just dodges everywhere. This was pretty bad and I'll try to not make the quality negative and stay in the zeros next time. (ok its been too long since I posted so I'm just going to post eventual videos on the reddit page)
  13. Chapter 5 is done with gameplay and commentary. I'll try to make it so that it isn't just 1 map per week, but I've just been busy. New commentator, just some guy ik who likes pokemon. Here's chapter 6. no co-commentator and my commentary sucks so just added music.
  14. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YTb3TguNDY0o-FFIH1WHYxO6Y54m_-MXd-zvlTH6FX0/edit?usp=drivesdk dont need to say stuff here. doc says it all.
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