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  1. That sounds like a fun playthrough. The Fort Norden route is more liked in general, however if you want to recruit everyone, there's a guy over there who can only be recruited if another specific is already dead. Don't let Olwen die for him. If you want to recruit Xavier, you better prepare your sanity too.
  2. Today I experienced the welcome back from Heroes and the FE6 banner which ends in a few hours. Got no Igrene, but a bunch of red units and a 4.75% pityrate. Although this is Heroes we're talking about, so don't know what I was expecting.
  3. Ah, we might get Altena and Travant on a Genealogy banner - I'm counting on it, there's still big names missing from there as well (Lex, Shannan, Brigid comes to my mind)
  4. Thracia may be the least known Fire Emblem game, but also heavily underpresented in Heroes. As someone who managed to win in Thracia, seeing these 3 faces in Heroes puts a smile on my face. It's so good, that even if we get no more Thracia banner in the future, I'm satisfied with the lineup from it.
  5. Hmm, might check this out after work if they release anything worthy to get back into the game.
  6. This is possibly the best banner I have seen in a very long time. These are exactly the Thracia units Fire Emblem Heroes was missing badly, even Mareeta is not corrupted anymore. Holy molly, even Tanya is here? Now we have an official name for the Pugi as well. Makes a lot more sense than Bhuj. Good job IntSys.
  7. Oh, sounds like we are going to the Elphin route. I prefer the other route with Lalum and Echidna as well - it also has a Restore staff, but 2 chapters later in one of the houses. Hmmm, it's been a while since I used Bartre though...
  8. Keep what up exactly? Looks like a moderator should moderate herself, as I all I wrote is that I have a grudge against you - rest is pretty vague, don't you agree? Making anything public would be asking for a debate from you, I have no idea what you would even gain from it, but I know I have much more on my plate. But good to have you around eclipse, you proved my point (my vote stays with Integrity though)
  9. There's already a pizza version where one side is folded on the other and it's also really good. It's called Calzone. Who should be the president of your country from Three Houses?
  10. Story mode and Heroes' Path has a few 5* units, which is more like a helping hand for players to get through the other contents of the game. That's nice. But from limited time quests where you get units, those are usually 3* units, who are needed for other quests to finish in the same batch, and they are usually units who you already have - unless you want them for your builds, they are pretty much pointless. Most of the characters are still locked behind the 5* pool wall, and your best chance to get those characters is whenever they get a focus banner - for which you might have to wait for 1-2 years sometimes. The other problem with this is that instead of getting interesting characters, you are summoning unwanted units from the 3-4* pool, like a mage with a tummy cutout or a gay archer. Worst case scenario really, but it happens way too often. I'd have proposed a different idea. Like explore some worlds of the Fire Emblem games on some maps(with various challenges), and on the way you can pick up some items which are hard to come by: Sacred Coins, Divine Dew, Orbs and maybe at some checkpoints a choice between 4 rare heroes. Could help beginners, simple fun idea, but probably too much in the eyes of IntSys.
  11. I picked up the game to see what's going on lately, got back to orb gathering and went for summoning on the Igrene banner... and I just came to the conclusion that gacha games are stupid. For me, it seems like all I do with this is just doing daily chores, rinse and repeat, no brain auto battles, and if I want to get a single copy of my favorite units: do that for a couple of months, wait for the focus banner, get lucky, or get frustrated. If you don't care about the characters, great. But this is Fire Emblem, I know the history, I know who I want, and when I was new to the game, I thought it'd be a fun thing to build squads that I couldn't before. Could be great if they make some game modes where you can get your squad outside of summoning from an already bloated 5* pool, and I'm not talking about units exclusive to other modes like tempest trials and GHB - I hope for a game mode where I can get units from the summoning pool. Still a better approach than the majority of the mobile games, but it still feels like just a waste of my time.
  12. Well, I have nothing against Integrity, so that's a thumb up on that side. Eclipse just keeps ignoring my question and request on a problem that's bugging me.
  13. Honestly the lords are kind of boring and mostly there for the story with their ideals, but besides that there's really not much else in them. People might think the rest of the cast is one dimensional, but I find the other characters have more depth and think about more than one thing... except Leonie of course. Support conversation really helped in that regard. (I know it's just me) The FE7 lords are interesting, but I think the chemistry between them made them even more interesting.
  14. How about throwing in a little chaos, and completing the game on a higher difficulty could unlock: Randomized recruitment.
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