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  1. Guys, if you have any sabotage, I still haven't given up yet. Just checking, because it's been 3 days now.
  2. They'd stuck in C support in Heroes. Where can I find a good ramen recipe for home cooking while being a beginner with soups?
  3. That's an interesting one. Btw, I continued playing after I read this. Tana died. A ballista one-shotted her, my mortal enemies. On turn 8 from the 10 turn defense, she was just in range of the ballista, 10 tiles away - I didn't check the range of the bottom ship, because I was fighting with the cavalries on the top part of the map. At least she was able to recruit Cormag for me before, so it's not the end of the world, but for the first time I had a bad feeling about this run. Not because of the setbacks, but because of my plays. Ch.6: Gilliam died, samthedigital said: bench Seth permanently Ch.7: Lute died, Azure, Roundabouted Out said: Amelia must go for the General promotion Ch.9: Forde died, De Geso said: Ephraim not allowed to promote at all. Ch.10: Tana died, waiting for sabotage.
  4. Good news, Forde died in Chapter 9, Ephraim route. Chapter was going pretty well, until the reinforcements hit me hard. There were way more ranged attack that targeted him in the turning point of the corridor, and the number of the enemies were overwhelming for a short while. Also I ran out of bows and magic tomes at the end of the chapter. Got Amelia, she's a Lv.2 recruit yet, because I found little spot to train her. Neimi, Franz and Kyle are ready to promote, but I might hold on for a while. I didn't go to the Tower of Valni, I was thinking to only go there once; when more floors are unlocked, but not sure yet. Not interested about random map encounters. Also I just realized I screwed up the chapter numbers. Anyway, it's your turn again guys. Ch.6: Gilliam died, samthedigital said: bench Seth permanently Ch.7: Lute died, Azure, Roundabouted Out said: Amelia must go for the General promotion Ch.9: Forde died, waiting for sabotage
  5. Trueblade would be the one I want. Gives me the opportunity to make a better alternative for my Swordmasters, since Mortal Savants are bad at speed.
  6. Just to let you know, I'm always ready to defend Lilina, she's a good unit in my book. Investing in a unit is not new to me, as I do like training them up and seeing all those level up screens. So I wonder what do you mean by not enough output from her.
  7. Sounds interesting. I like Binding Blade, so this playstyle will be a different take for me. Where do I sign?
  8. Banned for trying to start a Google Image War
  9. Sorry, but I'm going to skip on your suggestion again. I didn't exactly understand what you try here, and did you mean this as a 1-chapter thing or something else? Also you came up with 2 ideas and I need to decide which one would be the viable choice. Come back at me with more confidence, or I'll slip away. Oh, I see what you did there. But you know what, I'll take it. Getting a slow unit means I need to be a bit of a turtle, which is sometimes the safe route. Unless something goes horribly wrong. You're on.
  10. The Ace of Spades. Why does it hurt when I think?
  11. Well, we didn't have to wait too long for our next victim. Lute died. I was aware that she's in the archers range, but I didn't pay attention of the mage across the mountain. Both hit and was just enough to put her down. So, Chapter 7 is about to begin, but it's your turn again to put a setback on me. Ch.6: Gilliam died, samthedigital said: bench Seth permanently Ch.7: Lute died, waiting for sabotage
  12. Only stat I considered too low for her is her defense in the long run, and skill is not a big issue for magic users: tomes are one of the more accurate weapons in the game. 8x is a wonderful source of experience for her to catch up with your current squad, so it's not that difficult to train her either. That huge mag stat will help her out to deal a lot of damage, or if you want her to be more flexible, use a simple heal staff to completely heal one of your allies. All that considered I don't see why people struggle using her later on when there are some really sick magic tomes out there for her - Aircalibur, Forblaze and Elfire. It's easier to work on her supports as well, and why not train her up when she becomes a unit who can recruit other units. Well people said that my Lilina is slow when I was showing it to them, but honestly that never felt to be a problem for me. I prefer her over Lugh, who might be faster, but can get screwed in Mag instead. What FE6 was not kind to is axe users instead - or anyone who got weighted down by their equipment and got no accuracy. For Dorothy I meant that nice Str and Spd growth paired with Skl growth as well, so she may become a glass cannon pretty much. Sue can be dodgy and fast and mounted, hope she doesn't get stuck with low Str - I'm just saying that she's not as bad as people think.
  13. You know, I think Three Houses Golden Deer path has a pretty amusing endgame level. Not just straight go to the boss and kill him, but actually having objectives and things that change the layout of the level, probably to your advantage mostly. Luna is still very powerful, so it's not the most challenging one, but the battle was very entertaining. But regarding of challenges, I have to give the trophy to Thracia. In most games you just use your MVPs and profit, here you use your best unit and it can still throw stuff at you to keep you anxious - you want to be quick and efficient. The final boss is not the problem, it's the opening the path to the final boss that is screwing you over. Also your party is split into 6, and you need to deal with Thracia formations - I swear I had a 10 minute brain session just with that. But it brought all together: had to utilize weapons, staves and skills as well to my advantage. You know that feeling when you are given a challenge, and the victory is just so satisfying, that's what Thracia final map was.
  14. Well, this is already a punishment for my mistake in fog of war, so I'll go with the idea of @samthedigital to bench Seth for good. Knowing the history of Seth, the reasoning is pretty good. I'll let you know if something bad happened again. Damnit Seth, you just reached Lv2.
  15. I am actually skeptic about this. Because after a story chapter you start a new month, and another round for Mission Assistance. You need to re-recruit for mission assistance, but if you can't have it or any interaction like that with a unit, it's gone for good. Also you mentioned you can't gift him and anything, so he probably had enough of you.
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