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  1. I think Tanya is the best archer in Thracia 776. A lot of people praise Ronan, but movement stars are unreliable and his growths and bases are not so good - still wondering what that 15% Str and 55% Mag growth is aiming for. Robert has good growths, but that's about it - his joining time with E bows is just horrible for him. Now Selphina would be another great archer, higher Lv and B bows, but she's also flawed. Charge is a double-edged skill, and she only gives support to her scrubs that nobody uses. Tanya support 2 great units, Dagda and Othin, the latter support is also mutual. Xavier can also has A bows and be an amazing bow user, but his recruitment is probably the most complicated I ever found in any Fire Emblem game. Now Tanya doesn't start amazing, but she's fast - and she has some room where she can grow into something better. This game is not great for archers, but if I have to pick one of them, Tanya would be my meme unit.
  2. Oof, that is a big cut on the orbs to be honest, so I hope you get the patience and courage to clear them all. If you can clear tt easily, all it takes is 3 runs per day(daily 5k points), but while you can take your time in cc, tt does reward you for speed too. Cc is more challenging, I didn't mind using cheap tactics like hit and with Rein. Dancers and healers are gold, especially if you have an offensive healer like Eir or Reciprocal Aid Renewal. Ok, I should stop here, but let me know if you are stuck with your orb hunting and need help.
  3. I remembered you were looking for Lucina for quite some time. This is her first focus banner ever since, and 4% is a pretty good chance. If you get enough orbs this week until Saturday, I'd say give it another shot. As for me, my Masked Marth is something to use instead of Lucina, and being a Judgral fan I tried another free shot on Julia - just to be getting a disgusting 4* Camilla instead.
  4. As someone who played Binding Blade a lot I can say that this post is perfectly accurate.
  5. Simple - give him a promotion item after Chapter 8. Or if you think that's too early, then give it to him after Chapter 16. Just not right before the final chapter, please.
  6. I'd say the game gives you enough keys to get through stuff in Chapter 3, but in general you really want to have door keys in later chapters when the squad have multiple starting positions. You also can't steal magic tomes from enemy mages which could be a great benefit for you. Essentially Lara could take over in Chapter 4, you have less doors to worry about, but also you can only bring less items with you for these troublesome chapters. Later you want to use Lara as a dancer rather than a thief, and she doesn't have a good build to steal from enemies. In the late game you don't use Lifis that much, Tina is much better with the Unlock staff at that point, even when it's sometimes unreliable.
  7. That's a lot of orbs I detected: Tempest Trials: 42 2 Forging Bonds. 2*14 Rokkr Siege: 15 Bound Hero Battle: 9 Tap Battle: 9 Grand Conquest: 14 Voting Gauntlet: 12 Mythic Hero Battle: 9 Daily Login bonus(VG and 2 new heroes): 3*13 2 New Heroes Story chapter: 2*20 217, not counting the ongoing login bonuses and the weekly orbs we get. Also not included August quests, Coliseum and Dark blessing quests. EDIT: oh, and quite possibly a chain challenge too.
  8. My order is a bit different from everone else's. Binding Blade > Blazing Sword > Sacred Stones While Sacred Stones is a nice game for beginners, I don't find anything lately to get back to that game. Blazing Blade was my first Fire Emblem game and I think it had a fair balance to it, however the story gets uninteresting over the time, I don't find the villain anything special to be honest. Binding Blade was something else. Not recommended for first time players, but it gives you an interesting challenge if you play it after Blazing Sword. It has a some interesting characters for your squad, and I actually really enjoyed the story. It's easy to follow and the enemies have their motivations well explained, I'd say much better than most of the units that joins to you. Not as difficult as Thracia 776, but it took a couple of things from it and made it even better. Hard Mode is hard, but it sure gives you the satisfaction of beating a challenging game. (also it has the biggest arguments when it comes to tier lists)
  9. What are the difficulty options? If Classic/Casual is a choice, I'll defineately go with Classic - also defineately not going for easy mode, I want to get some challenge from it.
  10. This sounds interesting, but Tsukuyomi failed to apply the patch to my Fire Emblem - Sealed Sword rom. Unzipped and it still fails to patch it. Does it only work on untranslated one or something?
  11. I picked one of the cavalry boys from Selphina's squad, since I neglected using them. There's just 2 tough maps after chapter 19, no chapter related character requirements for them, so anybody could be captured in Chapter 19 - who's inventory is empty and not part of your main squad I'd say. I went on the Sleuf/Misha route, so I don't know how good Miranda is.
  12. It's also ready on my Nintendo Switch. Once the game is out, it's time to take the road with the Golden Deer.
  13. I kept playing Thracia while Project Exile worked on the translation, and finished it on the weekend the final version came out. Have to say, completing Thracia was a struggle and this game made me uncomfortable more that any other Fire Emblem games. There are a lot of things the game throws at you, and you need to be ready for it. Here's a list of tips I'd give to anyone who also found themselves under the pressure. Capture is a big mechanic in the game. Once you captured an enemy, you can steal all their equipment before releasing them, giving you some much needed equipment. It's easier to get some equipment early on this way, but better equipment comes in later chapters. However the enemy can also capture your units who can't fight back, and when they do they automatically steal all their equipment, except scrolls and personal weapons. This can be used for capture baiting, but the game is possible to beat without it. Status effects like Sleep, Silence and Berserk last until the end of the chapter, no X turn duration, very powerful effect. Advised to steal these whenever you can, since the enemies don't have Restore staves most of the time. Having your units under status effects can be very annoying. Boss tiles give much higher defense and avoid bonuses. This only boosts defense against physical attacks though, so mages and magic swords can be much more effective. They also block you from using status staves on the bosses. You'll run into escape chapters. Make sure Leif escapes last, otherwise anyone who left on the map is automatically captured. This can make your runs impossible in some cases. Fog of War is bad. The only way to see more through this is if you use Torches. Most Gaiden chapters have this, other than that only Chapter 12 gives you that. This makes the formation screen a big black screen as preview, so if you don't like that, check out the maps on fireemblemwod. You can't change the positions in formation. You should also check the deployment order on the maps on fireemblemwod if they give you problem. Early maps usually put the army in one spot, but later maps they split them up, and some cases leave you with groups next to a door they cannot open. Fatigue is also a big part in formation. The only way to reduce it to 0 is if your units skips a chapter or you give them an S Drink - that is why it's good to have more healers/boss killers in your army. Some units can ride horses, but indoors they need to get off from their mount. Unfortunately some units have different weapon ranks when they are mounted and when they are not, and most lance weapon ranks are only on mounts, except for Dalshin who might not be used in the long run. Ballistas are no joke, they have good hit rate and damage a lot. In Chapter 14 you might want to take them out with Olwen and a Bolting tome, assuming she got the weapon ranks to use it at the time. Makes the chapter much more manageable. Leadership stars boost every units hit/avoid rate by 3% in the army. Saias has 10 leadership stars, so you know it's bad when he's around. You can use hit/avoid rate boost as well, including leadership stars, Charisma skill and Supports. Kingmaker is a weapon that gives the Charisma skill, it's best used with Leif who supports a lot of units. To see who supports who, check out the picture below. Keep in mind that even with a lot of support the minimum and maximum hit rates are still 1/99% Movement stars give 5% chance to act again. They are very useful, but try not to rely on them too much in your main strategy. It just makes the game more annoying when it makes the enemy act again. Staves can miss, even the healing ones. A healer with high Skl will not miss, but they can also cast the heal twice on the same target. Sometimes the enemy gets into this too, but don't rely on that. Scrolls will boost the growth rates of the unit who have them in their inventory, and when they have multiple, they stack together. However units with scrolls won't get critical hits on them, so it's better to give them to multiple units. Check out the main site for the bonuses they give in growths, but Exile patch already have them included for you. Each unit has a hidden PCC stat, which is a multiplier on their critical value when they do a follow-up attack - a unit with high PCC will usually get a guaranteed critical on the 2nd attack, making it a much valuable stat. For this early on Othin with Bhuj, Fergus with Brave Sword, Olwen with Dire Thunder or Mareeta with her personal sword can get you some easy kills. Your company is separated at the end of chapter 3, and they will return later with the equipment you left on them. 13 items from Leif's and Lifis's equipment will be stored in Chapter 4 chests and Eyvel's inventory goes to the storage. Marty won't be able to attack you in Chapter 8 if you don't leave an axe on him. Tanya and Dagda needs weapons, vulneraries and a Torch with them. You could bring the Brave Axe with Leif to make Dalshin more useful in the upcoming chapters. Lifis can easily steal magic tomes early in the game, making the mages go running away from the map after that. Gomez is probably the nastiest boss early on. Make sure you have a few uses on the Grafcalibur to deal with him. If you met Henning in FE6 8x, Gomez is the same, but much more difficult. You want Safy to reach A rank of Staves by Chapter 12. Not getting A staves will make the upcoming chapters more difficult without warp staves. Keep her using staves or promote her if you can. Try to capture Salem early on in Chapter 12. He unlocks Chapter 12x for you and the Sleep staff on him is very valuable later on. Lara is the only dancer in the game, and she promotes into that class in Chapter 12x. Make sure you warp her next to Pahn to talk to him, then steal the Thief staff from Tina - the only Thief staff in the game which you want. Save some door keys. Some late chapters will require door keys from you, including the final chapter with 6 locked doors. Try to use as many units as you can. Until you have a better sized army, it's good to make the most use of them. If someone gets really good, use them. Mekkah made a pretty reliable tier list regarding that. Still, I ended up with a Tanya who got blessed with movement and speed, and I liked deploying her because she supported with Othin. Mareeta was my boss killer after Asvel, I used the Paragon Sword with her instead of Carrion. Make sure you have one of your units captured by Chapter 21. Chapter 21x is the only gaiden chapter without fog of war and it only unlocks if somebody is captured. It has a lot of useful staves for the late chapters. Skills are very useful. For example Wrath gives you guaranteed critical on counterattack with Othin or Brighton. For a long time Nanna will be your only unit with Charisma. Nihil can negate all skills on bosses. Paragon makes you grow like weed. And don't get me started on praising Astra. Magic and Resistance is the same stat, making Ensorcel staff twice as good for you. You can go above 20 Mag to cast status staves on enemy units. https://www.fireemblemwod.com/ENG_fe5.htm https://serenesforest.net/thracia-776/inventory/crusader-scrolls/
  14. @Rezzy @mampfoid @daisy jane @Diovani Bressan After a long time I got myself to summoning. I really like this Elibean summer banner, and I want at least a Lilina, optionally a Wolt from it. I'm going to stop early on, because it's only 5 weeks until Ayra banner. Well, after 88 orbs and going full circle on the last round I got: 5* Summer Lilina Hp+, Atk- Ouch on the IV, but I'm happy that I got her. She can technically still go up to 67 Atk without support against an enemy who got hit by Sabotage Def, and with Solo she got 41 Res. I'm thinking between to refine for Atk or Res, and I think Res is more reasonable. 5* Maribelle Spd+, Atk- She's the first in my pool - not sure how good or bad the IV for her, but I'm going to make a few test runs with her. Good thing she comes with Dazzling Staff, so weapon refinement will be a no brainer. Not an Awakening fan, but I've got nothing against her.
  15. I was looking forward for an Elibean summer, and it finally happened. I want to save orbs, but I might just spend some on this one - not too much though, as this banner ends 3 days before Ayra rerun banner. I think Lilina and Wolt are solid units from this banner. Lilina has a lot going for attack, and does what she does best - 1 shots enemies without doubling, the Sabotage skill helps with that. Wolt once the Brazen kicks in, with some builds he can reach up to 50 speed - which is not that hard to manage, very nice indeed. Ursula is interesting, but her speed is moderate, and she really needs some support to trigger her Ruse skill. Lyn comes with a highly demanded Sturdy Impact, which is a weird choice considering how low her defense is. She's kind of situational, but sure can get a few kills. Now considering Fiora is a sword flier, which is not an overpopulated area, she's actually pretty good for her own build. Statwise her attack is moderate and her speed is high, but it actually works out for her. Once she attacks somebody and spreads the Atk Smoke, she'll consistently getting the bonus from her weapon, and becomes quite durable on the front line. Nothing over the top, but I think whoever invest in her won't regret it.
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