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  1. Oh yes, the excitement of formations in the world of Thracia. Just wait until your team gets deployed at more than a single starting location, combined with fatigue control. Oh, you already noticed how well it combines with fog of war... He can obtain a Paragon Sword in a future chapter, but the nice thing about that weapon is that it's not Prf for him - so you can use it to train someone else on your own pleasure. @Jotari After some YouTube videos like Mekkah's tier list I was under the impression that she was considered a good unit, but not an outstanding one - which means mediocre in Fire Emblem community.
  2. What is overkill is what I did to her. Her sword had Nihil, but I also managed to get her Luna, Sol and Astra as well. If you need Nihil, either Mareeta is your ticket or Trude - obviously I prefer Mareeta.
  3. Are you celeberating Christmas? Is there a traditional food you eat in your country around this time of the year? Let's use the beauty of the internet to share the meals you always have at this time of celebration with your family. Allow me to begin with something so delicious, I have to put it into spoilers. On Christmas Eve we have some fish though.
  4. I was loking forward to the Thracia playthrough to be honest. Mainly because it was the hardest title I played in the series. And because I still have PTSD from those ballistas. And I'm somewhat biased toward mediocre units like Mareeta and Tanya as end game materials.
  5. Wait, why did you bring this one along again? I don't think there's a mage who can use Meteor for you in the early game. Anyway, as for the earlier posts: I think it's not a bad thing to use Eyvel as a boss killer in Chapter 1 and 2. The game is already difficult, and it's not terribly difficult to get exp. Maybe give her an Iron Sword for most of the time, as Flame Sword is more valuable in the mid game. And Tanya is my choice of archer, that mutual support between her and Othin is quite rare, and I take any good support I can get my hand on. The other choice of my archer would be Selphina: mounted, gets the Brave Bow, but unfortunately comes with Accost.
  6. Leif supports I think 16 units, but only 3 to 5 of those are probably bad, and I mean Dalshin, Hicks, Miranda, while Carrion and Ronan are still questionable for me if they are good or not. I never really understand why being foot-locked is an argument in any Fire Emblem game for lords, in Thracia anyone can get extra movement with some luck on your side - for me only Genealogy is a horse emblem game though. Swordlock isn't as terrible as it sounds in this game, as we already mentioned swords are really good in this game.
  7. Finish FE4 before thinking about starting FE5. The thing is, Thracia is the most difficult game in the series, considering we talk about normal difficulty, and playing the game blind. It also has things that can punish you not for playing it badly, but just for playing it. Still, I'd suggest to give it a try, but first finish FE4.
  8. I'm pretty much on the same mind with these. A small objection though would be: Dieck, Lugh and Zeiss were never really underrated. Tate has a bad early game, but she's just as good as any other flier - except Juno, Juno is bad. Leif is not amazing, but he can become one. He starts off as one of the weak lords, but has a lot of value in mid to late game. He gives support bonus to a lot of units - invaluable with Kingmaker equipped. He can get some amazing weapons like the Blaggi Sword(iirc). Also he gains no fatigue, so you can always rely on him. His promotion is kind of late, but it doesn't change too much in my opinion. FE6 HM is only different in enemy stats - which makes the game more unbalanced and some units completely unusable.
  9. I couldn't even get back to the game before the 28th anyway, that gives me some time in the holiday season - so I should say thank you instead. But I have no issues about getting back to the game full speed next year.
  10. So I forgot to bring my tablet with me for the holidays, but last week I had some birthday pulls on the Thracia Banner. Got the 5* Mareeta which I was hoping for. This gives me a new chance for this game, she's a lot of fun to use.
  11. So when will I have a turn guys? I need to catch up of course, but I'm getting confused about the order over here.
  12. That sounds like a fun playthrough. The Fort Norden route is more liked in general, however if you want to recruit everyone, there's a guy over there who can only be recruited if another specific is already dead. Don't let Olwen die for him. If you want to recruit Xavier, you better prepare your sanity too.
  13. Today I experienced the welcome back from Heroes and the FE6 banner which ends in a few hours. Got no Igrene, but a bunch of red units and a 4.75% pityrate. Although this is Heroes we're talking about, so don't know what I was expecting.
  14. Ah, we might get Altena and Travant on a Genealogy banner - I'm counting on it, there's still big names missing from there as well (Lex, Shannan, Brigid comes to my mind)
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