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  1. Kivan


    Yeah, it's one of my favourite games together with volleyball and football. I got interest for golf several years ago when I was an adult and I still think that this game is really only for adults, well I've never met teens who really liked this game 😄 I became interested in golf because of one of my friends who's a real fan of it, I decided to try it too and started to learn how to play on special courses. And during that time I really liked this game and I still continue to practise and play it, I can say that now I'm a really good amateur player. However I don't think that my achievement is really so great because I'm still not a golf pro and besides it's possible in fact for many people to learn to play it well, it just demands patience and practice like in any other type of sport. Being the good golf player is based on three main things, developing a right posture (it should be always stable and well-balanced), holding different types of clubs (there are many of them and you need to get adjusted to every type) and making swings/hitting balls (it's a key thing for any golf game). And for newbies it's always better to start learning the basics with a teaching pro and much of regular practice https://golfclubguru.net/the-best-list-of-golf-tips-for-beginners/ .
  2. Kivan

    Weight loss thread

    I was overweighted a couple of years ago mosty because of my work schedule. I spent really much time in office and didn't care much about my diet and physical activity in general, besides I didn't have much time for the last one. Only after changing my work I could concentrate on improving my physical shape and now I'm not overweighted anymore. But I should mention that the weight loss is a very individual thing and not all my methods can be effective for you too. For me the most helpful ones were: - changing my menu in general (I stopped to eat junk food at all, added more vegetables and fruits in my diet, and reduced general amount of sugar and soda both for my food and drinks) - stopping skipping breakfast (its absence is one of risky factors for the weight gain https://www.verywellfit.com/is-skipping-breakfast-best-for-weight-loss-3496232 ) - having regular meals (because having meals according to certain schedule helps to burn more calories faster) - drinking much water during the day (for example I had 5 cups per day, it's very good for body's health in general, cleansing it and losing the weight too) - making physical exercises regurarly (I preferred fitness, I made my favourite complex everyday and also went to our local gym's swimming pool several times a week) It's also recommended by doctors to have a medical examination before starting your weight loss work because sometimes it's caused with hormonal imbalance and other illnesses, and without the medical treatment all other weight loss methods can be useless at all. For example lack of human growth hormone often causes the weight gain, especially during aging, as also sleep disorders, hair loss, weak libido, loss of stamina, strength and many more .
  3. That depends on a certain type of it which you want to make. In some cases it's better to order an app from a software development company and some types aren't so hard for making with your own hands. Anyway for making any type of app the most important things are: - defining your goals for it (what tasks it can solve, for what certain sphere it's made and so on, making a market research is helpful in this case too) - sketching your ideas (it's better to use simple paper in the very beginning and only later a wireframe) - having well-developed programming skills and good knowledge of technology stack (both things can take really a long time for improving!) - making a decision about its core functions (there can be many of them, for example as the core ones can be considered sharing in social media, retrieving lost passwords and so on) - actual building of your app (there are also many special app builders for this too) - making an interesting and unique design for it - checking your demo model and beta testing of it (the last one should be repeated really many times because for example your customers or any other users should be satisfied with the app's functioning!)
  4. I'm a great fan of football in general. Sport was always an important part of my life because of an influence of my parents and friends, and some of them liked football very much too. It was also one of the first sport games ever which I was taught to play (thanks to my father) and I still play it often with my friends Can't say that I'm such a good player but anyway I enjoy every game very much. And in case of football teams I like the most of all Arsenal (England), Flamengo (Brazil) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clube_de_Regatas_do_Flamengo and Azkals (Philippines). It's like music genres, you just like some of them very much and the other aren't interesting for you at all. And I often watch the football matches, especially the ones in which my fav teams participate, cheer for them and make bets https://777score.ph/ on them time till time too. I like to collect various fan stuff with their symbold too, for example I have really many cool posters in my room.
  5. Kivan


    Yes, it's an important part of my life. I like to be healthy, active and beautiful, and sport is very helpful for this Besides I had some problems with my weight in past so now I really need to control it. That's why I make physical exercises everyday and go to gym several times a week in addition. I like swimming too but it's really enjoyble for me during summer, unfortunately I don't like swimming pools, especially visiting them in winter. I like some sport games too, especially table tennis https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Table_tennis , volleyball and football. I play all of them often with my friends, that's very fun for all our company. I adore also to watch football matches and cheer for my favourite teams from Brazil and England, also sometimes make bets https://betclic-br.com/ on them.
  6. Kivan

    Do you gamble?

    Yeah, I gamble sometimes, it's one of my hobbies but I'm definetely not an unhealthy addict to this I'm just a competitive person in general and I like different games so for me it's just fun and pleasure. It's cool when I win some money (I was lucky several times) but I'm not sad at all when I lose, winning money isn't my main goal in playing. And in case of gambling I like casino, sports bettings and poker the most of all, I play really often the last one with my friends and it's a great fun. And I'm a huge fan of football as also some teams like my favourite Atletico PR from Brazil https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brazil_national_football_team so I adore to make bets https://bet365-pt.com/ on it during matches. But I always control my money investing in gambling, that's why I've never lost too much money like that happens with some people.
  7. It depends on age of a certain child. In case of the smallest ones I see no sense at all in buying them separate gadgets, that's really not what they need in such age. However I think it's ok when for example tablets can be used for watching cartoons sometimes but of course with limits of their screen time, many good parents act like this. But if children play with gadgets during all day, than it's really a bad sign for their parents. Limits for screen time are necessary in older age and even for teens too, however they can become not so strict during the time. In older age you even discuss the time for such limits with your children and decide together what's really fair and is ok for the both sides. It's necessary to teach children how to use gadgets and net wisely, and also explain them about possible web dangers. For example, your children must know about being careful with their personal information and not sending their photos to unknown strangers https://www.covenanteyes.com/2012/01/03/7-dangers-of-the-internet-for-kids/ . There's also a need of filtering and blocking certain web contet according to children age, like the ones connected with violence, porn, drugs etc. For this purpose various types of parental control software are really helpful, like for example Windows Live Family Safety, Qustodio, Net Nanny, Refog Keylogger https://www.refog.com/ , Norton Online Family, Social Shield and so on. Many of them can be used on different gadgets and all of them help parents to monitor their children activities and block all inappropriate content for them. Besides they usually work in a hidden mode and are really hard to circumvent.
  8. Payday loans aren't so bad in fact as it's often said, they're just a type of short-term financial help which can be a good solution for your problems and a nice alternative instead of opening a credit, especially if you have a bad credit history. It's truth that they very high fees but it's a problem only for those who can't meet the repayment terms. They have also such risks as getting deeper in debts as an aftermarth of getting the additional fees and gaining bad credit scores which later can become a problem when you want to apply for the credit line. Considering all these things if you want to use payday loans decide clearly what certain amount of money you need and is you can repay it in time. If you're not sure about this, maybe it's better to find other ways of borrowing money. On the other hand applying for these loans is really fast and easy https://paydayloan.network/easy-loans.html , you can finish your application form after half an hour and get your cash almost immediately. And for such companies your bad credit history doesn't matter at all comparing to banks.
  9. It's the same in my case! I feel like a true worcaholic sometimes, there are some days when I return home, have quick supper and want only to go to sleep as fast as possible, not making anything else And I like physical activities too, however instead of gym I prefer to practise yoga several times a week, it's really awesome for my body and emotional state, I always feel so relaxed after it. However I have many other hobbies together with Heroes and yeah, this game is a small obsession for me but as it usually happens in my case I rather fast feel like I'm fed up with this game (as also with the other ones) so I can not to play in it for at least several days and I feel great when I'm busy with my other hobbies instead I like reading very much, also walkings around my native city, attending concerts of my fav bands and parties, also playing various sport games together with my friends. Art is an other favourite activity for me, I like drawing and making handmade postcards, also assembling and collecting different wooden models https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1469570445/wood-trick-0 , knitting and cooking (the last one is an unreal creative process for me too I decided to mention it here ). I like also to watch fantasy and historical movies and musicals sometimes. And I adore travelling, I wish I could make much more trips in other countries!
  10. I'm at 4252 points on offense, after a perfect run(7 wins advanced, 0 KOs) using 5* Lucina, and 4* Nino, Corrin!F, and Kagero, at levels 40/40/39/37. After this round, I can make Sharena 5 star, so her massive stat total should push my rank up a decent amount once she's leveled(a whopping 27 stat points at level 40 over my 4 star Corrin, who she would likely take the place of). Currently ranked 14,865, hopefully I don;t drop below 30k, but considering I was ranked below 10000 when I got this score... well hopefully the slipping slows down.
  11. When I saw how they displayed the weapon triangle with power/sword (red) > speed/axe (green) > magic/lance (blue) > power/sword and editing team 5 slots I immediately thought of Kingdom Hearts Unchained X and I actually was hoping for a similar set up, so really nice
  12. I have a character that I've leveled to level 19 and the game says you can "unlock potential" at level 20 but they aren't gaining any more experience. Is this because there's no more "potential" to unlock?
  13. Four. I pulled five, but one was a duplicate. I did pay for the 23 orb pack and got Lucina in the first pull with those orbs.
  14. Rerolling is such a pain...
  15. I know the environments and music are in excellent hands, but the playable characters thus far do not really resonate with me
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