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  1. there are a lot of things to be addressed before the glasses, tbh. i'd recommend you take the hair off and put it on a separate layer, then work on the empty face by itself so you can see everything. essentially speaking, glasses are done by muting the colors behind them. you're kind of close, but not really. what you want to do is keep the dark parts obvious, but then mute out the rest with lighter parts of the palette. instead, what you've ended up doing is just filling in the eyes entirely with that dark grey/purple. imo, best thing to do is use either skin tone or "white", then shade everything else out with one color lighter than what it used to be. ex: if the darkest is border color, use darkest skin tone, and ramp up from there. the lighter it looks, the better the effect without losing the detail. it's also more difficult because you picked rimless lenses, which you need to differentiate from the cheek using some second skin tone. you'll also need to blend out your actual glasses frames so it's not as stark. here's an old as shit tut, as well
  2. Teapot

    FE Recolor

    IIRC the images are just in PNG format. You can edit PNGs with just about any image editor, including MS Paint. Unless you mean loading. Then just click Load Image, and you can load the image from the provided default image sets.
  3. Teapot

    The Wolf's Den

    Let me clarify - it makes it near impossible to critique pixel art when it's that badly compressed.
  4. Teapot

    The Wolf's Den

    First off, don't save as a JPG. It ruins the integrity of the image file by compressing it, which creates artifacts. With stuff like spriting, where color counts matter, you really don't want artifacts scrambling your color count to hell. Save as a GIF or PNG - preferably the latter.
  5. You can use the same topic as your previous one rather than making a new one every time. TBH, it'd probably be easier to keep track of your shit that way. All of these splices are pretty basic, though, which makes obvious errors all the more glaring. You have a lot of trouble with blending your spliced pieces together without overshading the hell out of the lines - or, alternatively, leaving them unshaded altogether.
  6. try posting your images as GIF/PNG files rather than .piskel files using tags
  7. tbh it's actually probably easier to crit your mug if you post a normal 1x/100% zoom and let the rest of us zoom in on it it's particularly annoying that you picked 3x zoom, since there's really no good way of us shrinking it back down to 1x without fucking up the pixels would do a full explanation but i gotta go to work so here's just a visual ref instead
  8. The head looks like it's one of Astra's mugs. Regardless, generally speaking, it's considered sprite theft to splice from others' custom portraits without their explicit consent.
  9. I don't need to know who you've shown it to - the final results alone speak volumes. There's nothing wrong with being proud of what you've done; it's the fact you're being defensive about your work that inhibits your ability to improve. You've done nothing to address your actual work in the past couple of posts. All you've done is go on and on about how we're getting on your case. I'll state it simply: going back to your "artist friends" and hiding in your little clique isn't going to make you improve, if this is the level of quality your private chats produce. As I said earlier, pick one or two mugs you want the most help on and we'll provide the rest.
  10. They're just giving you adequate warning because we're not the sort of people who sugarcoat our critique. Most people you've shown your work to are probably not artists nor spriters in the least, or they're friends who don't want to hurt your feelings; i.e. people who can't really be counted on to give you objective feedback to improve your work. As far as I can tell, you're pretty much just sitting on your laurels because you can do some simple splicing. I will say that the initial text wall was perhaps a bit much (mostly because I don't really care if a hack project goes through or not here in the sprite board), but I will agree with the first paragraph: they're mostly very novice splices with poor proportions and little regard for actual technique. Shading is poorly applied, if at all in some places, the palettes are all over the place and borrow from both FE6/7 and FE8, and, really, there's just such a massive slew of proportional issues that unless someone were kind enough to sit through each and every mug with you, we'd really never get through this entire cast. IMO, pick a few you think need the most work and ask for critique on those. The forum will provide the rest. Whether or not you want to listen depends on you, but I'll most certainly state that I am absolutely not amazed by any of these.
  11. Simply put, it's poorly aliased and barely has any significant shading. The spliced parts are acceptable enough, but the customed parts could use a lot of work. Lines you've made aren't backed up by shading to smooth them out or give definition, and what shading has been applied is really just a lot of gentle banding in most cases - that is, it's just more pixels of the next color bunched up against the lines, giving things an embossed look rather than accentuating the shape. Additionally, no shading was applied where the eyes were edited, leaving a very stark line of lightest skintone going over the top of the eyes and a very jagged and uneven top eyelid. The eye color is too dark to be identifiable from the 6? pixels that exist of that weird murky maybe-green and brown, and it really just sort of looks like the same eye c/p'd over to the other side. Also hate the shit out of FE6 armor because it's poorly shaded af and uses unnecessary colors, but that's less your fault and more IS's. The star, on the other hand, lacks a light source and just kind of flatly sits there. The trim above it is poorly edited and doesn't remove all of the indication of the original V shape. Palette-wise, there's a lot of contrast between some of the lighter and darker shades - so much so that it makes it very difficult to smooth out the shapes with the current palette. I'd suggest tweaking the values more or picking colors that transition a little more gently.
  12. Not really what we're looking for, unfortunately, especially because it's pretty much just an edit of Rath. But, thank you for your interest. We'll contact you if we need you.
  13. I think they literally just erased around Gale to isolate him from the rest of the image.
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